Dozer's - DHHD - FunkyShit Remix
So how was your weekend? And how was it on Reverze and ORIGINS ? Let me know 👇👇👇 I had a gig on Hardclassics on the beach indoor. And it was amazing. Thnx party crowd and thnx Free2party for having me on the Reminder stage 💪👍❤

Good bye italian hardstyle legend
We will never forget you ☯️


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Dozernl shared their video.

Already a year passed!

A lot has happened. Exactly a year ago I released brand new Dozer tracks at Gearbox Euphoria (thanks Phil 'Desudo' Macdonaldl and Sjoerd van der Gouwrd).
With a lot of expectations I started this new story and then I realized how the world and this industry has changed since my last release in 2012 (the end of the old world). That was hard for me and it was quite a hit (I was also in the middle of my burn out/depression).
It is not just about making... good music anymore and putting down a great DJ set.
F#ck that’s a disappointment (for my ego), but what an awareness! In the past year I became very aware of people who pretended to be friends/family. They wanted to be friends with me (temporarily) to achieve their goals.
I wish you all good luck!

But hey!
We are a year further and richer.
I received a lot of motivational responses to the new and old Dozer tracks and to my gigs. I’m really grateful for that. Also I enjoyed the great parties and festivals where I was allowed to play and where I can keep coming back, such as Hardclassics. Thanks Raoul Patrick, San Dra (and Paul van der Vooren ) for the great collaboration and every time we make it a great party together.

It’s my birthday today and that means I treat! I will do that together with my buddy who loves this music as much as I do ( Mitchel Den Hartog ). Tonight we are live again for 3 hours with our Radio show #2dangerous on Real Hardstyle Radio via Facebook and Youtube.
The day after we are going to one of the greatest festivals of the year, Weekend Magnifiek!
Where I will spin some beats with Mitchel as our freestyle act MILFinc. and other acts from us. I’m looking forward to spin some beats and to party the whole weekend with friends and my sweetie.
Thanks Johan Dortmans , Tom van den Tillaer en Thessa van Andel for (I’ve lost count) the great collaboration and I hope that many years will come.
The most important thing to me is the feeling when I’m on that stage and you’re doing the thing you love the most. It’s unbelievable and I’m very grateful for that. Then I can party with you guys and we can forget everything for a moment. How spiritual can something be!

That’s why I like to do this so much and yes, the big change in the world and this industry is a part of that. Nowadays you have to keep up with your social media. It is more important than to release new music. I admit that this is a struggle for me.
But we are here to learn and luckily I have someone, who is always there for me as a friend and as a artist manager despite of the difficult time and my, not to follow, mood swings because of my burn out. Thanks Jorn Jorgensen Brands.

I had to tell you this. How else can it be then on my birthday today. 8-3 (11), 2018 (11)
It is time for a change!
Enjoy your weekend everybody and I would like to thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart.
I love you all! #weneedmusic

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Its my birthday bitches.
So here a present from me for you
Let's go back in time with the 2nd preview " We Need Music " of my upcoming H.U.E ep GBE32 .
On Gearbox Euphoria
#RVRSSBASS #ReverzedBass #HardstyleClassics