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  • Artist / DJ, Booking menager, PromoterMay 2008 to presentBelgrade, Serbia
    Tribe ~ Dj Crew ~ Organisation i Vise od Toga!
About Miljan
  • Don't mess with ancient snake(stay positive)
    DJ Raver Guruic (born in Belgrade in 1985.) is in this world since 2001. as psy lover. At the begining of 2008. he becomes a DJ with three like-minded person, they together form organisation Save The Rave( Raver as one of Co Founder) and they started seriously promoting psy-trance and organize parties all over the country and region heating up trance scene.
    Music that dominates in sets of this DJ is night psychedelic trance & full on psychedelic trance, where he has achieved remarkable success and justified his place in the trance scene during the four-year intensive DJ-ing.
    He has performed at parties all over Serbia with famous domestic organizations (Trancenation, Goasapiens, Xperiment, Psychologic, Brooka Musica, Multiverse, Psyserbia, Insight, Chaotic beats, O.M. community, Sepsy, Zenit, Tesseract ) and as support (share stage) for artists like : Astrix, Atma, Atomic Pulse, Astral Projection, Dino Psaras, Azax Syndrom, Freaked Frequency, Vox, Dalton , Domestic, Koorie, E-Jekt, Sonic Species,
    M-Theory, Rinkadink, Shane Gobi, Talamasca, Miranda, Avalon, Etnica, Pleiadians,Laug. Buddha,U-recken, Fearsome Engine, PTX, Man Machine,Sonic Entity,Prospect,Reload,Lyctum,Bpm,Species,Wizzy Noise,Imaginary Sight,Latam,Djane Roua,Dejavu …

    Festivals: Zen It (Serbia), Trance Dance Adventure(hello summer Slovenia), Waha(Romania).

    Favorit Records (Labels) :Alchemy, Nano, Antu, Solar Tech, Neurobiotic, Dark Prisma, Ovnimoon, Rizom, looney, Pixan, Vagalume, Grasshopper, Twisted Records etc...

    Twisted Mind ~

    Moj zivot je zurka..a ja sam DJ!

    /▌ snake ~
    / \


    One and only!I am the LIGHT...
    DREAM is my world...
    GOA is my motherland...
    PSYCHEDELIC is my religion..
    FLYING is my life...
    FREEDOM is my way...
    LOVE is my food...
    ROMANCE is my drink...
    Im cursed forever...
    Im the unseen... ॐ

    ma ja sam samo decko iz kraja e!

    Muzika vodi ka unutrashnjoj harmoniji.
    Muzika se radja iz ljudskog srca,kada ga dotakne spoljasni svet.
    Muzika je glas univerzalne duse-romansa bez reci.
    Bez muzike zivot bi bio greska.Uvek jedna misteriozna i neodoljiva sila.
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