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Hugo Montes
· March 18, 2018
Great place, great people, great music, great service, congratulations, keep it up. We had a great time last night, thank you so much.
Melissa Perez
· November 24, 2017
we Had so much fun last night music was great always have fun when all our family comes down:)
Roman Bosquez
· March 16, 2018
Needs some more pool tables like the old doc's use to you just sit there.
Rosie N Miguel Perez
· October 10, 2016
The place is great but the DJ needs to play better songs. He needs to look at the dance floor to see if anyone is dancing. If no one is dancing it's because the songs are boring or you can't dance to ...those types of songs. Step it up Mr. DJ! Overall the place is great. See More
Edward Guerrero
· July 12, 2017
I think I've memorized the playlist already, music is the same every weekend. I'd rather spend my money at Barra Santa in Mexico than Docs. The only plus about it is that the pizza is good. �
Jorge Melendez
· February 18, 2018
Whatch out for certain bartenders me and my wife got charged drinks that we didn't order after opening up a tab
Lucy Reyna
· December 2, 2017
Celebrated my birthday at Docs, and had a wonderful time 🎉🎉🎉
Mary Aguilar Hernandez
· June 28, 2014
This establishment is amazing, Our Class of 84 Reunion was held here. The entire evening was one to be remembered. We had our own private party before they opened their doors to the public. The staff ...treated us all with fantastic device, the food was excellent, the beverages; well they speak for themselves, as well as the music and dancing. We had an amazing turnout, I extend our gratitude to Yoly and Roy Ramon for allowing us such an eventful evening. We look forward to more events here at Doc Holidays! See More
Emily Flores
· May 1, 2017
Club is much smaller since they renovated. Old floor plan was much better and seated more people. Needs way more country music, and too many people standing around blocking the view of dance floor get...s annoying. Changes could be done to improve the capacity,and the music selected for the enjoyment of its patrons. Not impossible, it can be done! See More
Juliet Garcia Gomez
· November 25, 2017
Wish they would lay off the fog machine a way bit. Too much dang fog!!!
Stephanie Bates
· October 8, 2017
This was the most fun event I've ever been involved in.
Yoly Fuentes
· June 2, 2013
This is an all inclusive place. Food is great, pizzas are awesome and one of a kind, beer is always cold, has a dance hall, game room with darts and pool table, and a patio where you can enjoy a cup o...f wine with that special person. Lots of events happen here, Vino & DaVinici painting classes, dance classes, Casino Night, birthday parties, retirement and farewell parties, etc. Military and Law enforcement do not pay cover charge on weekend. Everyone is welcome. Docs is the place to be in Del Rio, and while there, take a picture by Del Rio's beautiful mural. See More
Marina Jenkins
· November 5, 2017
I was treated with such disrespect and rudeness the staff was unprofessional
Leticia Gonzalez
· February 11, 2016
Nice place to relax and enjoy the music and have a drink or two lol. Would like to hear some tejano music once in a while it's just my opinion but great place thanks
William D Parnell
· March 31, 2015
I remember back in the day as Doc Holiday's being an old rustic horny tonk. I think things have changed to a new brand of an old setting. Party on Del Rio it was fun!
Catherine Pearl Castaneda
· January 1, 2017
We always have an awesome time at Doc Hollidays, love the atmosphere and the variety of music.
Sean Hatfield
· July 27, 2017
Nice bar with a beautiful patio for smoking and great service.
Paulino N Brenda Lomas-Gonzales
· January 30, 2013
Seems that the DJ continues playing the same old songs and sticks to one genre...we hadn't been there in a while for this reason but seems things have not changed. We love variety, that's why we went ...often. Many friends complain about the same thing.....Seems that the DJ has his same old play list. It would be nice to hear newer music off all genres, like it used to be. Also, we see a bigger younger crowd, is the club allowing 18 and over again? Just doesn't feel the same anymore. Thank you. See More
Damon Mercado
· July 2, 2016
Fuck your pussy ass security trying to act all hard and shit when I'm trying to come Thru that's okay though that's your business loss I do not need to say nothin else cuz u going to be a little weak... ass bitch thats going to file a report on me I don't need to go back to prison cuz of one of your bitch ass security guards. Oh and by the way if yall is going to be all bitch and not let me in, ill just hop over the patio wall. Oh wait, i already did. See More
Chelle Coburn Surat
· December 8, 2013
I thought this was a country bar. The Dj tonight was rude and didn't play a good variety of music. I love to come here. Don't like what it's turning into. :-(
Mari Mar
· October 9, 2016
Great place....DJ needs to step up his music game...change it up...don't always wana hear same songs everytime I go!
Troop Tea
· September 2, 2013
Food poisoning from eating at this establishment last night :( several people from the party are sick this morning! Plus the beer tasted like it was watered down...
Benita Bernadette Patuel
· November 30, 2016
Best ambiance, music and dining! Great place to meet w friends!
Elida Beltran Chavira
· December 30, 2015
It's a great place to enjoy some dancing and some drinks
Oscar Maria Guajardo
· October 25, 2015
Doc's is the best country club in Del Rio!! My husband and I always have a great time. We always make good memories! :)
Paulita Villegas
· December 30, 2015
I just joined the Docs staff. I never seen a kitchen so clean, very impressed. Great music and very united TEAM. The atmosphere is uplifting and friendly.
Kali Rangel-thompson
· October 9, 2016
Awesome.... great music and great bartenders...I want more cumbia music!!!� why even play country????
Raymundo Flores
· December 17, 2015
A great little place to loosing up and have fun and every body dance's
Luis Angel Jaquez
· October 2, 2015
Awesome place and great food!! Had a great night went to see a comedy show that was awesome too!!
Martin C. Martinez
· December 11, 2013
Giod place a nice cold beer.....Great food and great for partys, Like Class Reunions...
David Scarbo
· June 27, 2015
Excellent place for a goodnight out. Friendly with a very party atmosphere. No other place in town can compare!!
Letisia Garcia
· January 15, 2016
Its an awesome place to have fun and meet new people loved it
JC Knapp
· December 24, 2015
I love this bar,,,,, good people , good service, cowboy friendly ,,,,,,
Steven Kemp
· January 17, 2016
Not to bad... just needs to be a little bigger... but was a fun night...
David Thornburg
· February 20, 2014
Wish it was out towards the lake. But nice for first time here.
John Dilley
· October 6, 2016
Not impressed by any means. 90% Hispanic music . Definitely not a country bar. Much rather prefer White Horse.
Matias Aguirre
· December 13, 2015
Injoy listening to the music and hanging out with friends
Aaron Lozano
· December 10, 2015
Awesome place!!!
Ed N Cynthia Carbajal
· November 27, 2015
Pos deste Houston Tx. I come to party at Doc's....
Michael Andrade
September 6, 2013
You should have The Widow Maker Band play!! They just killed it in San Antonio!!