The beach reclamation is coming along. They should be doing our section very soon. You can see the new "sand" quite clearly in these shots.

Image may contain: ocean, beach, sky, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: ocean, beach, sky, outdoor, water and nature

Looking out from over our building to the reflection of a decent sunset...

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Heidi's Drone Demo
Aerial views of the Pier and St. Augustine Beach, FL. Filmed on Dec. 31, 2017.

Here is my "before" video, as they begin the beach renourishment for St. Augustine Beach, which sustained a lot of damage from the last two hurricanes.

St. Augustine Beach, FL will be getting much-needed beach renourishment, starting next week. This is the "before" view. There is no real beach at high tide a...

Finally got Dorothy up in the air down at our new condo complex in St. Augustine beach. Then her battery quickly died, so a new one is on order. But, here are a couple of shots. Our condo is the top left one in the first shot.

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Here's my 2017 compilation video of Dorothy's footage from Main Camp, at Camp Greystone, in Tuxedo, NC.

Camp Greystone Main Camp, 2017, footage taken by Heidi Nelson's drone (Dorothy). Music recorded by campers in 2015.

An updated view of Raleigh's new train station, being built near downtown.

An updated aerial video of the new train station being built in downtown Raleigh, NC.

I got back to the Well Fed Community Garden (Irregardless Cafe).

Irregardless Restaurant in Raleigh, NC, has a garden, from which they harvest some of their freshest food.

Here's another shot of the new train station, from the other side. The old one is so tiny compared to it!

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Spring Fling winding down at Saint Mary's.

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The Rock and Roll Marathon goes through our neighborhood. This is mile 25 for the runners, who have just run up a hill.

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We were at the beach this weekend. They are dredging again and emptying it on "our" beach. I'm not a big fan, but what can we do (besides get some aerial footage of it)? They need some sand further down, toward the pier, but we seem to be doing fine already.

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We wanted to see Dorothy's view of the damage from the big fire Thursday night. The parking garage to the left had cars blowing up in it. The tall brick building is the Quorum, where Charley's boss used to live. The Quorum and the white complex in the front (the Link apartments) have been temporarily condemned. Hopefully those folks will be able to move back in pretty soon. Kudos to the firefighters who managed to save every structure around the one that burned.

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The new Raleigh train station continues its progress.

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