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New Winter Mamas Group "Mamaste" COMING SOON!


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Sacred Yoga

Daily: mama*yoga*love moments by Sacred Yoga


If you feel like you may fall apart, you are not alone! How do You, the glue, hold everything together and Not fall apart? How is this a disservice to you, your health and wellbeing? Is this your truth? I invite you to get unstuck, release this feeling. How can I hold space for you?

I would like this to say, May we kick off the DAY (one day at a time) with...

Be well!

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Kris Carr

Put “be grateful” on your to-do list this week, spectacular one. xo

Awesomeness. There is a lot more work to do!


In Minnesota more than other states, there's a wide gap between the mortality rates of African-American and white babies.

Movement towards symptom management and relief. How can you invite this into your life?


Oct 21 - Nov 4Yoga SanctuaryMinneapolis, MN

❤️ this! How do you get grounded?

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Are you familiar with "grounding"? It's a #mindfulness practice to ground you in reality when you feel overwhelmed. It's easy, free, and effective. Give these a try. #ResilienceReset #ToxicStress

Postpartum Support International. You are not alone.

At PSI we want you to know that we are very aware that recent events in several states, from hurricanes and tropical storms to forest fires, have caused extra s...tress for many. For mothers and families struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, these stressors are a particular burden. Now, as always, PSI is here for you.

Please do not hesitate to call the warmline—800-944-4773—and within a few hours receive a call back offering support and resources. State coordinators are available as well, including in the affected states. Coordinators can provide you with information about support and treatment options in your area. If you can get online, the PSI website is also a great source of information, for example about the weekly, free, and anonymous mom’s chat, as well as online support groups in both English and Spanish.

You are not alone.


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Postpartum Support International is dedicated to helping families suffering from postpartum depression, anxiety, and distress. Visit our Home page

I LOVE this a Trillion Times +

"Normal. Normal. They kept saying that word normal and I hated it. These people didn't know my whole story. They had no idea what I had been through..."

This is BIG! Raw & Real.


This blog, "Self-Care," shares the traumatic experience of a postpartum mom feeling silenced by the lack of interest in her story. My question is why didn't they know her whole story, why didn't they have an idea of what she had been through (for so many reasons)... this is at the core of her mental health. She shares how she silently screams... No space to be heard, to have a voice, to share her story, to feel safe. If they had known her whole story, they may not have used the word Normal - "Trigger!!!" She was VERY brave, courageous, and so much more... She shares how she seeks out Self-care. What if she didn't. What would her story be then?

This lack of interest in knowing what's in a story is at the core of Perinatal Mental Health. "Tell me your story..." "I need to know your journey to be able to hold space for you...to support you adequately... to create a safe space."

Read Lauren's story, learn about Hollis Ann, as every mother, every One has a story!


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Within the first 3 weeks of Hollis' life, we had over 20 medical appointments for her. When I realized how many appointments it had been already, I stopped counting. It wasn't serving me well to focus on the number of appointments. Instead, I chose to be thankful for the exceptional care tha

Fertile Grounding Yoga : Upcoming Workshop


Seeking pregnancy and struggling? Join me for my Fertility Yoga & Wellness 8 Week workshop starting on September 26th.

You will experience amazing benefits like...: optimizing your fertile health, gaining a supportive community, learning radical self care techniques, breaking the stress cycles that stifle your fertility, how to use yoga & nutrition to heal your body, techniques and an understanding of holistic therapies that will assist in a healing lifestyle.

Tuesdays from 6-9:00pm, register by September 17th and save 40.00. http://jenyoga.net/index.php/archives/4255

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Fertility Yoga 8 Week Series - Fall 2017 September 26th - November 21st (No Class October 31st) 6-9:00pm Tuesdays Cost: 425.00 Earl Bird Registration

Empathy. Stop. Connect. Perspective.

Posted by Lifehacker
February 3

Try to understand how other people experience the world.

Read more: lifehac.kr/C2ePfNa

Today, I had the honor to sit next to Ann Smith. What an opportunity to be raw & real. What do you want ask, but your afraid. Break through the barrier, and be brave.

We had the opportunity to speak with Ann Smith, Certified Nurse Midwife and President of Postpartum Support International (PSI) and ask her our questions relate...d to postpartum depression. Together with her answers and the wonderful resources available on the Postpartum Support International website, we put together this two-part series full of answers to questions you probably have about postpartum depression and anxiety.

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I LOVE this entire article. Someday when I ask, "Will you sit with me... she will."

"This is when the good stuff comes out. This is when I hear all of those details that almost-teens don’t tell their moms anymore."

When your child asks you this question (every night!), what is your answer? I love this one!
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