The Washington Legislature can protect #MeToo victims from meritless retaliatory lawsuits filed by their abusers with the enactment of a simple, and constitutional, anti-SLAPP law.

It’s critical for the Legislature to restore the safeguards and protections in a 2010 statute that had protected sexual-assault survivors from defamation lawsuits by their abusers.

Avoiding, and if necessary fighting, retaliatory lawsuits by abusers.

The #MeToo movement has drawn an outpouring of testimony by the victims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. In response, there has been a surge in retaliatory defamation lawsuits by their abusers. Many lawyers say they've seen a spike in defamation lawsuits in recent years. And in the past two mo...

Says Greenpeace USA's general counsel:"These cases don't seek justice. They intend to silence free speech through expensive, time-consuming litigation." On Monday, the federal court in San Francisco granted DWT's motion to dismiss and its anti-SLAPP motion to strike, filed on behalf of Greenpeace.

Fake news vs. "fake news."

When PolitiFact fact-checks fake news, we are calling out fabricated content that intentionally masquerades as news coverage of actual events. When President Donald Trump talks about fake news, he means something else entirely. Instead of fabricated content, Trump uses the term to describe news cove...
Daphne Caruana Galizia, a blogger whose investigations focused on corruption, was described as a ‘one-woman WikiLeaks’

We were thrilled to be honored Tuesday night by @rcfp. Victor Kovner spoke on behalf of the firm.

DWT's Media and First Amendment lawyers are pleased to be honored by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, at the RCFP's 2017 Freedom of the Press Awards Dinner last night.

– In recognition of the firm’s decades-long commitment to supporting journalists, defending free expression, and furthering the public’s right to know, the media and First Amendment practice group at Davis Wright Tremaine has been honored with a Freedom of the Press award by the Reporters Committee…

"Over the past few months, I’ve learned a lot about drone laws and the FAA. I’m now an FAA-licensed remote pilot, with authorization to fly in most of the restricted airspace that surrounds my newsroom, and a waiver to fly at night for the next four years."

About six months ago, we bought a drone to help us cover stories at the Yakima Herald-Republic, a daily newspaper in Yakima, Washington. We’d seen other people’s drone footage of fires and floods a…

Important free speech case in California Supreme Court.

Google, Facebook and other tech giants are urging the California Supreme Court to reverse a lower court that ordered Yelp to remove a negative review.

Congratulations Kelli Sager & Al Wickers for being named to The Hollywood Reporter's Power Lawyers 2017 List of Hollywood's Top 100 Attorneys!

Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman

"If I would have lost this motion to quash, my friends—mainly journalists—would have lost as well. It would have been a clear signal to the government that getting reporters on the stand is easier than in the past. It would have broken long-established norms that journalists should be subpoenaed only on the rarest occasions. It would’ve undoubtedly emboldened an administration that—just a few days ago—called for a rooting out of government sources."

Here’s why the win was important.
DWT’s Duane Bosworth defended the reporter and provided this background:
The government fought the motion to quash vigorously because it wanted to get in published statements implying defendants’ intent to criminally interfere with federal employees, something missing in a first trial in which all defendants were acquitted. However innocuous the purported “authentication” questions might have appeared to be, and that appearance would be wrong in all events, the government’s use of the reporter’s testimony about his sto...

“We are gratified that the Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed the district court’s well-reasoned opinion,” said attorney Robert Corn-Revere, who represented the students with his Davis Wright Tremaine colleagues Ronald London and Lisa Zycherman. “The decision confirms that universities cannot grant or withhold benefits based on students’ political views. And that includes their trademark programs.”

University used trademark policy to censor pro-legalization campus group Appeals Court upholds lower court ruling barring university’s censorship Decision is the tenth consecutive victory for FIRE’s litigation project ST. PAUL, Minn. Feb. 13, 2017—The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s…

What were the key California #AntiSLAPP decisions from last year? Our recap:

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Our 2017 SLAPP Sheet, covering the latest in anti-SLAPP law and litigation over the past year, is now available!

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Pleased to be honored by Law360.

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP defended Rolling Stone in highly publicized cases concerning the magazine’s discredited article about an alleged gang rape — getting one suit tossed and damages slashed in another — and beat back a libel claim by a woman who alleged a fictio...