Rescue the dolphins
Rescue the dolphins

Did you know dolphins aren't only dying because of fishermen killing them but also to diseases? Some of these diseases are not because of other dolphins being sick, but because they are held captive in aquariums. Please, if you ever go to an aquarium and you get the choice to "go swimming with the dolphins", please don't. YOU are the one killing them then. Warn your friends about this too. if any of you have any questions message us. please like and share this post. raise awareness about dolphin deaths.

Friday was pie day guys its time to celebrate and its time to tell your friend's to add us and support the movement

a dolphin is a mammal it is like us what many people don't understand is that dolphins are helpless they can swim but they can't get out of the nets the fisherman use of instead of letting them go they kill them

ladies and gents boys and girls of all ages gather around its time to kill dolphins.... oh wait one sec why should they be killed they haven't done anything so help support the proud few who fight for the rights of dolphins everywhere

hey guys what a great day it s been but for a dolphin your either dead or about to be killed so help by getting your friends to join guys we need all the hope we can get

people go out of there way to kill dolphins some don't care others do what there told stop this violence

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In the summer of 2013 over 250 dolphins died not only to fishermen killing them but because of disease also. It's sad enough that dolphins are dieing of disease but fishermen have been killing them longer than this disease has been around. Dead dolphin bodies have been found along shores from New York state to North Carolina. Dolphins aren't being killed in just America alone but all around the world. In Japan they purposely kill dolphins and sell their meat. Its very saddening what happens to dolphins once they are killed. There is no purpose to killing them. Please share to help raise awareness of whats happening so we can stop it.

Help save these beautiful animals from death! Dolphins are one of the smartest mammals on earth and in the ocean. But lately a lot of dolphins have been dieing. About 20,000 to 50,000 dolphins are killed each year. Please help raise awareness about this and help stop the killing of dolphins.