"Life After Moviepilot" (Nov. 2017 onwards)

So I deleted my Patreon since it was useless, and I rebranded myself accordingly. Here's the new all-in-one site:

And the new FB page name: Dylan Balde, Artist/Writer


My old writer's site in Wordpress is no longer active. All my creative writing can now be found exclusively in Vocal Media. Links can be found in my site.

I also changed the FB page username from /dylanthebard to /dylanbaldecreates (because let's face it, I'm not even a bard), so remember that next time you type in the page URL. It's now.

I updated the categories as well, added Writer and Journalist, which were grossly missing from the second iteration.

I re-bumped Writer to the top of the list to reflect recent job changes. I'm mostly a writer now, so it would be weird to stay classified as something else.

I do regret giving up on writing too fast. I'm glad I didn't give up completely and I'm glad I was wrong. Overall I'm glad I met Moviepilot. I'm glad they gave me a chance. It's really because of them I'm even a working writer right now.

Anyway make sure to check for all the changes. I also badly Jojofied myself, so take a look to your left before you click out.

P.S. Don't be surprised if you start seeing duplicates of old Moviepilot/Now Loading articles being posted here. Since today (Nov. 30, 2017) is officially the company's last day alive, everything you read from Creators/Moviepilot will no longer be accessible. So eventually even my old posts on here about Moviepilot will disappear. Thankfully Vocal Media offered to export everything about a month beforehand, so now we have copies of our articles in that other platform for you guys to still go back to and read over and over. Which is to say, Moviepilot might be dying, but their articles live on. The reposts you're seeing are the backup copies on Vocal. You're welcome, and many, many thanks to the kind people from Jerrick Media.

P.P.S. They're also the first company to allow me to securely publish my creative writing online. I already got one posted so far and I'm happy. I'm just fixing the cover art, but I'll share the story as soon as everything is sorted out.

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My life is an everyday Westchester incident.

I just got another job opportunity!! From a site I applied to ages ago and didn't even think would reply anymore too! I, uh, I guess I threw in the towel way too soon? 😅

But yeah, it's just awesome. The work stuff just keep coming. And I still can't believe it. After 5-6 years of nothing but failures, my career writing and drawing is finally going. I didn't even think I would ever get this chance to start working and living my dream after I screwed everything up in college. I'm just so happy I'm getting more opportunities to save money and be more independent and help my mom, and maybe then I could visit Victor next year too! :"3

#WIP of yet another artwork I sort of screwed up because my fingers were too tense. 😫 Today it's Ryoga from Ranma 1/2. I'm posting the final drawing later anyway since it's decent enough. Will just have to do better next time. #ryogahibiki #pchan #fanart #ranma #ranmanibunnoichi #anime #manga #ranmasaotome #art #artwork #drawing #copic #lineart #linework #ink #rumikotakahashi
Ah crap. It didn't record my voice. 😕 This is going to take some getting used to. Riptor on Shadow mode 🐲🎮 *Reuploaded for HD quality #killerinstinct #xboxlive #steam #pc #microsoft #fighting #fightinggames #gaming #videogames #esports #letsplay #playthrough #gamethrough #streetfighter #tekken #mortalkombat #virtuafighter #deadoralive #soulcalibur #marvelvscapcom #mvc #kingoffighters #blazblue #darkstalkers
I am enamored by the sound of the bell ringing, the sheep baaing, the people screaming, and the creepy church music playing all at the same time. Is #Catherine about depression and mental illness? Somehow it feels like that. The tone and imagery are so very spot on, and it feels like a thinly veiled commentary on the subject and the everyday struggle we face as both patients and family members/friends of people who are mentally ill. The triggers, the traumas, the social stigma, the daily wear-and-tear, push-and-pull, and having to live with a difficult, challenging, typically cruel and judgmental world, and somehow justify our existence within it. And of course the feeling of hopelessness, of feeling trapped in our circumstances, almost like sheep for the slaughter, forced to climb a path we don't understand and often no foreseeable end. Like a neverending nightmare. I hope I'm not reading too much into it, but if that's the case then I'm loving this game even more. Atlus USA, you brilliant son of a bitch. #Atlus #PS3 #PlayStation3 #puzzle #platformer #horror #romance #visualnovel #anime #mentalillness #depression #mentalhealth #anxiety #loneliness #despair #hopelessness #suffering #sheep
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