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Nathan Feeney
· January 17, 2018
As seen today, East Renfrewshire Council has proven it’s ignorance to the Scottish Government, Police Scotland, and their own residents. It was forecasted today that there would be an amber weather wa...rning due to snow today, which was the outcome. The effects of this are quite outstanding: teachers attending school late due to weather; pupils arriving schools with multiple injuries from slipping on icy surfaces; and road accidents across the whole constituency. Irresponsibly, ERC ignored advice from many sources, for example, Police Scotland even mentioned that roads should be clear in East Renfrewshire, and travelling should only be in emergency circumstances.
Lack of effort has been put into informing staff members and parents/guardians about school closures. The first message sent on social media was at 10:20pm on Tuesday claiming that ERC would provide details on school closures “first thing tomorrow”. The result of this was a second message puplished at 7:47am on the Wednesday, stating that all schools would be open. This was a shocking outcome, considering that many assumed that ERC would have the common sense to close the schools due to multiple weather warnings. To add the cherry to the top, many parents, carers, pupils, staff members and residents find that 7:47am is not “first thing” in the morning, giving thought to primary school pupils who may be in a breakfast club for an early drop of scheme.
I am appalled by the action taken by ERC, and being in a household that pays significant council tax, am ashamed that the schools were not closed for the sake of safe roads for the upcoming days.
Get a grip, East Renfrewshire Council.
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Tracy Clark
· January 24, 2018
So you limit us to bin collections once every 3 weeks and then tell my husband that he can’t take the extra household rubbish to the tip in his van. So it has to go in my brand new car instead. Please... tell me, as someone who doesn’t use council facilities, other than bin collections, exactly what do I pay my council tax for? I think it’s about time the residents took a stand and withheld monies until you lot get your priorities right! Less money spent on prettying up Cross Arthurlie Street for the zillionth time and ridiculous management and councillor wages and more money on what we, the people who put the money in, want! See More
Jason Power
· January 22, 2018
I live in Nielston, we are high up so we get lots of snow, ERC have not cleared on pavement not had anyone out gritting pavements, it's starting to thaw now, the oavements are like ice rinks as there compacted snow under new snow, total shambles. If I break a bone I will be making a claim against the usless ERC. See More
Ruthhx Masonnx
· January 19, 2018
just off the phone to East Renfrewshire council as my street (Glenville Gate) in busby beside train station is a disaster waiting to happen as is now not only still covered in snow but has black ice e...verywhere ..... all main streets seem clearer now so i thought today would be a good day to ask if my street could be gritted by the council ..... i am a nurse and have struggled to get out my street to my work for 3 days now as i have been leaving extremely early to try and make my work i have been first car on the road .....and yet still have been late!! (bearing in mind i’m sure if it was anyones relatives being looked after they would want their nurses to be on time and present at their work which is becoming near impossible with the state of our street!!!! (people trying to push each other’s cars out .... gathering our own grit to do pavements and my partner has shovelled and gritted paths for all our elderly neighbours)

i have been told by the council just 5 mins ago and i quote “it is what it is .... nothing we can do about it “

wow. i pay £240 a month to east ren. the state of the roads are a diff subject but my god. where the f*ck does our money go.

fingers crossed for some sunshine to help this melt away as this seems to be our only option. what is the point in having main roads done if we can’t eat to them!?!
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Marc Ferrier
· January 18, 2018
Excellent work over the last couple of days. Clear thinking with a good strategy, implemented well. Of course things could always be better, and you can’t keep everyone happy, but under pressure from ...the public, the weather problems have been handled well. See More
Carla Ferguson
· January 22, 2018
What Neilston school children have had to walk to school on today is an utter disgrace!! Absolutely treturous with ice!! And before you say use the grit bins... Its not even safe to do that! You need get you're act together before someone is seriously injured!!! See More
Alex Cavers
· January 16, 2018
For a local council, ERC seem to be very poor at performing the duties that are normally expected of a local council. Roads are a disgrace, no ploughing done on now impassable roads, lack of transpare...ncy. You are a joke. See More
Margaret Raynal
· January 18, 2018
If East Renfrewshire Council gritted the roads do they know that the 38 First bus were putting people off the bus at Eastwood Toll on the 16 and 17th January, saying that they were not going to the Me...arns, it was an absolute disgrace leaving people stranded like that in the freezing cold and are the Council going to complain to them See More
Tony Weir
· June 23, 2017
I am a single father who has worked all my life I spent the past 4 months being moved around temporary houses to be told that I have to take a house in Barrhead when I sent letters from a doctor and a... social worker along with a letter from my child's mother I was told by east ren council that I had to take it or leave it ! Disgusting behaviour I am being treated like a second class citizen. The housing team are never easy to contact and the people running the housing should be ashamed of themselves See More
Julie Noble
· January 16, 2018
Drive in to work at 5am this morning. Main roads in Barrhead were clear. A big thanks to the team out overnight making this part of my journey safe.
Not so great when I hit dykebar. Roads in Paisley ...east are still covered in snow and very slippy. See More
Christian Deschênes
· December 25, 2017
Take a look in the mirror, East Renfrewshire Council.

Time you stopped feathering your own nest , and stepped up to the plate....

But not one of those empty plates though. You know, the ones that you snatched away on the 22nd December.
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Roberto W Hunter
· July 7, 2017
Im curious if East ren voted for the tarmac and re surface of your HQ car park. There are so many of your roads are in a dangerous state. Its seems you have put yourselves first at the expense of the ...taxpayer or did you use more #loboloans to pay for it. But i guess being a corporate for profit company my voice is but a squeak. See More
John Hepburn
· January 27, 2018
Had the misfortune of having to interact with ERC and both times was left wondering how they could be so useless. Also, roads are a bloody disgrace.
Kaz Prentice
· January 22, 2018
The pavements around Neilston Primary School and Madras Nursery were a disgrace today. Children having to walk in the road to avoid falling. According to East Renfrewshire's own posts schools are a pr...iority for gritting but this has clearly not been the case today. A further tragedy waiting to happen. See More
Jill Keys
· January 22, 2018
Neilston is an accident waiting to happen with people unable to walk on pavements especially at schools and shops surely a priority after a death last year as a result of the same problem. East Renfre...wshire council the roads are clear can the pavements not be dealt with now? See More
Shelly Winters
· November 19, 2017
We had our Christmas fayre today at Carmichael Hall today. Thank you to Ryan and Julie who worked there today and couldn’t do enough to help us
Karen Connor
· February 6, 2018
PLEASE COMMENT AND SHARE IN ORDER THAT WE CAN TRY AND AVOID A NASTY ACCIDENT OCCURRING. I am sick to the back teeth with McGills buses using the bus stop at The Brig for their shift changeover and st...opping generally to kill 5/10 minutes because they're too early!! That's the excuse I got from one of their drivers one day and another just closed their doors on me, downright rude and obnoxious! This piece of road is a bottleneck at the best of times with vehicles parked outside the shops never mind a flaming bus parking there! It creates congested traffic all the way up Cross Arthurlie St and cars are trying to squeeze by the parked bus to oncoming traffic and my bug bear which is coming down Chappell St and trying to pull out. I've been to their office at Muriel St and told by their Duty Manager to contact Customer Services but can't get through (joke). It's going to take someone to get a serious injury either by getting run over or in a car accident for anyone to do anything! I've attached a video to show what I'm talking about, although this is just a small congestion and it also shows the rudeness of the drivers. Please help me by sharing and if anyone has any suggestions to enable me to resolve this pls feel free to comment or pm me � thanks See More
Victoria Taylor
· January 16, 2018
Schools update?? It's now 7.45am and nothing posted. So much for "first thing"!!!!!!!
Dawn Bain
· January 6, 2015
Think the council should rethink the rubbish uplift policy as a bin lorry only coming every two weeks for family homes is an absolute disgrace especially after Christmas it is bad enough at the best o...f times but to tell bin men not to uplift excess is shocking. So is rubbish just to be left on the streets? I know there is a local dump but not everyone is able to use it if they don't have transport. Think the council should be providing extra bins if they aren't going to change it back to weekly uplifts. Just my opinion See More
Dee McLaren
· September 30, 2016
We all know that councils get a bad rap. They get the reputation of being full of pencil pushers and jobsworths. They're so PC you can't sharpen your pencil without a Pencil Sharpening Assistant and P...encil Sharpening Supervisor there, just to make sure you don't accidentally hurt yourself. East Renfrewshire arguably a worse rep than everyone else locally.

I don'l live in East Renfrewshire anymore. I used to, 27 out of my 30 years. I now live in Paisley, under the supervision of Renfrewshire, but my family still stay there. I was over visiting today and I had some cardboard boxes from recently buying furniture in the back of my van and I thought, my Parents stay near the Barrhead Tip. I'll just nip in and drop the boxes on the way home.

A van is what I drive for work. I don't have a car, I can't carry all the boxes on the bus or train when I need to use a tip, so I took the only vehicle I had, a van. On arriving at the tip, I was told I would need to book it in and would have to go away, phone, and come back when they felt like letting me use the tip.

"That seems a little stupid." I said, "I only have a few cardboard boxes. Can I not just throw them in?" I was standing 2 meters away from the "Cardboard Box" dump.

"Where is it from?" the fella asked.

"Just my house. It's not commercial waste or anything. Just some boxes from furniture."

"Where do you stay?" I was then asked.


"Ohh, no no no! You can't bring that in here. Nope. Sorry. You'll need to go. Thats Renfrewshire Council. This is EAST Renfrewshire council."

Maybe I'm a bit thick. Maybe I wasn't aware that Paisley Cardboard is awful, disreputable, nasty cardboard, and we have to segregate it at all costs. We can't possibly have Paisley Cardboard mixed in with EAST Renfrewshire's Cardboard. Perish the thought. Imagine the Hell, had I just thrown my Paisley Cardboard in there, in that EAST Renfrewshire Council big, bin with the Barrhead Cardboard. I'm glad the men were there to act the big shot and stop me from causing such damage.

Or, you could say, its F**king cardboard boxes! Who gives a good God Damn what bin they go in. EAST Renfrewshire Council or just plain old Renfrewshire Council, are they not sub devisions of Government, that we all pay taxes for the common use of their services? That I paid taxes for, all the years I lived in EAST Renfrewshire?

Either way, the bound by bureaucracy and red tape, jobsworth, PC out their minds to the point of ridiculous stupidity reputation that East Renfrewshire Council seems to have above the others I've worked and lived in seems to be well founded. Well done Ladies and Gentlemen. Have a little blue star on me.
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More snow is expected tomorrow morning, so our gritters will be out tonight & through the night treating priority routes
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