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Bryan Burles
· November 15, 2017
Taken my bike around to a few different places here and there for convenience and I should have known to also come to Dream. Always amazing work and always satisfied
Ewan McDonald
· September 23, 2017
I bought my Salsa Casserole there ten years ago. Darren did a fantastic job with component selection. This bike is seriously reliable.

Up until a couple years ago, it has been my main way of getting... around. I don't know how many km I've put on the bike but I've worn out countless tires so it's been a lot.

Pulling it out of the shed again as I think I'm ready to ditch my car.

Thank you
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Yang You
· November 18, 2015
Hi Dream Cycle team,

I am writing this to express my humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by Jessica and Nick on Monday November 16th....

I came into the store at 5:30pm just before the shop about to close down. It was pouring outside with heavy rain storm and I came into the shop with a badly damaged front wheel. After taking a closer look at the front wheel, Jessica was not able to fix the damage as the wheel is bent badly. Nick was able to provide great advice and help to select the best replacement front wheel/rim and helped me installed the new wheel with a brand new tire.

I did not expect to receive such an amazing service and thought I was going to bus home for the night. To my surprise, I was able to get out of the shop 5 minutes before 6pm and ride my bike home!

Thank you again for all your help. I will definitely be coming back soon!
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Adam Tynan
· October 6, 2016
These guys really know their bikes. I've been looking for a good wheel builder around Vancouver for a while and I couldn't be happier with the wheels they built recently. Real crafts people!
Jessica Bratus
· August 20, 2015
Darren is the best. He is cool, and therefore his shop is cool.
Rod Cardoza
· November 21, 2016
Dream Cycle rocks! Started our 2,000 km Pacific Coast tour here. They provided a beautiful Surly Disc Trucker and great customer service!
Tim Lukian
· August 15, 2013
Dream Cycle is pure unadulterated awesome. That's about all there is to it.
Brett Bird
· April 19, 2015
Great people, great technicians, great products, great environment!
Jennifer Lychy
· December 26, 2013
Got a really comfie Brooks seat and as the name, it is a dream! Great tunes there too!
Maida Red Rodriguez
· February 26, 2013
best place, best people :)
Anna Bourgoin
· April 11, 2014
Awesome my daughter works there!
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