Been away - Now I'm back.


There's something new in the air!

A Chair Routine - Take a Seat and Hold On for Your Life! This is NOT just a prediction routine. This is a trailer for the latest Docc Hilford Product for men...

Everything about this photo tells a story. Bob, Elukia and even the audience. Marvelous!
This time we know what Bob's thinking!

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Sheree Zielke to MINDvention

One of my absolute fave shots from Mindvention 2013. Lifetime achievement honoree, Bob Cassidy.

It will NEVER be this inexpensive again!
And it's Goooood. Read more about it, HERE....

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The I CARD Q&A follow up call is tomorrow.
LIVE from Cancun with a cold reading from Brasil and Leonardo Silverio!
Check you email or your member area for details.

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A wonderful first night of a 60 show run.
The Vine is a great venue in Cancun, Mexico.
Unwritten Q&A via "QuestA Cards".

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The Docc Hilford MV Master Mind 2013 is being started today.
Watch you email for details!

13 Monkeys calling live TONIGHT. Details are in your member area.
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Go to and sign up.
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There's a SYNDROME DECK update in the air.
Any day now.
The ONE CARD READING MP3 will be offered for a limited time by Leonardo Silverio of Brasil and Docc Hilford.
It's fantastic!

Wow! The hour long Syndrome follow-up call was a blast. Lots of pros on line. Thanks Bob Dorian and Ron Martin. The tips, handlings and history was great!

The next product enables you to have the perfect prediction!
FREE choices - Three billets... all correct!
No PW - No Swami - No kidding...

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"Too many emails."
Don't they know about the delete key?

The SYNDROME DECK is spreading like a sickness!

The coolest mentalism / magic deck since Brainwave is about to be released like a hot virus!
Watch out for The SYNDROME Deck.

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I put up a negative, albeit clever, review of the new Riddick movie.
Yet only 1 person saw it.
Is that even possible?
Or is it a secret Hollywood conspiracy through Face Book control?

The new Riddick movies should have entitled, RIDDEX!
However the audience was charmed to see veteran cartoon dog actor, Scooby Doo is a film again.