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Matthew Blanchfield
· July 27, 2016
So I posted my ccw in Dover post but I picked up my paper so today I got an envelope from dover post! Huh what did they send me another paper ? No it was my recipt I had lost they found it in the lot and mailed it to me with the little note ! Amazing most companies wouldn't take the time to see what the paper in there parking lot was let alone take the time to write a note and mail it to me !!!! Thanks again! See More
Andrew Dale
· October 3, 2017
Biased and twisted news story from Avery obvious left wing view. This is not how news should be shared. Subscription cancelled.
Jason Carroll
· March 21, 2018
Liberal news paper. They just wanted push there agenda. #fakenews
Alan Brown
· July 26, 2015
I have asked the Dover Post several times now to quit tossing theyer paper in my driveway and apparently they are stalking me. I just can't get them to stop. I will leave them in the driveway and the ...idiot driver just keeps tossing them onto the drive. Why is it I can't get them to stop giving me a paper I don't want and don't read, I just toss them into the trash. Maybe I should start tossing them in their driveway? See More
Rich Hawkins
· December 30, 2015
This paper has deindled to a worthless rag of old news, advertising and continues to join the ranks of the liberal media with its left leaning bias. Proof of this is the recent continuation of editing... of George Roofs "Traplines" article. Mr. Roof has been a respected DE Sportsman and a voice for rural, agricultural and outdoor sportsmen and women for a long time. Most of is only read the Post for his article. Since they continue to edit and question his defense of hunting and our 2nd ammendment right to keep and bear arms, he will no longer write for them and it will be their loss. I know Mr. Roof will not be silenced an will find a way to keep us informed and fight for the non liberals amongst us. As far as the Post, I look foreward to a new competitor coming to Dover and I hope all their advertisers take notice to how many more will be piling up at the end of driveways now that the only good column is no longer! See More
Steve Kotrch
· June 22, 2017
Have been trying for three years to stop them from throwing this rag in my flower bed.

Management is a joke. Don't return phone calls or respond to letters.

Do they even pay attention to the reviews?
Scott Jones
· July 20, 2014
Its a good thing your rag is free, with your liberal bias soon you will have to pay people to take your "newspaper" try reporting just the facts and leave your whiney liberal/socialist views out of it...!! Good thing birds need lining for their cages till then! See More
Curtis Stafford
· July 22, 2014
Obama has completely destroyed this country! He has instilled the most damage in 5 1/2 years that any one person could possibly have done. He said he was going to fundamentally change our country an...d he wasn't lying. I guess he didn't like the way our founding fathers set it up for us but what they did led to the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

The good news is most people are finally realizing that he's destroying the country and when our national nightmare is over in a little over two years, we will fix the damage he has done and transform it back to the great country it was before he came along.

It's hard to believe there are still a few who actually support him like this reporter at the Denver Post, but they will see their numbers dwindle until impending bankruptcy occurs. Let them continue their liberal bias, they are only accelerating their own demise! Good riddance!
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Erin Rich
· March 22, 2017
Andre rocks the house! He does great work. His kind spirit always helps the kids at The Children's Theatre to relax and enjoy Press Nights. Thank you!
Kimberley McKnight Blair
· March 1, 2016
Traci McKnight was awesome with her presentation. She is very professional & knowledgeable. She explained everything & is very detailed. Her personality is wonderful which drew me in & held my attenti...on. That's why I do my advertising with Dover Post plus it's economic for all the great plans they offer. See More
Vanessa Thomas-Walker
· October 9, 2016
Haven't seen the Dover Post in my development in months! Miss it! Can you please continue your deliveries in the Magnolia area?
Vicky Tingle Maguire
· November 28, 2015
I would give this paper 10 stars if they would start delivering in the Village of Westover again. This is the only paper that actually reports on the area news.
Fran Ellsworth
· December 22, 2015
I live on Steele Rd in Kent Arces and some houses get the Dover Post but I never do I would like it too.
B.K. Smith
· March 28, 2017
You've gone from a nice hometown paper to a political rag. This paper has always been my escape from politics but not anymore. I'm done with the Dover Post.
Qadeem Wali
· April 14, 2014
I like the dover post to keep updated and to update fans about my up and coming music and concerts
Rebecca Lewis Donahue
· January 20, 2017
You are a one sided news is unfortunate that I used to look forward to your newspaper and posts.
Victoria Weston
· October 13, 2015
I would to see when events are happening in and around dover. The site is great but we the people need more info on events
Gloria Jordan Hawkins
· December 30, 2015
I used to buy the paper to read George Roof's column. They have dropped him. Why? He was such a source of information to all Delaware sportsmen. Such a shame.
Violet Bauer
· May 31, 2016
Wish I could get it in Spring Meadow. I miss getting the Post
Lots of info in it and at times more than the DSNews. :-(
Janine Mzfiesty Alicea
· March 2, 2014
So I guess Capital school district is still gonna wait until 4.45Am to call n cancel school right???...Never mind just got the school district ic closed
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