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A pop quiz to assess your tactics.

#philanthropy #capitalcampaign #prospects

Do the wealthiest people in your community seem beyond your reach? Perhaps there’s a business person in your city who seems to have her fingers in most...

How to take advantage of this growing opportunity.

#nonprofit #fundraising #donors

Now that most cell phone plans wrap texting into the base fee, a lot more people are sending and receiving text messages. This is a…
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Providing an outstanding experience starts from the first communication you have with volunteers.

#philanthropy #npo #personalization

It’s no secret that volunteers are one of the most important components to the success of your nonprofit and its ability to achieve goals. If volunteers...

Many cash-strapped groups are trapped in a cycle of business as usual.

#philanthropy #evolution #nonprofit

Nonprofits know they need to change, but they’re pretty sure they don’t know how.

6 tips for improving small nonprofit fundraising.

#fundraising #nonprofit #datamgmt

Like it isn’t hard enough being a small organization, right? Not enough staff. Not enough time. And definitely, not enough money. You get used to making do. Find shortcuts. You work a lot. But too …

The right words have immense power.

#fundraising #donors #appeals

For nonprofits, understanding donor behavior is a well-sought secret to creating an effective fundraising campaign. And although there may not be a formula for

Tips for nonprofit social media managers.

#philanthropy #nptech

For those of us in the association sector who have limited resources when it comes to social media and digital in general, Facebook is the platform that we tend to use/depend on t…

It begins with a connection to the cause.

#donormgmt #philanthropy #fundraising

What do donors want as opposed to what do we want them to want? Peter Muffett explores the benefits of values-based offers and restricted funding.

These six elements can help you build the capacity to continuously innovate, and thereby do what matters most: improve human and environmental well-being.

#philanthropy #npo #innovation

Six useful starting points for nonprofits that want to build their capacity to continuously innovate.

Go beyond the typical charity event.

#fundraising #philanthropy

Exploring creative and educational fundraising ideas involving art forms is sure to be engaging for many audiences that may not gravitate towards sports-based fundraisers.

But which ones?

#development #donors

What’s a trend that has been popping up on the nonprofit radar as of late? We’ll tell you: personalization. Let’s think realistically—anyone can write...

Instilling a sense of giving early on is key.

#philanthropy #socialgood

In any area of life, it's important to teach young people the values that are important to you. In today’s culture, I have found that it can be difficult to teach children the values of giving and…

Find success year after year with these strategies.

#fundraising #philanthropy

If you’re trying to change your community, take advice from someone who has changed the world. After sitting at the helm of multiple empires, including PayPal.

Time to catch up on some reading! 📕 📗 📘

#philanthropy #nonprofit #socialimpact #ChronicleofPhilanthropy

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Brands are so valuable because they make the life of the nonprofit so much easier.

#philanthropy #fundraising #branding

Does brand beat performance? And what does this mean for your organization?

There are more ways to support nonprofits than you may think.

Sometimes there is a better way to help than writing a check.