Hello, #Austin. We take your weirdsome (weird + awesome), and raise you ours! Presenting: Milutin vs. Wolf-man. All happening at booth #920 at #SXSW - if you're in town, come check it out! Otherwise, keep an eye out for more photos.
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5 Outstanding Lessons Shark Tank Fans Can Apply to Boost Their...

Is there anyone who didn't love Game of Thrones: the drama, the conspiracies, the sudden turns and unexpected plot twists, the “oh my god!” jaw-dropping moments?

Here are some valuable branding and marketing lessons from the series for you to check out while waiting for the final season!

The Game of Thrones series teaches us a lot about company branding and marketing. Intrigued about the best lessons? Check them out, elevate your business

You probably aren’t giving place cards much thought, but they can be a pretty big deal if you don’t have them, right?

PlaceCard.Me is a service that helps you design place cards for any event you might have so that your cards are as good as they can be while being easy on the wallet and on the eyes as well.

Check out PlaceCard.ME, a great service which allows you the best possible place cards for your wedding or a celebration of a different kind!

What happens when you notice a sudden traffic drop? Chances are your website got penalized for some reason.

Recovering your website’s rankings takes time, but it is doable. Here are some pro tips from our Natasa, so make sure to check them out!

You know how important SEO is for your business. You’ve spent hours figuring out the right combination of keywords, links and content.

With Christmas just around the corner, we have just one question for you - are you excited about the gift exchange?

If you don’t know how to organize or participate in his gift-giving game, here is everything you need to know to light the Christmas spark in your office!

A simple guide to organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange, choosing a perfect gift with Secret Santa.Me, and bringing a lot of holiday cheer to the office!

If you want to explore the infopreneurial model and start networking, you can do it for free with

Looking to become an infopreneur? With, you can connect with relevant people, sell your digital goods or become an affiliate. Sign up for free!

To a prospective client or a first time visitor, you as a designer are as good as your portfolio. So make it shine!

To a prospective client, you as a designer are often perceived only to be good as your portfolio. They’re checking you out for the first…

Did you know that one simple domain extension can speak loudly as a branding vehicle? In a world full of others (other people, other brands, other businesses), why not go with .ME?

Crafting meaningful words for your company’s domain name is a hard work. Luckily, .ME is here to help you create a MEmorable name which stands for your business, your customers, and yourself.

Getting traffic is relatively easy, what counts is whether you manage to turn your visitors into business leads and you need a good landing page for that!

When we finally get that traffic to our web page, it is then time to start converting the viewers and visitors into business leads. In order to do that success…

Katie Simon's résumé is the result of extensive crafting, revision, rewriting, and editing. Find out what are the most important things to focus on in order to make a killer résumé!

And by the way, we like her domain name!

Antidote.ME is a system that makes it easier for you to join trials that are tailored to you, but also makes it easier for the researchers to gather data on individuals and streamlines the entire process.

Find out more about Antidote.ME, a system that aims to connect researchers with regular people and to allow you to find exactly the medical trial you need.

The key to turning the next conference you attend into a networking success is coming prepared!

Last time you attended a conference, did you just show up and “wing it”? What were your results? Or, did you have goals to achieve by attending and participating? I view time as way too… was one of the first example websites we found when doing a research on how our customers use .ME. We were lucky enough to talk to its owner – Benny Aarup. Check out his story in the post below!

Benny Aarup is a Senior Freelance Full Stack UI Designer, a member of the Forbes Tech Council, who chose .ME to emphasize that he is a person, not a company.
Domain .ME is feeling thankful .

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have a lot to be thankful for this year: our great team, our awesome collaborations and each and every one of you.

What are you grateful for?

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What are the important factors to address in order to make your client’s blog a success?

Our Natasa is sharing some pro tips, so make sure to check them out!

In PR, you’re often tasked with a variety of projects that extend beyond media relations. You have to simultaneously be a journalist, social media expert, event planner and more. Frequently, running a client’s company blog also makes the list of to-do’s, but while most PR pros can…

You need an app but you are not very tech-savvy or simply doesn’t have the time and money to invest in app building? Well, is your go-to address!

Are you looking to create effective campaigns and contests for your Facebook fan page? Building apps has never been easier with!

Whether you’re writing a blog post, an email, or updating your resume, making the following changes will have a profound impact on your audience.

Check out these 10 simple editing tips that'll help you transform dull copy into persuasive, actionable content.