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What a cute dog Kathy! Look for a video tomorrow about Oil Wells. It helped me a lot with my sciatic pain. Stretching those hamstrings will help. Phone too dead to video tonight


Brain-Body Fitness Floor series... whoda thunk that laying on the floor stretching and twisting would be such a great ab workout? Pairing doing it in the morning,with Organs In Place at night this month.

Most of you have heard about isometric activation where you focus to “squeeze” or “tighten” your muscles to improve strength and tone. Personally I like to create isometric activation with

New year, new you! I'm getting my T-Tapp on this morning! Who else has exercised today?

If you are interested in essential oils, join my oils group Ducks in a Row Wellness

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I am open to personal training sessions. Nailing down a location is tough. If you want to workout, just let me know.

Sign up for this free #TTapp workout seminar! Sign up now, listen through July 24 (this Friday!)…

Teresa Tapp is excited to share her secrets how and why the T-Tapp Method of muscle activation is so effective with only one set of 8 repetitions or less for the rest of your life She will explain the primary principles how T-Tapp workouts progressively improve strength flexibility and healthy heart

Check out this exercise for awesome arms!

Watch Teresa Tapp, creator of the T-Tapp Workout, on The Daily Buzz teach this ageless exercise for awesome arms. Yes You Can with T-Tapp!

The T-Tapp event in St. Louis with Trainer Trisch Richardson is coming up! Make plans to attend and get tweaks and tricks to amp up your workout!…

St Louis Spring Fling! Meet me in St Louis and let s celebrate spring with fitness fun! New tweaks new moves—for a new you! When? Saturday March 21 2015 9 a m To 4 00 p m Where? Queen of the Holy Rosary Academy 393 W Old Watson Road St Louis MO 63119 corner of Watson & Grant—enter parking lot from G…

Check out this article about T-Tapp Twist. Use those abs!

Crunchless abs

It's DEEP DISCOUNT TUESDAY! A few hours left to get this great deal ! 50% off the Total Workout. Check it out!

***Total Workout is featured in Chapters 4 and 5 of Teresa s book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes*** T-Tapp Total Workout DVD only $40 00 and FREE SHIPPING retail $79 95 - $40 00 off ! THIS SPECIAL RUNS TODAY ONLY 2/17/2015 Retail Value Over $189 00 and Bonus Items for FREE Barefoot Basic Workout DVD…

Here is the link for the 60 Day Challenge info!

The winner(s) will have the opportunity of attending a T-Tapp event in Safety Harbor, Florida. The event will be held August 6th through the 10th - event specifics to be announced.

Happy New Year! The 60 Day Challenge is just around the corner! Starts Saturday January 10. Who's in??

Black Friday special runs through Cyber Monday! Get the workout you've been waiting for and get more for Christmas gifts. Give the gift of good health! (note: affiliate link) Super discount tomorrow to celebrate Teresa Tapp's birthday! 57% off workouts and free shipping if your order is over $57! Have you tried the new Core Floor yet? I've gotsta get it!