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Rock Stamberg
· June 4, 2017
I began receiving laser tattoo removal procedures from Dr. Minozzi in 2009. He told me it would take nine sessions to remove the tattoo. Well, nine turned into somewhere around 30 to 40 visits over a year period as he tried unsuccessfully to completely remove it. The procedures had become increasingly painful and I was worried I'd have permanent scarring due to having endured so many laser removal sessions, so I told him I was going to take a break for a few months to give my skin some time to completely heal. When I was ready to resume, I called to make an appointment and left a voice message. No response. I called again. No response. And a third time. What can I say? He left me with two visible green/blue patches on my arm due to his inability and unwillingness to finish the job. Therefore, I cannot recommend Dr. Minozzi. Caveat emptor. See More

Testimonials (unedited, directly from Dr. Minozzi's patients)

I have had my tattoo for three years now and have never liked it. It was a cover that just never took. I’ve been coming to Dr. Minozzi for about a year and I am extremely pleased with the results. The black color has faded very well and the blues and greens are beginning to fade as well.

Kevin W. from Nanuet NY


I had my tattoo for 15 years and finally decided to get it removed. Dr. Minozzi was very professional and gave me a great price. After first treatment, I noticed it started to fade. I am now on my third treatment and is going well. I travel from Britain to visit friends here and chose to come to Dr. Minozzi. I highly recommend Dr. Minozzi, his care and his professional approach.

Lindsey B. from Deeside, Flintshire, North Wales, U.K.

After having my tattoo for 11 years, I decided to have it removed. Dr. Minozzi was the first doctor I consulted and we began the removal procedure that day. Because my tattoo was more difficult to remove than most, it has taken longer to remove than most. Dr. Minozzi has stuck with the job and has not charged me more than he originally estimated. He is thorough, professional and knowledgeable and I’ll recommend him to anyone looking to have a tattoo removed, he is the best.

Rock S. from Riverside , CT

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