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“America's most misspelled words - it's #spellingbee week and we mapped top "how to spell" searches by state #dataviz”

For almost 10 years (9.4yrs to be more precise), ERE has remained mostly a one noob operation on a cheap DIY shared server with a little (but admittedly occasionally a lot) of help from my friends.

However, reality finally caught up and the organically accumulated "works" are currently bigger than the simple system that was built to support it. The forum is currently borked. The blog is still up.

Have patience while it's being fixed and keep checking back on occasion. ERE is not dead yet. Hopefully, it will be fixed some day or some week soon. It's being worked on.


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When almost every single negative review of your book is complaining that it's too dense or too hard to read while at the same time being the only reviews that also happen to be full of grammatical- and spelling errors or written at a sixth grade level...

Just discovered that I haven't used my one and only credit card for 13 months. I might have to buy something w credit to avoid getting it cancelled #EREproblems

The ERE book just hit 25,001 copies sold! That's not bad for a book that was way ahead of its time when it was published in 2010 and in some ways still is. Which, I think, is why people keep buying it. When I first wrote it, I deliberately targeted "advanced students" and "future teachers" instead of dumbing it down for the average reader. Of course this also meant that I had to take a chance and self-publish. I didn't expect to sell more than 50 copies when I hit the publis...h button, but I did hope/intend for those 50 people who read it to get some profound insights that would justify the 2000+ hours spent writing it. Maybe I subconsciously realized that my role never was to popularize the ideas as it was to formalize/systemize them and perhaps push the boundaries.

Now, almost exactly 6 years later, I consider it a success to see how the field of personal finance has changed enough to allow some popular recognition of the crucial importance of savings rate over the "compound interest magic" or the crude "$1M in savings, because internet" goals of 2010; the importance of a Pareto-based approach to housing, transport, and food expenses instead of long lists of frugality tricks; and that not spending is better than earning more in most cases.

FIRE has now become a real thing and not just some idea that most people reflexively dismiss as the purview of lottery winners and high-income executives and engineers.

Ironically, the best confirmation of just how far the field has progressed in the past 6 years is when some noob tells me, in 2016, that these insights are either obvious already or better described on some other blog rather than complaining that they're unpossible in the first place.

Maybe in the next 6 years we'll see people progressing to the point of fully adopting all of the ERE principles, in particular the web of goals and the renaissance ideals, and figuring out how to generate a respectable middle class quality of live at one quarter of the cost ($12000 for a family) instead of just half the cost ($24,000).

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I've been slowly going over the about pages on the blog and updating them to reflect the development and change in perspective since they were written around 2010.

If you enjoy the blog, also consider the book which is much better organized and more complete. You can read the first chapter for free or see the reviews (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,Z). Subscribe to the blog via email or RSS. See updates and links on the facebo...

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The article mentioned in the newsfeed below a couple of months ago was finally published today (online and print). Also included is a picture of some vegetables we bought ($19.10 for the lot) and a picture of our house and our backyard clothes rack (because we're rebels like that).

A podcast book review from someone who really understands and appreciates the importance of the philosophical framework when taking it to the next level of frugal efficiency.

Oh yes! Renaissance man. Only thing missing was a mic drop.

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FU money makes it easier

Most of us struggle throughout our lives by giving too many fucks in situations where fucks do not deserve to be given.

Anyone want to get interviewed for an article in Jyllands-posten? See link for details.

A hundred bucks means food for three weeks for two adults and a dog if one follows a few shopping rules: Produce must always be <$1/lbs (typically it's less than that). Similarly, chicken <$1/lbs, pork <$1.5/lbs, fish <$3/lbs, potatoes >5lbs/$, and rice and legumes are bought in 20-50 lbs bags. Shop in local grocery stores. Read the flyers and buy the sales. Using a freezer to stock up in helps. Cooking skills required. For licensing and media inquiries: Produced, Directed, and Edited by Talent Clyde, Erica, Mick, Anthony,...