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Alonda McDermott
· January 28, 2017
January 28,17-Very unprofessional and not enough staff working-staff at the counter and concession stand were very rude - took them almost 40 minutes to get a lane-and they weren't that busy (Rush cam...e in after) ordered food and left it sitting at counter did not call my name. Informed the staff that the bathroom needed to be cleaned, no paper towel and trash was on the floor along with feminine products- urine smell soon as you walk in, never went in and cleaned it because several people complained. Will never go back!!! See More
Eric Daniels
· April 21, 2016
If you're looking for competitive leagues, professional management and courteous staff then check out Eastland. It offers open bowling for those looking for date night, birthday parties, or friends' o...uting, a full service bar, a snack bar and an arcade room. They hold one of the most prestigious bowling tournaments in the U.S. that is open to any bowler, amateur or pro. It houses some of Kentucky's most notorious and decorated bowlers of any league in the state and provides a welcoming and safe atmosphere for everyone who enters. I recommend this place to newcomers in the Lexington area , league bowlers, friends looking for recreation entertainment, youth and professional bowlers. Eastland is home to a very competitive and very rewarding Saturday morning youth league. The coaches there are willing to help and befriend any child interested in the sport. Eastland provides action, excitement and enjoyment for people of all ages, at any skill level. The management there is always happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. See More
Michael McCubbins
· April 21, 2016
First off, management and staff here is excellent. If anyone is to complain about this place they are insane. Great deals through out the week, excellent food for a low price, and on top of that plent...y of opportunity for open bowling, league, and tournament competition. I have not one complaint for this business. All praise. See More
Tara Johnson
· March 5, 2016
This was the most rude places I have ever been had games left and was ask buy one of the staff that they needed our lane they didn't bother to tell my daughter this when she gave them 31.oo and than ...only gave her back 13.oo I will and would recommend too never go there and they are lull for taking your money not for family bad bad bad management! !!!!!!!!!! See More
Emily Victoria Wilson-Doan
· February 20, 2017
It was my 4 year old sons first time bowling so it would have been nice if they didn't turn everything off on his last roll. When I told the guy at the counter when returning our shoes he seemed to no...t care. Maybe next time he should be more focused on the costumers and less on his phone. Other than that we had a blast. See More
Paulette Chapin
· April 4, 2017
I have lived in Fl. for 25 years. I spent a lot of my teen years here. They had all night bowling for 3.00. My crowd would get together and we would have a blast of some good ole fashioned clean fun. ...Thanks for the memories. See More
Tim Morris
· April 25, 2016
Always love going to Eastland for the tournaments they put on. Sometimes they may have 3 or 4 different things going on but they get it done. We are lucky to have the Collins centers in our area to us the opportunities to bowl in these formats. Thanks to the staff for always working so hard to get it done See More
Kenny Watson
· January 8, 2017
Was there on Jan 7th @ 8pm, had to wait in line for 20 to 30 minutes I'm not sure if they got busy all the sudden or what the situation was but I won't complain because the staff were very friendly an...d efficient. The atmosphere wasn't too family friendly where we were assigned to bowl because on both sides of us we had people intoxicated and using vulger language but again that isn't the staffs fault and I understand that those people spent money to enjoy the night out and that's they're version of fun. Just a case of bad timing. Over all we had fun and I have enjoyed coming to Eastland bowling lanes for the past 40 years. See More
Lindsey Lohon
· February 27, 2017
Almost all the videos games were broken, the rewards card system was down so u had to stand in line at the from desk to pay for food and then stand in line at the consession stand to order food. We for cosmic bowling but the lights didn't go off til around 11 keep in mind it started at 9!!. This was my first time going to Eastland and I was very disappointed! See More
Stephen Fowler
· April 24, 2016
Good quality staff w experience. Management that is involved actively in today's game and with the future of the sport. If I had to choose any center in central ky to bowl competitive leagues and tour...naments this is it. Nice good shot w capability of shooting big scores. Oh and did I mention the biggest sport shot tournament in the Bradley Open. See More
Chelsey Ford
· April 1, 2017
NEEDS TO CLOSE DOWN! I asked who the manager is and got no answer! If i pay $15 for UNLIMITED games then I expect just that! If the lane you put us on blacked out ten times and froze even more we alre...ady lost a entire game cause we're waiting on yall to fix the busted ass shit or you couldve just put us on a different lane! Don't go there cause the workers are rude with nasty attitudes, if it wasn't for my boyfriend I would have fought two people � Fuck a Eastland they got me over here HOT See More
Amber Noe
· March 5, 2016
After my family met me half way 150miles to spend some time with me and my child we was ask to leave during the middle of our game because of a bowling tournament. This was by far the worst place ever.... My child was very upset. See More
Darren Thomas
· April 9, 2016
Extremely disappointing first experience here. Drove over 40 minutes to bowl and found out no lanes were available. Watched people get serviced in front of us as we waited in line. Video games half wo...rked at best and chewed through tokens. We were referred to the other alley who would hang up while putting customers on hold.

Unfortunately we thought we'd take advantage of the"online deals" and now I think we were the ones being taken advantage of. We will be pursuing a refund.
See More
Scott Spearman
· January 21, 2017
Decent enough bowing alley, but two weekends in a row we've tried to come for afternoon/evening open bowling only to be told there are no lanes for use due to leagues/tournaments. What's the point of... having a Facebook page if they don't post when they're effectively not open? See More
Jason Kennedy
· April 22, 2016
Great place to bowl, for fun or competitively! Staff and management are courteous and professional. I just started bowling leagues here and I am happy to call this my new home center!
Fidel Marchena
· April 21, 2016
I love going to this bowling center. I used to bowl a couple tournaments every year and the staff always made me feel like I was at home. Never had a bad experience there. Recommend!!
Ron Roberts
· October 10, 2015
Gets worse every time we come . Seem to have computer issues delaying tournaments every year. Can't get food at the snack bar,they don't seem to understand that there should be more help when they ar...e going to have a big crowd. I guess as long as low bid get tournaments we are stuck coming here! See More
Tony Britt
· October 11, 2014
It is a really a good place to come out and turn lose and have some good time and hell to the yes they are gay friendly so please please tell your friend and tell them to tell there friend to come ou...t and have fun with all of us please thank you and please come out and see us on Saturday night at Collins bowling center See More
Veronica Vinitski
· March 13, 2017
Stop crying "ya ll " it's a bowling alley and if you don't get it don't bitch. It was sufficient for my bowling.
Roy Cannaday
· April 30, 2017
So sorry to see it go! Don't miss your chance to bowl one more time at Eastland Bowl. We must say goodby on June 1!
Wood lane material available at Eastland -
We're removing the lanes from Eastland. Watch to learn how we are doing it, and how you can own a piece of a lane. Details:
Wood lane material available now at Eastland.

Wood lane material available at Eastland -

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Wood lane material available now at Eastland.

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

We're removing the lanes from Eastland. Watch to learn how we are doing it, and how you can own a piece of a lane.


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Salvaging the wood lanes from Eastland Bowling Center   Here at SixTwelve, we take great care in preserving the unique history behind each bowling lane that we rescue. It’s important to us that the decades of heritage ingrained in the lanes is not lost to a landfill or otherwise forgotten. We presen...

Thanks Donnie Philbeck for buying more lockers and retro Brunswick bench from Eastland. I'll keep you posted on masking unit status.

We did a live update from Eastland on our Collins - Southland Bowling Center Facebook page earlier today. Check it to learn more about our Fall Leagues, upgrades coming to Southland and more.

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Collins - Southland Bowling Center was live.

Live from Collins - Eastland Bowling Center! Live view from Eastland, and information about Fall Leagues at Collins - Southland Bowling Center!

Some old bowling lockers were donated to the Catholic Action Center thanks to Lexington Catholic Football Team.

Lexington Catholic Football team helps homeless
Danny Collins posted an item for sale.
Lexington, KY

More chairs available for sale $20, $10, remaining TVs marked down to $150 or $250 for 2 or more. 12' Synthetic lane panels for $25 each, smaller approach for $10-$20 each. Real Wood section pricing will be available Tuesday, Aug 8 - estimated price is going to be $25 per linear foot for original wood. Will update in Tuesday.

See More
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Posted by Danny Collins
Danny Collins is at Collins - Eastland Bowling Center.

Bowling pin splash motif for sale. Makes for good end wall in a center. We have 2 of them available for $300 each or both for $500. Dimensions: 7ft tall x 11ft wide.

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Posted by Danny Collins
Danny Collins

Gutter capping and gutters being removed for resale. We are contracting with a company to repurpose the original wood lane surfaces in the the next week or two.... This will allow the wood surfaces to be made available for sale to the public at various lengths. I will inform you as soon as this becomes available.

See More
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Posted by Danny Collins
Danny Collins

Update on the original wood lanes.

We have Eastland concourse and bar furniture available for sale.

We have 60+ concourse chairs for $10 each, bar stools and arm chairs are $20 each, cocktail tables and bar tables are $40 each.

We want to sincerely thank everyone for making the Eastland such a special place. Many memories were made here, and we hope to continue to see you at our Collins - Southland Bowling Center location. 📷: @lucyjonesky

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Did you know that Lexington has been bowling since 1890, but the first perfect game in Lexington wasn't rolled until 1967 at the Eastland Lanes! Take a look back in this wonderful piece about the Eastland Lanes on

With the closing of Eastland, Lexington’s last alley is Southland lanes. Danny Collins, the president of Collins Bowling Centers Inc., said almost all of Eastland’s leagues will move to Southland.

‪We will host a Facebook Live Tue Mar 21 at 10am to discuss Eastland Leagues bowling at Southland.‬

The Official Collins Bowling Center - Southland Facebook Page