Preparing and behind the scenes at the Sydney Royal Easter Show
Gelato Messina, is coming to The Stables at the 2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show and they're bringing something pretty special... Hot Cross Bun Ice-cream Sandwiches 😱 #myeastershow
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Jacqui Bull
· March 24, 2018
My family and I attended the show on Fri, we go every year and love it..While we were in the showbag pavillion I accidently left my purse on the counter after purchasing a showbag, but didnt notice fo...r about 20 mins..I thought it was definitely lost but when we returned to the stall, the 2 young ladies working there had taken it and kept it safe, I was so relieved..A huge thankyou to the girls on the Cadbury stand, Im more appreciative than you'll ever know ! See More
Jeremy Hawkins
· April 1, 2018
Couldn’t find a Dagwood dog when necessary, these should be a mandatory item every 50m and $7 per unit? Sheesh since when did the pigs anus/ears etc get so expensive and “hot dog on a stick...” who are these pretenders.....
It’s all well and good to slow people getting into showbag hall etc with barriers but once inside it’s an absolute mess on par with a mosh pit just had to drop the shoulder and march on through, apologies to Glenda who’s still picking herself up next to her Wizz Fizz show bag.
Turn the damn water fountain on, deadset 36 odd degrees out there and only a few mist fans blowing that’s not going to prevent my chafe or ball sweat....
Also please tell the one horned little black and white billy goat that he is a little bastard, angriest goat � going round.
Your Sunday show guide only showed one FMX show at 8.35pm not the 12.35 one luckily through the drowning sounds of carnival music we heard the throttle clapping of the 250cc 2 stroke though unfortunately turning our heads we could see in the distance that the bike rider was already mid air completing his super man seat grab and was prepping for run number 2, luckily it was 40 degrees in the stadium so we found one of 40,000 seats to sit in the sun....

Public Transport - Train ran smoothly
Kids had a good day
My wife now knows that a bull is just a male cow so thank you for that.
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Sam Nesbitt
· March 29, 2018
My husband and I took our two kids (under 4yo) along. We had a fantastic time. We went during the week so not too chaotic. So much to see and do!! We arrived about 9:30am and left at 1:30pm. All the s...taff were very friendly. Based on others’ reviews I knew to take plenty of water as there are no refill stations.

• Friendly staff
• Lots to see and do
• Plenty of choice for food
• Lots for little kids to enjoy

• Far too expensive!! $45 entry and rides are stupidly expensive
• Long queues for ladies toilets (just give us more cubicles than the men already!!!)
• No water refill stations - this should be a standard at all events.
• If you have a little kid as we did you have to pay for a second seat on a ride...even rides that are designed for little ones like the train. If parents are forced to accompany their kid they should only pay half price. The Easter Show are essentially charging double for a small child compared to a bigger kid.
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Linda Bennett
· March 30, 2018
I enjoyed the show immensely despite a few problems.. It was crowded on Easter Friday I get that, but I agree with the majority.. Free water refill stations should be available to all. I did find $1 w...ater but most other vendors were $4-4.50 (what a joke) I was there with a few friends, How do families afford this? The other gripe I have was with the hot air balloon in Spotlight stadium while trying to watch the evening festivities. The purpose of the (The Easter Show) balloon was totally pointless and unnecessary all it did was block everyone's view from the real entertainment. Considering that it didn't serve any purpose it was useless. I walked over 20,000 steps that day and chalked up 13klm. I was at The show from 10:30am till 9:30pm come on guys give us a break.. Also more shade provided would be a bonus for everyone. Until next year.... See More
Helen Dawes
· March 30, 2018
It was hot and crowded yesterday (Good Friday) but we went prepared and loved it. Our biggest criticism was the queue to redeem our ride e-vouchers. We had to queue for about 20 mins in the hot sun on... our arrival to redeem our ride coupons, in exactly the same queues as everyone buying their coupons there! What madness! Surely there should be a separate express booth for those that have prepurchased their rides?? Or even better, a rides eticket that is like a debit card so can be scanned at the rides and the correct number of coupons debited. I agree more water refill stations were needed on a 30+ degree day. The evening entertainment and fireworks were fantastic. The Showlink buses are definitely the way to go, our bus was ready and waiting for us after the fireworks finished. See More
Asfandyar Uppal
· March 29, 2018
Has actually gone worse over the years instead of better. Worse part is the cash use at all places, from the car parking to the buying an ice-cream. I cannot believe this is 2018 in Australia! Also th...e e vouchers have to be physically printed out and redeemed even though we all know the scanners can work on the smartphone QR codes. Feel like a carnivale operator with no formal education is in charge of the Easter Show now. Complete disgrace. See More
Sarah McAulay
· March 25, 2018
Great day for kids to learn and lots to do. No water refill stations on a 30+ degree day and coffee vendors refused my keep cup - more hygiene issues filling up a reusable water bottle in toilets and ...animal hand wash basins than using my keep cup!! Come on Showground, get with the times and show you care. See More
Allan Painter
· March 25, 2018
60 ride tokens for myself and 3 kids on speed 2 the ride lasted 45 seconds so don't waste your tokens on that also be wary of some games we played a kids game with basketballs in water when you scoope...d one up it had a number on it you needed so many points to win a prize there biggest price was 121+ point we kept paying to reach this total and when we chose our prize we were told no that particular prize was 250 with no signs of this anywhere scammers I kid you not but there were good rides power surge definitely worth your tokens so most of your 7 token rides are worth double the joy of your 15 token rides but was a good day overall See More
Shayla Jadee
· March 25, 2018
For the prices of tickets to enter the easter show I was expecting more for people to do, especially those with younger children.
We found the reptile showing only to wait 20 minutes for the crocodil...e/alligator for the person to just walk out the back without even a word, she spent 20 odd minutes with families on the other side of the area. Rather disappointing!
Went to get show bags to have only one person working behind the counter slower then a snail!
Then we go to watch the afternoon shows only to find that there is no where for people with prams to sit! You have spots for disabled people but nothing for those with prams. How this is a family friendly event is beyond me.
Your staff or volunteers need to be 100% more friendly towards people who have paid to come to this joke of a event.
Absolutely disgusting event.
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Shane Micalef
· March 31, 2018
I'm currently at the royal Easter show sitting in one of the upper tiers as the lower is at capacity. thier are still people pouring into the stand even though it's well over capacity with people stan...ding in the walk ways. no people at the bays entrance to stop over crowding. very disappointed See More
Mitch Owun
· March 27, 2018
Visited the show today (Tues 27th) with my wife and had a wonderful day out.

We went in expecting it to be "much of the same" and were going to leave about 5pm. After looking at the event map handed ...out on the day we decided "meh let's wait around till the end and check it out". I'm so glad we did.

The circus spectacular was absolutely brilliant to watch (though people need to get in early to get a seat close to the action). The upper body strength of those performers was amazing.

I thought the fireworks at the end of the night were fantastic as well.

Woodchopping competition (relay) was well worth checking out too.

All in all a really enjoyable day, and I'd consider coming back again.

Though one thing I must comment on, we couldn't find at Advance Dog Park or Baby Puppy Competition.
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Clairebear Newman
· March 30, 2018
Today was the shortest amount of time we have ever spent at the show. No way near enough seating around the area. Not everyone wants to walk around eating. And there is no way near enough shaded areas....
Getting around was a nightmare so many people just shoving and pushing. Maybe putting arrows on the ground directing so foot traffic flows better.
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Kody Duran
· March 27, 2018
I have never made a facebook account before. But unfortunately, I must report a serious issue my friend suffered from while he was at the Easter Show. I watched him get on the ride Speed2 in the Coca-...Cola Carnival. All was well and he was really happy throughout the day but he made the mistake of taking his phone on the ride with him, and it flew out of his pocket and nearly hit the man running the booth as it hit the ground. The phone is cracked but easily fixable, unlike my friend's feelings. The man, who has orange hair and was running the booth on March 27th during the day, instead of giving him a slap on the wrist and saying this could be a life lesson, acted incredibly selfish and unexpectedly blew up at him because it nearly hit him, even dropping a swear word, where other kids could hear may I add before he told him to "leave and never come back." The look on his face during the event was horrible. There was so much fear in his eyes. And he walked off and hung around the front of the building waiting for the group he was in to leave. Since he felt like he was no longer welcomed there. He's still very shaken up by it. He came here expecting the staff to be friendly only to leave ashamed and broken. Easter Showrunners. I am deeply disappointed that your staff had to act so selfish and irrational and I request that this man's behavior is looked at and a public statement about his hostility towards people be publically announced. I fear what else he may do. See More
Camilla Jordan
· March 27, 2018
Make sure u check all ur stuff is in ur showbags & make sure if u leave ur bags somewhere to go look at something ur bags r secure. We either didn’t get the whole contents of one of our show bags or s...omeone had sticky fingers whilst we were in with the nursery patting baby animals. Apart from a sad child short on some goodies, the day was awesome. See More
Ashleigh Maree
· March 22, 2018
Please everyone be careful of your belongings, 2 years ago I had 2 bags stolen from my pram as I watched my son on a ride!
I reported it nothing was found of course and as the show was ending I found... it very hard to contact anyone and got no calls back.
Every year as the Easter show time comes its an exciting time but I will never forget that incident. It's easy to take your eyes off things when having fun
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Chloe Mahr
· March 29, 2018
I haven't laughed so much in a very long time!!! (I'm wheelchair/housebound alot) was the BEST day!!! Thankyou for having the PWD tickets! Made it so much more affordabled with me and hubby (who is bl...ind) needing a support worker each THANKYOU!! all the staff were lovely

accept at the dog pavilion.. Very rude and unhelpful and we found there was not enough shade/rest /water stations/ areas that's the only negative feedback I have! So thankyou for an awesome day! 29/3/2018 we attended
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Christios Nazgard
· March 30, 2018
Havent been in 7 years, was pretty good

Positives and advice: ...

$2 cheese toastee stands around the show, cheap eating.
Nice and cool inside the pavillions
Go in the morning and leave before 8pm to avoid the chaos

Some, not all, but many of the public toilets were filthy. I found a couple in certain areas that people obviously didnt know about, we went back to use them.

Food Prices - extortion. Take snacks. The rent the show charges vendors must be passed on in the food prices. $12 for a hot chips the size you would get at KFC - JOKE. Most vendors were the same price but some were a dollar or 2 cheaper. Shop around.

Rides - forcing adult to use tickets for themselves when sign says child must be accompanied under a certain height is a bit dodgy. So if you have smaller ones that want to go on rides, be prepared to buy twice as many coupons.

Showbags, seems like less variety go to the pavilion early to avoid the arvo rush.

Some of the pavillions were pure retail scammers. Here try this then they wont let you walk away..... no different to sydney markets.

Kids always enjoy looking at the police cars, and fire trucks, but the police stand only had a motorbike this year, and the fire station doors were closed.

If you want to watch anything in main arena and have a pram or stroller good luck. All the elderly in wheel chairs and scooters take up the top seats, so impossible to get down to get a seat with a stroller.

Dont go on the water plume ride. Waste of tickets for 1 splash down.

Dont know why the ride operators only take tickets. If the dodgy games arcades can take cash, ride operators should be able to. Many of the ticket booths closed early.
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Daniel Brennan
· April 3, 2018
There needs to be more water refill stations made available.

Was a disgrace to see all the recycling and waste being put into the same bin by event cleaners. ...

Wood chopping was good.

The night entertainment wasn’t real entertaining except for the hot rods and fire works. Kids were bored of circus act that you could barley see
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Helen Gaist Hunter
· March 29, 2018
Love the crowds smell of dirt cattle horses and the dog shows wood chop whip cracking horse events show bags the agriculture the whole atmosphere is fun with thousands of people experiencing exactly t...he same thing X See More
Billie-jo Fielder
· January 9, 2018
Every time I go it gets better and better! Loved the sheep and the petting farm especially! I took my niece and she loved it! Fun for the whole family and I can’t wait to go again this year to see wha...t’s in store 😊 See More

What a whirlwind of a year! With 7,000 exhibitors, 15,000 animals and over 780,000 showgoers, this year saw a celebration of Australia's agriculture, bringing the country and city together. Here are the 2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show highlights. #myeastershow

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The 2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show has come to an end. This year we saw over 780,000 enter the gates and enjoy everything the Show has to offer. Planning and prep for next years Show is already underway and we can't wait to see you again in 2019! #myeastershow