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Drowned Records aus Bremen und der low income $quad aus Zagreb haben die MS Stubnitz für ein langersehntes Wiedersehen auserwählt. TOBS und Qnete sagen Hallo zu Strahinja Arbutina und SZCH / f šćekić.
Mit Fallbeil und Ratkat sind noch 2 lokale Hamburger Guides eingeladen, damit die Zagreber und Bremer sich auf dem Weg zum Tresen nicht verirren.
Robin, seines Zeichens 1. Vorsitzender des Bremer Drowned Freundschaftsvereins e.V., holt endlich sein Stubnitz Livedebüt nach.
Kl...ex ist Mitgründer des Berliner Labels Strictly Strictly, zu dem Tobs bereits seit längerem eine intensive Labelfreundschaft pflegt.



FALLBEIL (Hafenschlamm, Mannequin)

QNETE (Drowned Recs, 777)

SZCH (LI$, House Crime)



TOBS (Drowned Recs, Strictly Strictly)

KLEX (Strictly Strictly)



….. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. .ı.llılı.ıl.lı. ….

..ıl Kirchenpauerkai 29. 20457 Hamburg lı..
..ıl U4 HafenCity Universität lı..
..ıl Bus 111 Baakenhöft lı..

..ıl Konzert-NEWSLETTER: lı..

..ıl TICKETS: lı..

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Posted by Drowned Records
Fri 11:00 PM UTC+01MS StubnitzHamburg, Germany
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Echt Walle church bells poppin' up in here around minute 60, hailing for some disintegration spank.
cheers Roman Lindau!

Reclaim Your City 256 | Roman Lindau (Berlin) Roman Lindau is a German techno DJ, artists and producer, as well as being a core member of the infamous Fachwerk Records from Berlin. Music has always c

Have you been a fan of TOBS subtle breakbeat-ish techno tracks on Drowned Records? See, there are some new ones. They are released on the Berlin-based Strictly Strictly. Get your eyes immersed first on like us and then navigate your ears to the previews. That will answer all your questions, at least if you are a fan of this thing called "techno".…/…/strict002-tobs-obsessed-ep

STRICTLY STRICTLY enters the second round: The Obsessed EP by TOBS (@tobs1312, co-founder of Drowned-Records) comes with 3 driving highly energetic cuts. The title track is putting the stamp on the A-

✰✰✰ ✰✰✰

Dear Internet,
we have updated our bandcamp account. It now features our latest 2 EPs, which is Ankerlueses Rec Room EP and Qnetes Clapping the Soles of Your Feet EP.
In all digital formats, vinyl, individual sale, bulk sale, all you want. Also we did a small discount on all the other older titles....
Vielen Danke für ihre Aufmerksamkeit!

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Ankerkluese's "Tendril" (Strahinja Arbutina&SZCH remix) was played amidst Amsterdam's Red Light district and in front of an old church. Thank you Ron Wilson, we hope you enjoyed your stay with tulips and patat oorlog 🌷

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Ron Wilson

Thank you Red Light Radio, Max, Karel, Sandrien, Jetti, Joni, Pumpin, Diana, Salina, BÄR Is Burning and BAR for the wonderful time!! 🇳🇱
Here is the recording o...f my "show"...hope you like it, I was a bit indecisive what to play tbh:…/ron-wilson-red-light-radio-11-1…/
- Cultureclash - Mama Africa
- IMT - The Devil made me buy... (Jaimes Mix)
- Pedrodollar - Money Money Money (such a great record, thank you Born Free!)
- TETO PRETO - Gasolina (thank you Lorac Reztuhcs)
- Persona Service - Snippet no snippet (Cellar Door Service)
- errorsmith - Superlative Fatigue (PAN)
- Regis - The Master Side (Blackest Ever Black)
- Joey Beltram - Pulse
- Rogue Filter - That's Right
- Max McFerren (DJ) - Bio Pic Sessions (still hasn't left my bag Max!)
- Ankerkluese - Tenrdril (SZCH / f šćekić & Strahinja Arbutina remix on Drowned Records)
- Bell Towers - Lightrail (Protect U remix)
- Qnete - Memory Track (forthcoming on 777 Recordings)

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Catch TOBS and Qnete tonight in Berlin!

Nov 3, 2017 - Nov 4, 2017
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Coni in the Mix for Berceuse Heroique. Clapping the Soles of Your Feet Alert! Thanks for playing and thanks Leibniz. for the remix!

ΚΕΜΑΛ / Berceuse Heroique / Ancient Monarchy Contact: Distribution: Honest Jon's Records Bookings:

"Hard thumping, raw rhythm centred DJ tool Techno / House cuts" says HARDWAX.
Clapping The Soles Of Your Feet is available in all other stores next week, distributed by Wrong Hands - Vinyl Distribution.

Hard Wax - Qnete: Clapping The Soles Of Your Feet (Drowned 009) - Hard thumping, raw rhythm centred DJ tool Techno / House cuts - € 11.00
Drowned Records is with Marvin Uhde.

hey you, facing the cover of our upcoming record you should consider listening to the snippets once more!…/qnete-clapping-the-soles-of-your-f…

will be in the stores mid-end of this month

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We do have snippets for you. Snippets of our next record, which carries catalogue number 009. Two tracks by Mixmaster Qnete plus a remix by Leibniz., who obviously watched too many horror movies in the last months.
"Clapping the Soles of Your Feet" is out october 18th via Wrong Hands - Vinyl Distribution.

Applaus Applaus! Your hands are in chains, but you still enjoyed the show. Drowned Records is bringing you a Qnete jam that can be described as nothing else but a ‘psycho banger’. Included is also a s

Hi Oneohtrix Point Never. Nice to see that, we must say to be perfectly honest.
And some less fanboy-like infos: TPs of our next record are approved and the 009 will be in stores mid october. Stay tuned, clap your feet 👏👣👏👣

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new stuff upcoming

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Posted by Drowned Records

unreleased drowned records material included in Hodge's last Rinse FM show, dropped by DJ bwin two days ago.

won't tell you which one it is 🙃

Listen to Hodge - 8th August 2017 by Rinse FM #np on #SoundCloud
Drowned Records updated their cover photo.

wash your gear, we got something for your feet coming up...

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Drowned Records shared Halcyon The Shop's videofeeling international.

looks like Ankerkluese's EP safely landed in New York.
s/o to Halcyon The Shop and thanks for the nice words!

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Halcyon The Shop

Ankerkluese - Rec Room ( Drowned Records ) Two immersive suspended techno leaning tracks with two super grooving remixes. The Christopher Rau remix will blow you away. Available here: