Looking forward to showing the work-in-progress at Gallifrey One !!! See you there

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At last! The first EXCLUSIVE TEST SCREENING of our work-in-progress for the wonderful fans of Gallifrey One this Friday at 7pm in program c ... We are looking forward to seeing friends old and new, as you watch the film you are so much a part of!

View more about this event at The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One
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Build It And They Will Come ...
Confidence ...
GETTING CLOSER EVERY DAY! Excited to announce that we have sped past the $8000 mark on the campaign in the past few days. Major thanks to Maria Marchetti who chipped in at the Associate Producer level, a couple of generous anonymous donors and Charlene Dodge, David Hooie and David Adler! The Arts Non-profit fiscal sponsorship is really helping. Go and make a tax-deductible donation, reserve your copy of the film and even more important, spread the word! Help us finish in time for the 20th anniversary of Paul McGann's Doctor!
Doctor Who Am I updated their cover photo.
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Doctor Who Am I was celebrating the new year.
January 1


Of interest to all you aspiring DW writers!!

Like so many writers, I am launching a private coaching and consulting service, the big difference here is that besides bringing my professional experience to t...he table I also have ten years of experience as a visiting lecturer at some of the top film schools and Universities in America. Come and take a look ... Maybe I can help you!

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“Matthew Jacobs is a pleasure to work with, and a very talented writer ...” George Lucas Are you are thinking about (or in the process of) writing either a short, a feature film, web-series or a...

54 YEARS! Doctor Who was first broadcast November 23rd 1963. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!

Doctor Who (1963) S01E01 - ''An Unearthly Child'' - Part 1 - ''An Unearthly Child''. Starring William Hartnell (1st Doctor). Description: ''Two school teachers investigate the personal life of one of their brilliant students and her mysterious grandfather.''

Burn baby burn!

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Trash Metal Fabrications

Finally got round to giving the Dalek burner a test burn. Happy to report it burns great!

The documentary the BBC made about the TV movie ... Our documentary is still coming along slowly but surely, we are aiming for another round of test screenings in November and December. Meanwhile for the ardent TV Movie fans here's a link to a fan posting of The 7 Year Hitch ...

Documentary detailing the cretion of the TV Movie after the show's seven year hiatus. I do not own.

Now we know who you are!

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Doctor Who

Meet the Thirteenth Doctor #DoctorWho

According to the 8th Doctor he only has 13 lives. That makes today, July 1st 2017, The Doctor's last regeneration ... Hopefully the 8th Doctor is wrong!

Doctor Grace Holloway examines The Doctor and is shocked by what she discovers. Subscribe here for more exclusive Doctor Who clips and content

Half-humans, Anoraks, Mini-Tom Bakers, and Filmmakers should be getting some of the perks this week. Those of you expecting DVDs will get yours when the film is released as per IGG. We keep moving forward!

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L.I. Who is at L.I. Who.

"Doctor Who Am I" swag is in the mail.

Did you get yours?!?!

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

In the frontier town of Tombstone, Seth Harper, hired by the Clanton brothers to search for their adversary Doc Holliday, mistakes the Doctor for him. Classi...

Latest update! We wanted to send the perks out to our patient IGG contributors with news of the documentary's premiere.
Good news is: we are finally sending out the perks (which can be sent before the film's release) this week; bad news is we didn't get into this June's Edinburgh International Film Festival even though we came VERY close and Mark Adams, (the artistic director of the festival who had kindly invited us to apply), has offered to help push the movie with other important festivals.
So we are making some final changes now, then we mix and score the film, complete the color, and graphics ... and off we go! IF YOUR ADDRESS HAS CHANGED SINCE YOU CONTRIBUTED TO THE FILM ON IGG PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY, AND AGAIN ...

Hi everyone, apologies for the radio silence! We have been cutting on-and-off for the past three months now and while we are still hoping to get previews out within the 20th Anniversary year of the TV Movie, it probably won't be distributed formally until 2017. The movie is truly living up to it's promise as an "intimate" portrait and has become even more universally relevant than we expected. So we have high hopes for it and are truly grateful for the support you have given us. Here's the promo we presented at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles earlier this year as we neared completion of principal photography.

An intimate portrait of the American Doctor Who fan from the perspective of Matthew Jacobs (the writer/co-producer of the eighth Doctor) as he journeys back ...

New UK podcast interview out today with Matthew Jacobs on Gallifrey Stands! A podcast channel that has had 76,000 downloads in all over the time it's been running!

Matthew Jacobs joins us to talk about writing the Doctor Who TV movie and his new Documentary 'Doctor Who am I?' We also talk about his past work on The Young Indiana Jones, Lassie and how he got his start as a writer. Check out Matthew's documentary Docto...