2017 Eddy Merckx Eeklo 70 Carbon Ultegra size Small. On Sale! $2800!!! (MSRP $4619.99). The top tube on the Eeklo is huge. Fits riders 5'8"-5'10" tall. Only one available!

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For Sale: My personal Eddy Merckx Liege 75 Custom Size 54cm. $2500! Selling because I'm getting involved with gravel riding. The Liege is a spectacular bike! The ride is sublime. Gets tons of attention! Molteni orange on round tubes... Ahhh Functional art. $2500 is a steal or should I say "steel"?

Steel Frame, Carbon fork. 17 lbs w/o pedals.
Full 2017 Ultegra build., HED Belgium rims with DT Swiss 240 hubs, Deda components, 44cm x 35mm bar/110mm stem, Open Pave 24c green clincher, carbon Terry saddle, 22 speed, 52/36 Compact 172.5mm Crank, 11-32 cassette. Retail $6000. Has a hand full of rides, mint condition, no blemishes... (Frame kit alone sells for $2000).

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The 2018 BC Bike Race will start in the Cowichan Valley this year and run through Cumberland, Powell River, Earls Cove, Sechelt, Langdale, and North Vancouver, before ending in Squamish.

Night rides are always an adventure. Pictured here is a slightly modified Cannondale advertisement that captures the moment.

Riding into the dark goes hand in hand with mountain biking. Nocturnal escapades are always thrilling... The hair raising "I see dead people" sensation always palatable.

One needs to make peace with the reptilian cortex of the brain when disappearing into dark woods. The psychological approach to overcoming this anxiety is in knowing the facts.


You will encountering large night hunting raptors... I'm speaking of owls of various species. These majestic creatures screech from a perch and are oddly curious. They typically close in for a look, never interacting except for one that latched his talons on Brad's helmet light carrying him off to the wicked witch of the West.

Blood curdling screams are disconcerting as they pierce silent night. This is a land not suitable for man, but for chupacabras to run/fly draining the blood of their unfortunate victims, usually only goats. The chupacabra is a fair weather demon. No need to stress us northerners, but, you never know... They could migrate north like the killer bee. Remember to never look one in the eye!!!

Coywolfs and coyotes are a legitimate concern... Liam had a close encounter on a solo ride traveling through a pack in the midst of a fresh kill! He survived by being cool, steadily pedalling through the ravenous beasts who stared back covered in blood and guts.

Least of my concerns are suspicious lights in the sky. ET is light sensitive, easy to defeat when you know his weaknesses. It's all over if you find yourself locked up in a tractor beam. You do not want to become a Travis Walden reenactment. Blast the little suckers straight in the face with 2000 lumens. Aim for the large almond shaped eyes. The eerie black eye is only a lense. Blinding light should send them back to the center of the earth. Your last resort is to yell "Jesus Christ!" Best yell it three times, like "Beetlejuice", just to play it safe... Jesus and ET go together like water and Stitch. If all else fails, befriend them with strawberry ice-cream or at least strawberry flavored Hammer Perpetuem.

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A few months ago I'd have baulked at an 11sp mountain cassette on a gravel bike. I'd have said you'd never catch me spinning that hideous monstrosity up mountains.

Time to rid yourself of that massive ego. Today was my inaugural ride on the "dinner plate". If you've been reading my posts, you'd know I swallowed my pride and installed a 11-40. An 11-40!!! What's next? 11-50? Might as well go for a walk for Pete's sake.

My Wolverine started out an 11-32. I was humbled t...he first ride out. Cranking mountain trails was brutal with the 34/32. My heart wanted to exit my chest... My knees were Googling Sportique. My eyeballs were on my cheeks... I digress... You get the point.

The 11-40 is amazing. I'm in love. Look for a wedding invitation in the mail. Riding long miles spinning higher rpms up hills makes more sense. You will experience less fatigue remaining in the saddle rather than standing and chopping wood on the pedals. A lower range gives you an option to explore brutal steeps, especially dirt sections. Today's ride included mud that swallowed my 45c tires. I would've been walking with the 32t. Instead I remained comfortable and cruised straight through and no, my top tube is not resting on the rock in the picture.

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To Goat Link or Not to Goat Link? That is the question...

My latest custom build (Soma Fabrication Wolverine) was originally speced with a compact 34/50 and a 11-32 cassette. I thought the 34F-32R would be sufficient on a gravel bike on gravel roads. I built this beast with 45mm tires giving the bike woods versatility.

The gear ratio was a poor choice. Admittedly, I do not have the power to grind that gear ratio in the woods, especially in soft conditions! Nope! Not g...oing to happen ever in this lifetime.

Plan B: Wolftooth (Road) Goat link with XTR 11-40 (It's nice to own a shop). I found out a few tidbits along the way I'd like to share with you. 1: You might regurgitate your breakfast when paying for that XTR cassette. 2: You need a longer chain. Do not attempt install on your own if you already didn't know this. 3: 11 speed Mountain and Road derailleur are NOT compatible. Don't ask why. It doesn't matter why. Just don't. 4: My new 2018 Ultegra R8000 GS is compatible with a 11-40 without a Goat Link!!! Trust me. Just crank the in B tension screw to prevent bumping on the upper jockey wheel. Have a professional install your "deal" if you're questioning what a "B tension screw is".

Long story short: Shimano engineered large cassettes into their new road rear derailleur design (at least into the GS cage). I'm pretty happy about that. Thanks Shimano! Now if you can only stop your calipers from leaking fluid past the pistons...

Thanks for reading! Happy grinding.

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The crew head out for the "Big Boys Day Out", a day where we try to push our limits and ride the hardest trails we can find. Turns out I was in over my head ...
There's not much to say when Brandon Semenuk puts out a new video with his partner-in-crime, Rupert Walker. So here's what we'll say: if you're after three minutes of Semenuk at his best, this one's for you.
Down Cycles updated their cover photo.
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Down Cycles updated their profile picture.
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Bro broski drifting in the desert...

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Congratulations Jeff!!! You win Five Ten Hellcat shoes for your hilarious comment:


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Free Five Ten shoes (from what's in stock) to whoever posts the best comment!

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Posted by John Tang
John Tang to 這裡最FUN樂


I get the bird in NY. In Africa, the bird gets you!

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South Africa Live

Sometimes you need that extra motivation 😂😂

"Fish in the sea
You know how I feel
River running free
You know how I feel
Blossom on the tree...
You know how I feel"

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Wow!!! The internet is on fire! People are loving the Cannondale Fat CAAD 1!!! Look at the number of Facebook "Likes".

2018's are already sold out. 2017's available in XS and XL. Sale $2300.

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Banshee Paradox Frame. Size Medium.
MSRP: $950

SALE: $550 (With seat-post and seat clamp).

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2016 Giro Empire SLX Road Race Shoe Size 48
MSRP: $240

SALE: $120

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