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It only takes a few online tools and some instinctive sleuthing for genealogist Jennifer Mendelsohn to call out public figures who oppose common forms of immigration

Jose Antonio Vargas,

Although only 7 percent of non-citizens in the U.S. are black, they make up 20 percent of those facing deportation on criminal grounds.

"Let DACA recipients in your life personally know that you don’t judge them, that you support them, and that their status does not change how you perceive them as individuals. The film community overwhelmed me with kindness over the past couple of days; this made all the difference. If you don’t know anyone, be outspoken about your support so that those who might fear reaching out see that you’re a safe harbor."

So inspired by Carlos Aguilar's courage. Thank you for sharing your story and this vital perspective. #DACA #HereToStay

An IndieWire contributor shares a personal plea.

Thanks Paola Mendoza!
Do not give up. #DACA isn't dead. We need each and every one of us to keep fighting to #DefendDACA. Please SHARE widely!

Do these 5 things NOW to defend DACA.


1. Tweet at the 9 AGs who are threatening to sue the federal government to end DACA. (Texas, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, South Carolina, West Virginia, Arkansas)

2. Call and tweet at key members of Congress and demand that they publicly defend DACA.

3. Allies: share a story of how a DACA recipient has positively contributed to this country. Use the hashtag #DefendDACA.

4. On Tuesday morning, call the 9 AGs en masse.

5. For the most up-to-date info on defending DACA, follow our friends United We Dream and sign up for alerts on

LET’S BREAK THE INTERNET WITH LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR DACA. #resist #stayhuman #defenddaca #keepshowingup #daca

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Now, more than ever, we need YOU to join thousands across the country to protect DACA and immigrant youth!

Immigrants we get the job done! And so much more! ❤️

Lin-Manuel Miranda debuted the powerful new video for "Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)," a cut off 'The Hamilton Mixtape,' Wednesday on 'Today.'…

#Undocumented folks are not always who you think they are #DisruptTheNarrative #DefineAmerican

The couple's net worth is $5 million. They pay taxes but he'll never be able to benefit from the system he pays into:

Jose and Linda own 11 properties, including a home in an affluent neighborhood overlooking Mission Bay. But despite achieving financial success and marrying a U.S. citizen, Jose is now a priority for deportation.

A federal agent now has the power to be judge, jury, and executioner.

Immigrant cities like Miami will most likely become hunting grounds after Homeland Security instructs agents to identify, detain and quickly deport every undocumented immigrant they come upon. The blanket order opens the door to ethnic profiling.
A network of 450 houses of worship across the country are stepping up to act as a kind of “underground railroad” for undocumented immigrants under the nascent Donald Trump administration.

Just sayin'

One prize winner told The Hill that the U.S. should be "welcoming people from all over the world."

"Johnson has no business addressing high schoolers about their future when he's thrown the future of refugee teens into jeopardy."

They shouted "education, not deportation" and "stop the raids."

What does it meant to be Black, queer, and undocumented in the United States? 10 perspectives for you to know. #UndocuBlack #BlackImm

What does it meant to be Black, queer, and undocumented in the United States? 10 perspectives for you to know. #UndocuBlack #BlackImm

by Alan Pelaez Lopez   Growing up Black, queer, and undocumented in the United States was an isolating and frightening experience for me. I was always afraid of being deported, profiled by the police, or shamed for my queerness. Being Black and… Continue Reading →

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This made me think of something Define American & DOCUMENTED director, Jose Antonio Vargas always says: "we are here because you were there." You invade, then complain about "invasion?" Who invaded who? #foodforthought #immigrationfairness

The cartoons depict Filipinos as barbarians who needed to be rescued by American civilization.

The cartoons portrayed Filipinos as uncivilized people who needed to be educated by the invading United States army.

"Mental health is a growing issue affecting many people, and rampant hate speech is probably not helping us to take control of this trend." (Via Flama)

Why hateful language toward immigrants hurts all of us.