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Red Ribbon Rally 2017
2017 Red Ribbon Week - DrugFree Idaho
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Cory Phillips
· May 23, 2016
Great organization helping support our Skateboarding community providing a place for our kids in the valley to compete with a positive message! Thank you and PLEASE Keep up the great work!

This is the consequence of normalizing a drug culture. Will this be the girl scouts of Idaho one day? Will we teach our children that drugs are perfectly okay as long as you can make money. Will we sacrifice our values and ethics like so many other states are doing and encourage a drug using lifestyle to our children?

Maybe next year the girl scouts of Colorado can open up their own pot shop and just make money directly from selling drugs. How much you wanna bet we will marijuana infused girl scout cookies in Colorado someday?

Hey, what about that porn shop over on 5th? Yea, troop 415 gets dibs on that one! Okay, Troop 23 will take the bar on Oak Ave., people leave so drunk they will buy anything! Darn, does anyone know if we have brothels in Colorado? I bet we could sell a lot of cookies at those places! Man, these new policies are going to be a gold mine for these girls! Hurry, get them to work!

What a proud day for young girls everywhere.

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Girl Scouts of Colorado now treats marijuana dispensaries like any other business in considering cookie sales sites, a spokesperson says.

Anybody that says the black market is disappearing because of legalization is, how do we say...being less than truthful!

When a community embraces a drug culture, that community will be lost to the drug culture.

Four years after legal recreational marijuana went on sale in Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper says the black market for marijuana in the state is shrinking and predicted that it

When providing drug education throughout our community, we inevitably get asked about specific drugs that may be in the news at the time. We often compare drug trends and the response to them to that arcade game called 'Whack a Mole'. You may know the one where moles keep popping their heads up then you hit one down and another pops up elsewhere.

America does not have an opiate problem, or a pot problem, or a meth problem, or an alcohol problem...America has an ADDICTION pr...oblem. From the need to escape, to a mindset of not wanting to think about things, to the desire to numb ones feelings, to those who unknowingly become dependent after being prescribed medication, addiction is often the end result and that is what's inflicting so much pain on individuals, families, and communities.

Different drug trends will come and go, addiction along with the many reasons why people start using alcohol and other drugs to deal with personal issues and life's challenges is the root cause we need to focus on if we ever hope to change things.

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The fight against methamphetamines was successful, but only to a point. In some states it’s now the leading cause of drug-related deaths.|By Frances Robles

If this was any other topic but pot we would be seeing outrage from a wide variety of environmental groups. This from the state that is the supposed leader of environmental issues...hypocrisy at its finest!

Would you be in favor of Idaho sacrificing its forests and wildlife to drug cartels for revenue through drug proceeds?

If illegal rat poison and insecticides are being spread throughout pot grows that kills owls and other wildlife, how much of those same poisons are it into the weed people are using as "medicine"?

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Northern Spotted Owls | U.S. Forest Service.Rat poison from illegal marijuana grows is working its way up the food chain and harming the federally endangered northern spotted owl, according to a study pu

Do you know what JUULing is?

JUULing 101: Parents, it’s time to go to schoolIs your child JUULing in school? Would you even know a JUUL if you saw one?As e-cigarettes and vapes help adults quit the tobacco habit, the JUUL is booming in popularity among teenagers.Why?For starters, teen|By ABC 7 News - WJLA

Right on our doorstep...

Spokane, Wash. Over the weekend Spokane Police made a big drug bust, "We believe and this will be confirmed by the drug lab testing the heroin we seized out of this arrest was laced with fentanyl. ...

Ever taken your kids ice skating? Have you ever tried ice skating? This is a great reason to try something new and spend some fun, quality time with the family...see you on the ice!

Image may contain: people playing sports and basketball court
Boise Parks and Recreation

Get into the Olympic spirit at Idaho IceWorld at the Red, White and Blue Skate!
Friday, February 16th, 7pm-10pm
Wear red, white or blue and admission, including skate rental is only $5.

Great job Kootenai County Sheriff's Office

Idaho state leaders need to put as much pressure as possible on neighboring states to keep their drug culture chaos and the problems that go with it in their own state.

KCSO authorities said while Deputy Nelson was speaking with Campbell K9 Pogo alerted him there were drugs in the vehicle.

Young people are under a tremendous amount of stress these days which can lead them to substance abuse with the reasoning that it helps them in some way or allows an escape from thinking about things.

Parents play the key role in helping their children with coping skills and having frequent and open conversations about life's challenges. Parents remain the number one deterrent from young people engaging in risky behaviors such as using alcohol and other drugs.

We've created an environment that fosters anxiety rather than resilience.

Great job Boise Police Department!

Everyday drug dealers are making the trip from various parts of the country to get large quantities of pot from legalized states and then cross through states like Idaho to get the drugs back home.

If states that legalize drugs can't figure out how to keep those drugs and problems in their own states, then why shouldn't they have to reimburse the cost to non legal states that are impacted from these terrible laws?


1oz = aprrox. 56 joints
56 x 16oz in a pound = 896 joints
896 x 43 lbs = 38,528 joints!

Surely this is another example of someone arrested for having 'just a little' weed on therm for personal use. if successfully delivered, how much of this weed would have found its way into the hands of teenagers?

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Boise Police say they found over two dozen bags of marijuana on a bus in Boise Tuesday. Police say they received a report of a possible narcotics violation in a bus that stopped for unscheduled maintenance at near 13th street and Bannock street. When offic

Very scary...

Two men have been sentenced to prison for possessing nearly 100 pounds of the drug fentanyl -- enough to kill the entire population of New Jersey and New York City, officials said.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Very difficult to believe an industry that lied for so many years about the harmful effects of cigarettes.

An advisory panel finds insufficient evidence that sleek new heat-not-burn cigarette will reduce harm to smokers.

Nearly 20% failure rate of Oregon pot shops selling pot to underage youth!

Remember the propaganda, 'legalizing weed will keep it out of the hands of youth'.

Drug Business 101 - get kids hooked as early as possible to capture maximum profits for years to come.


All about the money!

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"Oregonians who voted for legalizing recreational marijuana implicitly told the cannabis industry to abide by public safety laws," said Steve Marks, executive director of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which regulates marijuana. "Clearly they're not."|By The Oregonian

With many lives being lost to Opioids/Opiates, education, prevention, and treatment are the critical components to slowing down and hopefully stopping this crisis.

State and local agencies are working to spread awareness about this crisis.
Do you know someone seeking treatment for opioid dependence or withdrawal?