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  • For what use is there in praying if you only hear what you want to hear-Tim Lambesis

    Life is our path, death our destenation-Ryan Clark

    I for one would rather suffer now than leave this life without passion-Tim Lambesis

    For what wisdom is there within us to live by the feeling in our hearts. How many times has instinct let us down, never to be thought through-Tim Lambesis

    How could we lose sight of what matters most, trying to love what cannot love us back, All we have is not worth living for if we do not know when to let go-Tim Lambesis

    If it bleeds we can kill it-Arnold Swartznegger

    It's not confusing if you ignore it- Carson Penner

    Vampires are supposed to be scary, flesh-eating monsters not some @#!*% bag with his hair up
    - Craig Ferguson

    This is still america, and i can still own a gun and say whatever i want and nobody can make me wear pants
    -Craig Ferguson

    It's not that i'm lazy, I just really don't care- Office Space