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Hello, #Austin. We take your weirdsome (weird + awesome), and raise you ours! Presenting: Milutin vs. Wolf-man. All happening at booth #920 at #SXSW - if you're in town, come check it out! Otherwise, keep an eye out for more photos.
Back to Basics: What Are Domain Names and How Do They Work
Your digital reputation is very important – are you monitoring it?

Go ahead Shark Tank fans, use these free insights into an investor’s mental process to boost your business and attract a ‘shark’ of your own. You’re welcome.

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Being a travel blogger just by using social media is possible, but don't ever think it's not hard work!

Travel blogging has come a long way and is bigger than even, but do you need to ‘blog’ in order to be a travel ‘blogger’? While it might seem obvious, lots of travelers; such as the popular Jack and Lorren with over 3 million followers, are opting instead to focus on Instagram and other social …

Summer means no school, right? Well, these bright young minds saw the importance gaining new skills and a good learning opportunity.

Twenty-two Montenegrin students attended 9th Summer School for Programming organized by Faculty of Natural Science in cooperation with .ME held in Kolasin.

It happens a lot that people reach out to the black hat SEO tactics in hope that Google won’t catch them breaking the guidelines.

Make sure to learn from our CMO Natasa why shortcuts are not the way to go.

Breaking SEO rules could put your page rank in jeopardy.
Domain .ME feeling motivated.

What should you cover in your 60-second elevator pitch?

Learn more about the process - how to explain what you do and the value you provide!

Service design: a top priority for startups in today’s age of customer. But also, quite a challenge to get right.

What is service design and why should entrepreneurs care? In the challenging age of customers, it has become crucial for succeeding on the market.

Our Sanja and Bojana were at China's biggest domain conference where they had an opportunity to represent .ME Registry. Also they have attended amazing lectures on developing trends in the domain industry! 😎

A good app won't help you get your life together, but it will sure help you get a hold of your spending habits, and that's a great start. 😀

Oh, money. It’s the thing that makes the world go ‘round, the topic of every news section and the biggest blessing and a curse known to mankind. But you knew that already. What you didn’t know is that it doesn’t have to be that bad to manage money once you earn it, and we’re here …

This is what it looks like when a brand is customer-centric and personalised! 😍

You are what you stream. Visit to check out how Spotify understands people through music and uses streaming intelligence to connect brands with the right people, in the right moment.

Nine years have passed and somehow our students still manage to impress us. This year will be no exception.

We wish them lots of fun, great memories and knowledge to bring back home!

Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics and .ME are the organizers of the 9th Summer Programming School for students in Kolašin from 10th to 18th of July.

Setting the foundations of your online brand is easy as in 1-2-3-4 as long as you start today.

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Anthony Padilla left Smosh a few days ago, but was it a good decision for his personal brand? We try to find out.

For those glued to their YouTube screens, the news that Anthony Padilla would be leaving the popular Smosh channel with over 20 million subscribers he co-founded with childhood friend Ian Hecox, came as a shock! The experienced YouTube creators would be going it alone – and thankfully – there’s a lo...
Domain .ME added 8 new photos to the album: China Connect 2017 — with Sanja Lazovic.

Our Bojana and Sanja are currently in China, where they attended China Connect conference which offers the best of China's consumer knowledge, digital & mobile tech marketing strategies. It would be an understatement if we said they were amazed. 🤓💡

Domain .ME celebrating 4th of July.

Happy Independence Day to all our American partners and friends! 😊🎆

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Did you know 70% of the migrant workers in the UAE don’t fulfill the minimum salary requirement for having access to banking services? NOW Money is a startup that’s about to revolutionize the financial system - read all about it!

Did you know that 70% of UAE migrant workers can’t have bank accounts? Luckily, is revolutionizing the financial system. Read more about it!

You should invest a little bit of time into figuring out how to make your first website, you'll learn a whole lot by doing it!

When making your first website, you'll learn a whole lot of things that will be useful later, and some of those things are actually pretty important!