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  • Senior Product ManagerAugust 2014 to presentMountain View, California
    I build and run high-impact product organizations to create innovative new software and hardware solutions.
    • Datacenter Software
      2017 to present
      Lead PM for Google's DCSW group with over 100 engineers, responsible for growing and keeping healthy the world's biggest computing system.
    • Verily Cardio
      In 2017
      Built out the product vision for Verily's efforts in cardiology, helped solidify the two-dozen strong PM org across Verily.
    • Rapid Rollout Lab
      2014 to 2016
      Built & managed an R&D team to explore new ways of planning and building connectivity infrastructure, borrowing from techniques in oil&gas and using machine learning with massive imagery datasets to build the world's largest utility pole database.
  • Product managerMarch 25, 2013 to August 15, 2014Menlo Park, California
    Ran several teams at Facebook as product manager, including the internal tools team and internet.org's Connectivity Labs.
    • Info Tools
      Apr 2014 to Aug 2014
      I'm the product manager for the information tools that make Facebook run: search, wiki, tasks, projects, etc. Drove ~3x performance increases in internal search while increasing quality, led revamp of internal wiki which drove doubling of employee edit activity, created mobile employee portal and pushed out to entire company, helping make Facebook a mobile workforce.
    • Internet.org
      Oct 2013 to Apr 2014
      I set the business case for Facebook Connectivity Labs, introduced the company to the possibility of using drones, satellites, and free space optics (lasers) to provide connectivity solutions, surfaced innovative vendors for us to work with, led Zuck reviews, created the first maps of the global disconnected, and pulled data showing the surprising reasons people are and are not connected to the Internet.
    • Growth Infrastructure
      Aug 8, 2013 to Oct 2013
      In a concentrated two month sprint, I worked on Facebook's integration with telcos and drove our team's metrics up 50%.
    • Developer advocacy
      Mar 25, 2013 to Aug 8, 2013
      I was responsible for helping reach out to and connect with Facebook developers in the Asia/Pacific region.
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  • CEOMarch 21, 2012 to March 22, 2013Palo Alto, California
    Created a product called Oha.na that allowed parents to securely share pictures and videos of their children with extended family. Sold to Facebook in 2013 with positive investor return.
    • Oha.na
      Jun 2012 to Mar 22, 2013
      We are building The Family Network - a place to safely share with all those who you consider family.
  • Founding DirectorJanuary 31, 2009 to November 2015Mountain View, California
    Founded the world's largest non-profit hackerspace. As Chairman of the Board, guided growth to 400+ full-time members and through several real estate transitions. The Dojo was the birthplace of several notable companies and projects, including Pinterest, Pebble Watch, and Word Lens (sold to Google).
  • CEO & FounderAugust 15, 2003 to November 2011San Mateo, California
    Created the first private wiki host, grew product to 4m+ people/mo and team of 30. Raised $8m+. After hitting mainstream traction, hired CEO who sold his last company for >$100m and felt he could take PB to similar outcome; co-operated the company for several years as Chief Product Officer then transitioned to Board-only role.
  • Class of 2000Computer scienceStanford, California
    Had an amazing four years.
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About David
  • I'm an adventurer, goofball, hugging machine, hacker, traveler, teacher, philosopher, and student of life.

    I scuba, fly helicopters (when I can afford to), run companies, start non-profits, and advise startups.


    Goofy, cheerful, smart, curious, weird, happy, gives good hugs. Likes to start things like non-profits and companies. Nerd who started programming at five. Enjoys bringing people together. Loves startups. Would love to be your friend.
Favorite Quotes
  • Björk: "You shouldn't let poets lie to you."