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Why would I spend twice as much on natural vitamin E when synthetic E is the same thing? My body doesn't know the difference. Is this true? Does our body know the difference? In fact, it does. Natural vitamin E comes in the form of d(dextrorotatory) alpha tocopherol. Synthetic E comes in the form of an equimolar racemate of the two forms "d" and "L"-(levorotatory) alpha tocopherol. This is because when vitamin E is synthesized in a lab TMHQ (trimet...hylhydroquinone) is combined with isophytol to form the resulting tocopherol molecule. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the reaction kinetics and attack geometry of these two molecules, half of the product results in the d isomer and the other the l isomer. Okay, so what's the problem? Well, bioavailability is the problem. Our bodies produce a globular protein called TBP (tocopherol-binding protein) that is responsible for carrying fat-soluble E through the bloodstream to the liver. We would think that our bodies wouldn’t know the difference where the vitamin E was made as long as it looks and acts like real E. Well, it does. TBP is stereospecific for only four of the eight RRR stereoisomers1 (dextro-rotatory around the chiral center) and thus half of synthetic E gets left by the way side. Talk about getting half of what you pay for. To read this complete research article with references - go to Viva Vitamins website by clicking this link:

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Jean Foxon
· August 9, 2016
Their products are great, far superior to a lot of propriety brands available in Chemists or Health Food shops. I send for my favourite ones from Darwin, Australia and receive them within 2 weeks, oft...en faster than the post from South. Keep up the good work. See More
Tina Nelson
· September 6, 2013
Love Earthwise. Went there as recomended and I am so glad I did. Friendly people who are more concerned about getting you what you are looking for than about making the sale. I work full time, scho...ol full time and physical activity but was drained. I told them everything and they gave me product options with no pressure. This will be my only stop for my vitamins and similar products. See More
Patricia Broughton
· December 20, 2013
Very happy with the results! My husband has had long standing problems with his upset stomach: IBS, indigestion, bloating, gas, pressure. He's had these problems for 71 years and has gone from doctor doctor with no results. They were putting him on valium and many other things and all those drugs did was make him constipated which goes back to the same problem he was having. The doctors said there was nothing else they could give him. Then one day he found out about Earth Wise Ultra Mega Duo Dolphilus and it's changed his life! All the problems he was having before are gone. He couldn't eat breakfast or anything before because he was still constipated from the night before. Now he eats breakfast and lo and behold - he's lost weight - especially in his stomach. Energy level stays constant, sleeps good and now he can eat things that used to upset his stomach. See More
Laure Stamato Sears
· October 10, 2013
I have been working with Cheryl concerning health, nutrition, exercise and mental focus. She is also a consultant at Earth Wise and extremely knowledgeable about all types of supplements. Since I was ...experiencing issues with my digestion, Cheryl worked with me to find a solution to the problem. Both she and Bernard helped me decide on a few supplements with it being cost effective and not overwhelming. Her knowledge and influence have given me a completely different outlook on how I take care of myself. You really feel like you have someone on your side when you walk into the store and have a conversation with both Bernard and Cheryl. SO grateful they are in Granary Square and are so willing to share their knowledge in a thoughtful, completely private and cost effective way. Highly recommend! See More
Carolyn Dascher Corr
· May 3, 2015
They always have what I need and they ship it to me across the country for a very reasonable price. And fast! I usually have it three days after I order it.
Yanira Wilson
· June 18, 2014
Stoping by earth wise store they have everything you are looking for "health wise" thanks you are a life saver :))
Sharon Vorhies Peterson
· May 11, 2016
Awesome products and educated, professional, caring staff!!
Catherine Corsaro
· August 30, 2013
PHENOMENAL Customer Service & extremely knowledgable staff. To all my friends in the SCV - come here for your supplements :-)
Kim Ferguson Lowen
· December 27, 2013
Family owned and very friendly and knowledgeable!
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