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Jane Halsey
· December 28, 2017
Poor customer service by this company- never had issues with Nuffield who ran Abbs Cross Health and Fitness - been with them for years, EA couldn’t even transfer my membership properly for a couple of... months - didn’t respond to an email contact form - tried rang constantly for 8 minutes this morning to ask a query and no-one answered - not even able to leave a message. From the EA website it now looks like classes previously enjoyed for free by members are chargeable - apparently members may get a discount!! Not impressed with this company. See More
Matt Michael Newbery
· October 31, 2017
The gym is great but the men’s changing rooms s most of the time. So much so me and friends choose not to shower there,
Yesterday the smell of urine was so powerful I had to leave the changing room a...s quick as I could, notified stuff. Went back to grab my bag and a staff member came in with an air freshener ��
Not sure on anyone else but I think the think needed would be bleach???
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Paul Ratty
· April 3, 2017
Overall, I think the place is excellent! However, Sunday was a joke! My daughter swims on a Sunday morning & because of a karate competition & a dog walking fun day, there was no where to park! Whoeve...r organised both events for the same time on the same day, needs to go on a time management course! And, it would have been helpful to have attendants on hand, to stop people parking in areas that caused more problems for everyone else!
Rant over!
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Terry Burke
· October 24, 2017
Awful gym it’s small overcrowded, loads of cardio equipment but Only a few strength training equipment what you can never get on
Sarah Smith
· February 8, 2017
Have been coming regularly to use the Pool during 'Adult Times' at lunchtime. There is regular group of women that continue to swim up and down next to each other chatting, hindering other swimmers a...nd making it impossible to pass them. They ignore the 'clockwise' signs, the Poolside Assistants do nothing about it. What's the point in having the signs there requesting people to swim in a single fashion, clockwise - when the same group of regulars are allowed to ignore the rules!!! See More
Vicki Hall
· March 19, 2017
Yet again turned up to find that although the website says it's open the main pool is closed for a party.... no mention of the alternative arrangements.... 20 minute drive and 3 upset kids = 2 annoyed... parents. To top it off still have to pay full price for 1 hours worth of swimming.
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Daryl Peter Hall
· August 8, 2016
This place is an absolute joke, I've been swimming in this pool for over 20 years and had started to take my little girl, the last few times I've tried to go there we haven't been able to get in as it... has been full, I was there today and after waiting for 40minutes to go in the baby pool we was told it was still full and that it shuts in 20minutes, the staff was rude and unhelpful, she told me what do you expect it's the 6weeks holiday so I replied so do you not think you should open for longer then an hour a day and encourage babies to swim, I also told her that this has happened to us before and we were given a free family swim voucher but can't use it as we can never get in, I will never be going back to that place again!!! See More
Georgia Swords
· January 3, 2017
Be warned people if you want to cancel your membership , they won't call you back despite leaving messages and if you do happen to get through I really hope you don't get Jahir , he shouts over you , ...talks to you like your a cretin as quite clearly he's only interested in sales and NOT customer service ! What a shame , my family and I have used this sports centre for the last 15 years , never again See More
Corinthian Mcvitie
· August 1, 2017
The bottom of the pool is green when is it due to be cleaned ???? and could really do with being warmer along with the changing rooms.
Paul Middleton
· August 15, 2017
I love my local centre.
Yes it can improve, and hopefully will.
The people working there are lovely.
The classes fun
Adam Stanley
· August 1, 2016
I usually go to the gym during the day and most of the time it's easy to use the equipment I want as it's not too busy.
The gym and equipment are all well maintained and replaced when damaged, and th...e staff I have spoken to are friendly.

Can't speak for the pool as I don't use it, however the cafe I have used a handful of times and was pleased with the food.

My reason for removing a stars is the condition of the men's gym showers and the lack of response I've received about it.

The shower enclosures need a PROPER scrub, not a half-hearted wipe. If only once a month, the walls are disgusting and mold is appearing on the new(ish) ceiling already. A little bit of effort would really make a difference. Or maybe the ventilation isn't up to the job.
The showers also really need somewhere to put toiletries, they (or maybe a fed up customer) have stuck tiny hooks on the enclosures of a couple of the showers, which are inadequate. One of these has snapped off (no surprise) leaving only one shower with a hook. It would be so easy and cheap to install a shelf or cage.

I've used the complaints/suggestions terminal a number of times and left contact details. But it appears no one is reading them, which makes the terminal a waste of time. I resorted to asking reception if I could make a suggestion some other way, and they gave me a form, which I filled out. Still no reply/change.

I'm happy with the gym, and the staff are friendly. But every time I visit I'm reminded how horrible the showers are and how easily the problems could be fixed.
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Laura Cannon
· January 17, 2017
Equipment in the gym has just been updated, usually only go to the classes cos I struggle to motivate myself but I had a great time today watching E4 for a bit then switching over to the music channel...s. Actually worked out for twice as long as i normally would! See More
เชอรี่ สาลี่
· August 24, 2017
Bradley was extremely helpful and friendly! Love the facilities! Signed up for a membership and I am looking forward to using it with the family.
Jamie Phillips
· March 11, 2015
Awful customer service. Don't try and select any option when calling the Centre as they never pick up. Took me a week of trying to book my daughter back into her swimming lessons. Lady who picked up t...he phone clearly didn't care she'd kept me waiting for so long on the phone. The lessons are great but the front of house is atrocious. See More
Amanda Hayward
· September 27, 2016
I'm trying to pull the Kate moss look alike out from inside me, yes the gym is helping but come off it the hot sweats and palpitations as I walk past the vending machine doesn't....they need to be emp...tied of chocolate � �� See More
Kate Alexander-Newton
· July 17, 2016
There is still no air con on the gym, it's ridiculously hot! If I wanted a hot yoga class is sign up for one; very poor as its been like this for weeks
Joe Norman
· March 13, 2017
Hired sports hall for an all day Judo competition.
Staff were excellent throughout.
Cannot thank them enough for making the event run smoothly.
Back on 21st May for another event.
Nikki Fautley
· May 26, 2016
They have installed new lighting and a new hairdryer in the women's changing room now it's much much better. The gym has varied equipment and a good selection of weight training equipment too
Tracy Bailey
· November 1, 2016
Delray Bussey body combat is an ACE workout fantastic atmosphere � Helen Cornhill body step class is an ACE workout a fun class � Ravs body balance is an ACE complete body workout �
Sandra Fox
· February 6, 2017
The aqua class is hard work but really good fun and the teacher brilliant.The showers were freezing and so is the changing area
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Please be advised that due to courses running the following changes will be taking place:

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Friday 16th February
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Thank you in advance for your cooperation

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