"Homeopathy 'treatments' must be labelled to say they do not work, US government orders"

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In the post-fact world of today, a little ray of hope.

There is a huge market in the US for homeopathic remedies. In 2007 alone, it was estimated Americans spent more than $3bn on a controversial system of alternative medicine created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, and which has long been dismissed by mainstream science.
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The HPV infection rate is down 90%. Vaccines work.

The world's first cancer vaccine has halved the number of new cervical cancers ten years after it was first administered in Australia.

Cupping: Where is the Harm?

This being done so prominently in the Olympics will thrust the practice into the spotlight, and no matter how many people claim it is harmless, the truth is that there are many, many reasons that it needs be challenged directly and without exception.

As an immediate and globally relevant consequence, this will shunt a massive amount of money and attention toward other traditional eastern medicine and herbalism, which includes things like the black for rhinoceros horn, elephant tusk, and Tiger claw for sexual vigor. It will propagate the poaching of endangered species and the decimation of several ecosystems.

It will cause a boom in "licensing" mills and various other organizations that seek to create the facade of expertise and will pump out propaganda against "big pharma" that demonizes all western medicine as being illegitimate. This will aid the narrative of the anti vaccine movement and several other harmful, anti-science organizations.

On a more serious note, a non negligible amount of people will be convinced that this is a magical cure that will allow them to stop chemotherapy or so administering insulin to themselves or their children. This will cause avoidable human deaths and suffering.

Finally, and on a more general note consistent with the main philosophy of this page, it promotes superstitious magical thinking as virtuous rather than exposing it for what it is, and that has ripples through far more than medicine alone. If Inspiring Doubt stands for any one principle, it is this. The world will be a better place when superstition and magical thinking become quaint vestiges of our past ignorance.

This "cupping" trend should be addressed as exactly what it is - a clear illustration of the pervasive and yet silly superstitions that permeate sports cultures.

Fun fact: if this worked, it would be effectively doping, and it should be banned with every other performance enhancing treatment out there. Similar to praying, it is literally seeking a loophole wherein an edge is given by something other than skill and talent, and if it actually worked it would not be silly superstition, it would be unethical performance enhancement.

But it doesn't work. Not any better than a similarly administered placebo.

On that note, I would LOVE to see a similarly administered placebo test using penis pumps rather than cups of heated air. In theory, they should be just as effective, but for some reason I think that it would be a bit less trendy...

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Lmao, too good to not share

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Libertarian Christian


This kid is my hero. I was nowhere near this awesome at 12. I don't think I am even this awesome now, in my 30s!

Following the theme of our last post, many people don't think this really happens. It does. In fact, Steve Jobs is a very prominent case of it.

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Caroline wins one internet today.

The same is true about Google search results.

"Once people join a single conspiracy-minded group, they are algorithmically routed to a plethora of others. Join an anti-vaccine group, and your suggestions will include anti-GMO, chemtrail watch, flat Earther (yes, really), and "curing cancer naturally" groups. Rather than pulling a user out of the rabbit hole, the recommendation engine pushes them further in. We are long past merely partisan filter bubbles and well into the realm of siloed communities that experience their own reality and operate with their own facts. "

Talk of Facebook's anticonservative stance is in the news, but the issue of what news social networks choose to show us is much broader than that...

I got into this with a family member the other day. Anybody else run into this all the damn time?


Homeopathic medics demanding better-working conditions have threatened to walk out for five seconds if they don't get their way.

Also, it is just this fruit that you make a smoothie with...

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Ben Reedenheimer to GMOLOL

Happy international skepticism day!

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We are easier to fool than we think. An important thing to keep in mind at all times.

Vaccines are far less profitable than widespread infectious disease outbreaks, from

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Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes

Both of these were found on Greenmedinfo. See comments.