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Kimberly Mosberg
· April 13, 2017
After emergency surgery to remove a tumor from my dog the size of a grapefruit, the oncologist told me that my dog would live for 10 days at most. My regular vet suggested we visit Dr. Royal. Dr. Roya...l's holistic treatment, including acupunture, gave us two more wonderful, active, loving and playful years together. See More
Holly Barnett
· August 25, 2016
There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Barbara's approach saved my cat's life. I will be forever grateful that I happened to come across her book and had it to refer to when my cat fell ill. 15years ol...d and was withering away with a renal failure diagnosis. Fast forward a few months on Dr. Babrbara's protocol and she has regained her healthy weight, shiny coat and even has energy to spare. This book is a must have for anyone with pets. Thank you, Dr. Barbara. THANK YOU!! See More
Cathy Campbell
· April 16, 2017
Have already posted on Dr Karen Becker's page ... want to thank you for your work and your contribution to @Pet Fooled. Fabulous common sense info about the nonsense spouted by dry "food" companies. G...reat to see the word being more widely heard 😍 See More
Varnan Balsara
April 2, 2013
After seeing the great work Dr Royal & Alex have done on our Max I think I would surely recommend any animal lover to take their beloved pets to her.They are just awesome & the dedication & real har...d work they put in to make your pet alright is just amazing.Max is so much better in just 2 1/2 mths & that is shocking for us & a big relief to us as we have our beloved baby back to 'nearly' normal.Rome was not built in a day but we are v.confident that Max will be totally fine in a few months & will continue to jump into the car which he has started doing but on certain days he can't but with the miracle hands at Dr.Royal's clinic he will & I am confident of it.

All I can say is Thank you Dr.Royal & Alex for everything.We can now smile & are blessed to have our Max back who was near death's door.....miracles do happen at Dr.Royal's so don't waste time & just take the ailing pets to them.It maybe expensive but its worth every dime & its for us to sacrifice our joys at this time & we would do that for our Max.Money will come someday to us ,but your pets will not return once we leave them to die & not take them for treatment.Don't think,just take them to her & she will do her best to revive them in a short time.

Thanks & God bless you always & may u continue working with pets & healing them.
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Deb Zorn
· September 22, 2016
I highly recommend Dr. Barbara Royal. She is a brilliant, compassionate, holistic veterinarian who passionately cares about her patients and clients. I have complete and absolute confidence in Dr. R...oyal, and her staff at The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center. I would not consider taking my dogs or cats anywhere else. See More
Anna Morris
· April 22, 2017
Just ordered her book, she has a great Outlook and is definitely an advocate for our animals
R Tamara de Silva
January 27, 2013
Dr. Royal saved my 12 year Bentley's life by detecting an arrhythmia that could have suddenly killed him but was asymptomatic. She is very caring and takes the time to really listen to an owner for s...ubtle clues that can lead to a life saving diagnosis. The best vet ever! Bentley See More
Terry Mueller
· May 20, 2014
Dr. Royal is an amazing healer of animals and their humans. I have endless respect for this outstanding vet. She kept my beloved dog in great health for over 17 years. God bless Dr. Royal and her c...ompassionate staff. See More
Michele Suarez
March 1, 2014
I am so happy to have Dr.Royal as my vet. I just know that Daz'l is in great hands with her.
Cynthia Przislicki
November 16, 2012
Love Dr. Royal and our Fur Babies, two long haired German Shepherd Dogs both love her also, she saved our youngest baby's life after another vet almost killed her with a misdiagnosis and incorrect med...ication and treatment for several months. I have and would recommend Dr. Royal to anyone and everyone See More
John Altshuler
· April 26, 2017
Very excellent info on feeding our loved ones.....
Deborah Lee Miller-Riley
· October 7, 2014
LOVE the book! Thank you Dr. Royal for being an awesome veterinary advocate for animals and their welfare and a very special teacher. You are a Natural hit with this family!
James Wiggins
· May 27, 2013
Best Vet on the planet bar none Does an excellent job very professional Really cares about her clients
Jennifer Skiff
· October 23, 2013
Love it! Love the veterinarian!
Stacy L Mcconnell-Pyrek
February 22, 2012
After watching Dr Royal on WGN, I am planning on going and meeting her!!
Couch potato, yes, but I love you.
As a member of the Peregrine Falcon Program in Chicago, I am on call during the Spring and Summer seasons. I received a call on Friday about an American Kestrel fledgling in distress in Rogers Park. So, I hopped in my car to assess the situation. What I found was a young Kestrel, freshly booted from the nest, but capable to flying. However, he had gotten himself situated under and near parked cars where he couldn't get his bearings to take flight. So, we stepped in, after we discovered that he wasn't injured. We went to the top of a building and helped him on his way.
Sweet video of Ally ( Ally's Struggle for Survival FB Page) playing with some new friends!! How alive and happy she is, and how much better she is! Great team effort - integrative medicine, diet and TLC. Amazing canine resilience.
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Royal Animal Health University was live.

Preparing everything for our awesome class tomorrow. We hope to see you here at The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center with Royal Animal Health University! Inflammation and At Home Emergencies. It's not too late to register. Visit

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Posted by Barbara Royal
Barbara Royal

Getting all our ducks in a row for a hands-on RAHU seminar (are you signed up???) --holistic ways to solve Emergency and inflammation issues for your pet. Do yo...u have an emergency kit at home? Do you know what to keep in it for your pets? Are you a pet owner, animal lover, vet tech, or vet and want more information about managing cases holistically? Sign up and find out on Sunday! All welcome!! (Lunch provided!!)

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Planet Paws is with Rodney Habib.

Hemangiosarcoma can wipe out a dog🐕 in less than 60 days. Ketopet challenged the cancer and wiped it out in 120 days!
Captioned Version -

Thanks for the great review!!

I wasn't sure what to expect from a book about raising a healthy pet. This book and the advice Dr. Royal dispenses was more satisfyingly entertaining and informative than I would have thought. After watching the documentary Pet Fooled, I was looking for more information on pet diets. Since

Helping support herbal research saves lives. Check out AHVMF. Give them a donation. Change medicine.

Why the AHVMF supports research in integrative holistic veterinary medicine.
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These delicious edible spoons are proof that we can create a plastic-free world

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Posted by Rodney Habib

Seminar #1 --
You may be shocked by what you don't know about the pet food industry and
But you'll be delighted to know great changes happening now because of you!!
Listen in!!

Barbara Royal on Pet Food TOMORROW!

Barbara Royal on Pet Food TOMORROW!
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Posted by Barbara Royal
Barbara Royal is with Matthew Gies and 6 others.

A penny for my thoughts.
It's New Years resolution time.
Wanna share mine?



"Why?" you ask?
If you eat better food you'll likely be healthier, live longer, you'll probably find weight control easier, your energy and mood can improve, your teeth stay cleaner, your digestive system works better, you may sleep more restfully, your memory could get sharper, and that's just the beginning.
But enough about you.
What about animals?
If you eat better food and you do this kindness for your pets the same things will happen to them.
And we can help food animals
like chickens and pigs and cows by choosing companies who care about how they are treated.
And we can help our environment and our world by choosing organic fresh local foods --companies that don't use pesticides on our dinners.
And you can make your family healthy and happy when you prepare home cooked meals and talk together while eating.
We can't control everything in our lives but we can try to do these things.
Less sugars,
Now that's worth more than penny.

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Final MHP podcast for 2016. This week, one of the U.S.A's most distinguished and respected Environmental Justice advocates- Peggy Shepard of WE ACT for Environm...ental Justice tells her story and why talking to a buddy can create a budding revolution. Looking forward to sharing more big planet heroes with you all mid Jan 2017. Safe and happy holidays everyone!

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As a young woman growing up in Trenton New Jersey, Peggy Shepard dream job was to be an editor at a magazine in New York. While her path ultimately lead her to
No one's trying to get your dog high. Non-addictive cannabinoids are successfully treating some symptoms in pets, one Chicago veterinarian tells CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez.
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My Home Planet Podcast

Paul Hawken is one of the most well respected environmentalists, entrepreneurs and authors around. His latest initiative, and biggest-#projectdrawdown goes abou...t mapping, measuring and modelling the hundred most substantive solutions to climate change. In this episode he discusses why climate change is happening for us, not to us, and why his missing those bugs on the windscreen. I hope you enjoy it! thank you. #paulhawken

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Mon 8:00 PM
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Barbara Royal

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