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Tiffany Lynn
· April 14, 2016
Dr. Pete and his staff are very caring about the community. He is truly humble and also passionate about helping people. I noticed that the (very few) people who are leaving a one star review don't ev...en live in the state of Tennessee and I doubt have ever even stepped foot inside of his office. See More
Victoria Rose Martin
· November 10, 2014
I loveeeeee Maximized Living!!!!! This place is so awesome!!! The staff rocks, the facility is well organized, and the atmosphere is calming to the soul!!!! I am so blessed to have found this place:) ...Dr. Pete and other staff are so passionate and really care about their customers!!! See More
Doris Wix
· October 10, 2016
Dr. Pete & Dr. Oscar & staff are very caring & helpful. Chiropractic adjustment is only part of the benefit of this health center.
I truly see the blessing God is providing for me & my family by bein...g here. We are fearfully & wonderfully made. Rejoicing.
The "Truth About Cancer" workshop & training tonight was fantastic.
Great job teaching & motivating Dr. Pete & staff. ♡ Doris & family
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Jessica Lauren
· October 29, 2015
Dr. Pete has been a major blessing in my families life! His knowledge on holistic alternatives have benefited our family greatly! He is constantly encouraging others and going far beyond the call of d...uty. Now that I have a baby boy... We love getting him adjusted! He even came to the hospital to adjust me after I had my son. All in all, Dr.Pete is using his talent God gifted him to help others. See More
Jimmy Driver
· October 23, 2015
Having worked with PT and traction alone for nerve pain after surgery in my neck I gave up. Then went to give Dr Pete a try. Wow. About 95% less pain after two weeks. Now intense exercises added and d...iet changing. Go see him. See More
Megan Moorehead
· December 11, 2014
I love this place. My thyroid is now under control thanks to him! My body is healing on its own because of his magnificent work!
Kathleen Schultz
· December 10, 2015
My family and I love Dr. Pete and everyone in his office. They really care and I feel great and getting better everyday.
Jimmy Richardson
· May 17, 2015
Feel great after visits. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to feel better,get better & stay better. Its a life changing moment to feel like I'm in a younger version of me.
Joyce Watson
August 26, 2014
Love Dr Pete his staff,office,and they way they all care and continue to encourage each other to committ to a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Dr Pete also thanks to Max T 3 Stephen and Paul.
Kim Moynihan
· January 13, 2014
I could not have made my accomplishment without his office, staff, continued support & education! Thank you, Dr. Pete, & all your staff.
Teresa G. Harmon
· December 5, 2014
I learned so much about real nutrition! Staff is wonderful!
Emily Acosta
· February 13, 2014
Incredible Doctor, leader and world-changer..
Hrh George J Rickle IV
· March 3, 2016
Quack giving quack advice on fevers that will lead to people dying.
Nick Pratt
· October 3, 2013
Amazing clinic! Best staff and most caring!
Jaymie Henry-Perry
· May 11, 2014
AWESOME! The whole staff.
Tabatha Hime
· February 10, 2014
Best doctor in the world!
David Michael Touhill
· September 21, 2013
Awesome clinic! Best service!
Jordan Tanko
· June 9, 2014
Amazing Doctor !! Always feel welcome and part of the family. Great results too!!
Kent Kigar
· January 11, 2014
Changed my life
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When you're making a big decision in your life, your business, your marriage, is there a filter in place that you can use to weigh all options with?

The necessity of making smart decisions, especially as a CEO and leader, is one of the main reasons I am a huge proponent of creating a vision purpose statement for your entire life.

For example, mine is "living in alignment." So if an opportinity comes along that doesn't support living in alignment, whether for me, my family, team members or my patients, it doesn't question.

What is your vision purpose statement? I encourage you to start thinking about this and take the time to create a vision board to really help get your juices flowing.

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Never underestimate the importance of regular, thorough team training. ESPECIALLY for your team members who work directly with your customers. These client-facing team members ARE your business to your customers.

Do you have a regular team training flow in place? How do you train your customer-facing team members to be sure each customer's interaction with your business is an amazing experience?

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Thrilled to be spending the weekend in Nashville at The Chiropractic Revolution where the focus is God, Family & Chiropractic in that order! Excited to rise up to a new level together!

Going LIVE again from Heaven in Business conference. Enjoy!

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Doug Spada - God at Work: Miracle Mondays
Heaven in Business was live.

Doug Spada - God at Work: Miracle Mondays

Get all our video resources and previous conferences for $1 with our 30 day trial (no contract). You will also be equi...pped to experience more of God in your work, and connect with a growing global community pursuing the same, join us at

What’s Included:
For $1 you get access to our entire resource base and community for one month. This includes over 70 videos, audios and notes of foundational teaching, case studies and practical activation to increase your ability to grow with God in you daily work and city influence. We will also send you weekly motivation and short summaries of what we hear God saying as we pray for you. Sign up at

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A huge part of why email marketing is so important is because it establishes TRUST in your current and prospective patients. If you know their pain points and can speak to them, giving them real value, their confidence in you as a practitioner will grow. Then when they decide to make an appointment with a chiropractor, choosing you is a no brainer.

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I AM here at the Heaven in Business conference at Bethel Redding. Join me and Andy Mason and hundreds of other business leaders from around the world as we partner with God through our Businesses to establish Heaven on earth for the Glory of God!

Watch online streaming for free here.

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Heaven in Business
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Training is all about CLOSING the loop. That means making sure you address any problems that pop up in your business in team meetings. If something goes wrong during a workflow, or an employee comes to you with a problem, immediately schedule it into your trainings. That way your team doesn't live with the anxiety of that problem hanging over them—they know it will be addressed!

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What a great episode! Dr. Chris was in Nashville last week with us...Check it out!

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Dr. Zaino

10X Your Impact! Episode 09 of we are heroes is now live! Thank you to the Dr. Josh Axe team for hosting us at their 10X Doctor Summit

LIVE RECORDING OF TODAYS MASTERMIND is broadcasting on our 10X Doctor Facebook Group Here:

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DCS and Surfing in Cali with Billy DeMoss! A blessing to be with you bro! #caljam #10xD

Coming back to Nashville for our official first Mastermind Call with Dr. Josh Axe, Dr Isaac Jones, and Dr. David Touhill. Join us for this Tuesday call here!

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Would love to hear your feedback from our 10X Event!

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Posted by Dr. Josh Axe
Dr. Josh Axe

The Secret Sauce: Here was my #1 piece of advice from the 10x Doctor Summit this past weekend on Facebook Live Video!

What were your top takeaways and favorite sessions? Let us know in the comments.