Ayurvedic Tips For a Healthy Skin

Many of us suffer from different skin issues at different stages of life, ranging from itchy dry skin to full-blown dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis. These skin diseases are common in dry and cold seasons, in children and after travel.

Learn about the common causes of skin diseases from our blog:…/ayurvedic-tips-for-a-healthy-sk…/

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We all suffer some type of skin issues at some stages of life- ranging from itchy dry skin to a full blown dermatitis or eczema or psoriasis. It’s especially common in dry and cold seasons, children and after travel. Here we are discussing how to help your skin. For that first of all we need to kn...
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Sajitha Felix
· July 16, 2017
I am a Software Engineer, was suffering with chronic neck and shoulder pain for over five years. For all these previous years I have been trying Western medicin...e treatments, but none of them worked really well. So I started looking for an alternative approach and came to know about Dr. Rafeena. She is awesome with different compassionate approach to treat all these kind of problems. Now it is been almost six months since I saw Dr. Rafeena. She helped me to recover, through treatments, dietary advice and excercise tips. Subsequently I am now healther than I have been in years. I highly recommend Dr. Rafeena and her services! Thank you Dr. Rafeena See More
Akhthar Parvez TechBrein
· May 22, 2017
Dr. Rafeena is the ultimate doctor - Expert advice to solve your health issues and a caring attitude to make you feel wonderful. I've been amazed by the virtues... of Ayurveda - It increases your immunity power while treating the disease while Allopathic aka English Medicine seems to do just the opposite. Ayurveda & Dr. Rafeena is a perfect combination to keep you healthy throughout. See More
Zainul Abid
· May 21, 2017
A natural treatment in a responsible expert's hand.

How to take care of Vata Body Type?

Vata tends to be dry and depleting if not managed well. It is usually is easy for Vata people to maintain their weight within the limits unless they are overeating, and being too relaxed or too stressful. But Vata people can easily be too thin and exhausted. So if you are a Vata person who is too thin, make sure you eat and rest properly.
See more tips on caring your Vata body:

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VATA BODY TYPE Physical features: Vata people have a small body frame. They are slender with long fingers and toes. It is often easy to see their bones and they have predominant joints. They tend to be long or unusually short. Vata gait is quick and unsteady. Vata skin tends to be dry and dull with…

Dr.Rafeena's Webinar on Post Natal Care & Ayurveda and Workshop on Digestion.
Join our workshop and learn!

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Give this world Good Energy.

Dr Rafeena’s Yoga Classes from this December!

Dr Rafeena is beginning to provide yoga classes from this December! The sessions are designed for beginners, and no previous experience mandatory.


Call: 0469938491 or


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Ojas- The immunity and much more!!

Ojas is the essence of the body from which the body is built and developed during intrauterine life. After birth, healthy metabolism of body nourishes and maintains the Ojas. The quality of life is directly proportioned to the quality and quantity of Ojas.
Ojus provides lustre, strength, immunity, fertility and lucidity to mind.


Call us: 0469-928-491
Email us:


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Doctor Rafeena, a well experienced Ayurvedic Naturopath in Sydney, is an expert in Ayurveda, Mind and body wellness, Holistic health, Herbal medicines and Yoga.

Be Mindful while Eating

We tend to eat on-the-go or while lost in the gadgets. It’s OK to multitask once a while or as long as you give due attention to what and how you eat at every bite.
Being mindful while you are eating and chewing properly, can help you to eat within your limits and process that food properly.

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Pregnancy, Child Birth and Lactation

As the site of fertilisation and the carriers of new-comers, the system of women should be strong enough to carry out all these functions effectively and smoothly.

During pregnancy and lactation, nutritional needs in women are high and hormone levels vary. Imbalance in metabolism at this stage may lead to serious troubles and also make ...
prone to deficiency diseases, complications and stress. Ayurveda can help females to prepare for and carry out these unique blessings more effectively and easily.

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Drinking a lot of water? Not necessary!

60% of our body is made up of water, so if you drink a lot of water, it can easily result in weight gain, diluted body fluids and weakened digestion. Whenever the body needs anything, it will demand, so do with water. So, drink water only when thirsty. However don't forget signs of dehydration like dry skin, dry mouth, constipation, dark urine, etc. which requires water even when you are not thirsty.

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Ayurveda the ancient system of holistic care advises how to take care of ourselves on a daily basis. From my experience I realise that many lifestyle or diet choices people make believing that they are healthy, are actually harming them. Here I would like to explain 5 common food myths. 1. You have…

Eating in Ayurveda

We all love eating our favourite foods.Being one of the pleasures in life, we enjoy and relax by eating. Quite often we wonder how can we make eating healthy and joyful at the sametime!

Know more:
Contact us: 0469-928-491
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Ayurvedic consultation marks the beginning of your journey in Ayurveda. During a standard consultation the root cause of your ill health & imbalances can be diagnosed through detailed questionnaire, physical and systemic examination, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc.

Standard Ayurvedic Consultation also provides guidelines for lifestyle including diet, exercise, home remedies and self-massage techniques.

If needed, Dr Rafeena prescribes you herbs and Ayurvedic massage ...treatments which will help you recover from your imbalance/disease.

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AYURVEDIC CONSULTATIONS Standard Ayurvedic Consultation A standard Ayurvedic consultation helps you to find out the root cause of your ill health/ diseases/ imbalances. Standard Ayurvedic consultation involves detailed questionnaire, physical examination, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc. Stan...

The Australasian Association of Ayurveda, NSW and Consulate General of India, Sydney together are organising a free event on Ayurveda for the public.

The event comprises talks on Ayurveda by international speakers, displays on various topics on Ayurveda & includes personal care and light refreshments.

Grab this rare opportunity to enlighten yourself with Ayurveda and to shoot your questions! Book now! Only limited seats available....
RSVP to Dr Rafeena on 0469 928 491 or by 25/10/2017 or to any contact listed on the flyer.

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Treat your Arthritis with Ayurveda.

350 million people worldwide have arthritis.
Easier the treatment, faster the cure.

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Role of Ayurveda in the contemporary world

Ayurveda has an important role in today's world.
To improve wellness, to prevent diseases and to help to deal with many disorders in which the scope of western medicine is limited.
In some diseases, an integrative approach using both Ayurveda and western medicine is more useful.


Apart from addressing different symptoms scattered around the body, Ayurveda considers an individual as a whole, understands the root pathology causing these symptoms and acts accordingly.


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Doctor Rafeena, a well experienced Ayurvedic Naturopath in Sydney, is an expert in Ayurveda, Mind and body wellness, Holistic health, Herbal medicines and Yoga.

Is Ayurveda a recognised system of health care?

To attain the goal of 'health for all', World Health Organisation (WHO) realised the role of traditional, alternative and complementary systems of health care in the world. Furthermore WHO recognizes Ayurveda as a traditional medicine of India. Ayurveda is recognised differently in
different countries around the world depending upon the laws of that country.


Ayurveda is regarded as an alternate system of health care in most of the countries of Indian subcontinent with specific laws regarding the practice of Ayurveda. In many other countries around the world, it is regarded as a complimentary and/or holistic system and is practiced according to general
natural therapy and trade rules.

In Australia, Ayurvedic medicine is recognized as a bona fide system of health care and comes under Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA).


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October 10 - A day for reviving your Health and Knowledge.

Health Camp

Ayur Clinic is conducting a health camp for general public on 10th October (9AM-3PM) on Neurological diseases, Skin & Allergy, Menstrual Disorders etc. by a panel of prominent Ayurveda Doctors - Prof. Gopakumar, Dr Sajimon George along with Dr Rafeena Kidavintavida.


Registration fee: $75 (No other fees; cost of herbs & massages are extra)

Workshop on Neurology for Healthcare Practitioners

There is also a workshop on Neurology for Healthcare practitioners from 5PM to 8:30 PM. First session, that is recommended for all kinds of healthcare practitioners, include Ayurvedic diagnosis, diet & lifestyle for neurological diseases. Timing: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM. In the second session, Ayurvedic line of treatment, herbs and panchakarma for Neurological disorders are discussed and this is highly recommended for Ayurvedic practitioners providing or planning to provide Panchakarma. Timing: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM. There would also be a 6 course Ayurvedic Vegenterian mean in between. Timing: 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM. Registration fee: $50 for the first session & $90 for both sessions. Australasian Association of Ayurveda Inc members are entitled to receive a cool 20% discount on registration fee.

Venue: Ayur Clinic, 1/169, George Street, Parramatta.

For more details and registration, please contact us through your preferred mode of contact as mentioned on the below Contact us page on the website:

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