new dubstep track - go check it out (for all 3 of you that will see this)

i don't need friends; they disappoint me ► soundcloud @thestern ►

i remixed Racing Snails off Must Come Down's latest EP - check it out below

snacing rails. ► soundcloud must-come-down ► ► soundcloud @thestern ►

I suck at releasing music. it's still phat tho go check it out

remind me of my money when i catch amnesia ► soundcloud @thestern ►
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Ayo what's this? A remix of Rump$tep's track #PLURNT ?? damn son you should go check it out and download for freee

Stay plurnt. ► soundcloud @rumpstep-1 ► ► soundcloud @thestern ►

Have a nice April Fools Here's a free song from me

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Artwork for my latest track - 'Wi-Fi @ The Club' ... check the comments for a link!

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wow i made a new heavy song finally

There's only one Capri Sun. ► Facebook: ► YouTube: ► Soundcloud: @thestern

ayoooooooooooooooooo Oh Baby A Triple has 420 likes 😂😂 to hear it (along with 35,000+ other people who have... damn)

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The Stern is at The hospital (cos my wobz r 2 sik).

My High School Musical remix is nearly on 50,000 with Oh Baby A Triple on over 30,000

Go check em out for this #tbt #throwbackthursday


Dom Stern - 18 - electronic music. Feel free to inbox me for collabs (FL12 or Ableton), remixes or any other inquiries! -- Generic list of popular people who have at least once considered my music a
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Just cleaned up a lil

Big single coming v soon - stay tuned!

The Stern...

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New track

Just vibes tbh

The Stern x

As the title says tbh Find me at ... ► Facebook: ► YouTube: ► Soundbutt: @thestern ► Twitter:!/DomTheStern

like legit/verified DATSIK and Firepower Records....!

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Taking on the big man Skrillex, remixing an unreleased track of his from like 2010. Let me know what you think

The Stern

Really wanted to do a Skrillex remix, so I decided to go full hipster and remix an unreleased track from 2010 which only has a 90sec clip in 128kbps... Free download as always, so a like/share/follow

New #dank tune.
Merry April Fools' Day 👨
Have a free dubstep track

Because who doesn't love dank memes? Find me at ... ► Facebook: ► YouTube: ► Soundbutt: @thestern ► Twitter:!/DomTheStern

this is crazy... 20k plays on Oh Baby A Triple...

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Damnnn Oh Baby A Triple just maxed out on downloads... crazy to think that 1000 people enjoyed it enough to put it on their ipod 😮😮

You can now download it (still free) in the downloads app on my page (The Stern)

or stream it below on soundcloud still 😄



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This was originally a 22-second-long #BigRoomChallenge, but due to popular demand from /r/montageparodies it became a full track ... complete with all the euphoric memes to accompany your fedora-tippi

So my latest single is a remix of my school's hymn - Homo Plantat.

All the money raised goes to PHAB, a really wonderful charity and all donations are greatly appreciated!

1 track album