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Hello, #Austin. We take your weirdsome (weird + awesome), and raise you ours! Presenting: Milutin vs. Wolf-man. All happening at booth #920 at #SXSW - if you're in town, come check it out! Otherwise, keep an eye out for more photos.
Digital Nomads – Living the Dream
5 Outstanding Lessons Shark Tank Fans Can Apply to Boost Their...

Robert Fitzpatrick believes that customers’ actions are the thing that matters, not their opinions. Check out the post below for the key points of his talk at Spark.me 2017 conference!

You wake up with an amazing idea – a cookbook app! It will have videos, recipes, it will sync everything to your phone so you can have an on-the-go shopping list. Plus it’ll be cheaper than a regular cookbook, only 10$. No one has come up with it yet, you’re genius! You’re an inventor! You’re …

What happens when you ditch (the infamous) „the“ from your domain name? You instantly become cooler of course! 😃

Check out Facebook's journey from the very beginning to what it is today and the impact the domain name had on their business.

When you want to register a domain name and it’s not available the first thing that the name suggestion tools offer is to add the THE or MY before the domain. That’s what I imagine happened when Mark Zuckerberg wanted to register a domain when he first started Facebook. As you probably already know,...

For those of you who are planning your online expansion, there are several success factors you should consider.

Check out our short video for some tips and read more about this topic on our blog: http://dot.me/2wxTIAL


With the help of the listed apps, and by putting all of them in practice, you will have a fully automated Social Media Marketing ongoing campaign!

Social media marketing automation can not only save you time but help you stay precise, on spot, responsive and frequent in your posts, as well.

Last year 70 students applied. This year, we’ve heard there is an even bigger crowd! 😎 We encourage you to invest in your future because lifelong learning is the only way to chase your dreams!

For the ninth year in a row Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in cooperation with .ME registry gives a wonderful opportunity for talented primary and secondary school students in Montenegro to widen their knowledge of programming. The school started on Saturday, 16th of September. Classes…

You’ve finally found your niche, and your domain name no longer fits your brand? Or maybe the domain name you really wanted is finally up for grabs – is it too late for a change? 🤔

Not at all! Check out what you can do to make a switch without losing any readers along the way!

Wondering how to change domain name? In this post, we're walking you through the steps you need to take so you don't lose readers when you make the switch.

HTTP is old, outdated and not cutting it anymore from the security standpoint. See what you can do to make your website faster and more secure. 🤓

Google does most of its business and is arguably the most important force on the Internet. Because of that one of the main concerns of theirs is Internet Security. In the last couple of years, Google has made some steps in providing incentives for people to use HTTPS in the interest of security. And...

According to Peter Kim, core, content, and community are the three crucial concepts you need to boost your business’ success.

Click on the link below to read the key points of his Spark.me 2017 talk!

Peter Kim, the Vice-president of Digital Customer Engagement at The LEGO Group reveals what it takes for your business to become awesome.

We’ve all seen lists of the top books all entrepreneurs should read, but the question is – when, god damn it? How are you supposed to find the time for reading? 😳

Luckily, there’s a solution for all you hustlers out there who want to keep up with relevant titles: a simple tool called Readitfor.me. 😎

Don’t have the time to read as much as you’d like? Try Readitfor.me, the best book summary service for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to grow.

Want to get the clearer picture of just how diverse the attitudes of Boomers and Millennials are when it comes to their work life? Take a sneak peek at our infographic.

Owing to the fact that people nowadays live longer and retire at a more advanced age, we are slowly but surely entering the period of heterogeneous offices in …

Do you know how you can check what’s up with your domain?

Take a look at our infographic and get a fuller understanding of domain status codes.

What exactly are domain status codes? Many find them confusing: check out our domain status codes infographic to learn everything you need to know.

The good people at Nanoleaf are making wonders with LED lights, making it possible to light up your home and care for the environment at the same time. It seems like the future is, indeed, bright for us!

The lightbulb has been here for quite a while, and the design hasn’t changed all that much since its inception. Still, a lot of companies are making efforts to provide better, brighter, and more efficient bulbs and lighting systems for everyone to enjoy. It seems like the future is, indeed, bright f...

So you've been building your online brand for quite some time and it's going great so far, but out of nowhere you find yourself in a little cyber crime situation. What do you do? 😱 Well, here are some of Natasa's best advice on how to protect yourself from domain hijacking and cyber-squatting!

Domain hijacking and cyber-squatting are real dangers that can come as you build your brand and develop your online presence, and prevention is key.

Spark.me 2017 opening keynote speaker was someone we've tried to bring to our stage for the last 4 years - and all our efforts certainly paid off!

If you are interested in some very wise advice from Dr. Max McKeown on innovation, strategy and how it all impacts our future, just click on the link below!

This year's Spark.Me opening keynote speaker was Dr. Max Mckeown, a best-selling author, strategic coach and behavioral psychologist.

Happy Labor Day to all our friends and partners in America! May you have a happy and relaxing day!

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Not tied to a workplace or a specific country, digital nomads travel and work from all part of the world, as long as they have good internet connection. 😎

To find out more about digital nomads and their lifestyle, check out our short video and read the blog post: http://dot.me/2wp0KVo