...I am super proud and happy to announce that I have signed with the Hamburg based label Backseat, and we will release a new Echo Me album later this year. I'm working very hard at the moment to make all the pieces fit. I think I have some really good songs, and some very exiting guest appearances on the album.
So thrilling to be back on track 😎

Echo Me is feeling proud.

Everytime I go play a gig I get comments from all these crazy racists telling me that I look like this and that. Here are some examples. At least they carry the red hair with pride. #GlenHansard, #VanGogh, #BorisBecker, #EdSheeran #ginger.

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January 4

In my family we decided only to give the kids christmas presents. ...meaning I can buy more stuff for myself .

Tama Ergo Rider
RME Fireface UCX
MXL cr89

Echo Me is feeling proud.

I’ve been laying low with Echo Me for the last couple of years, while being busy starting a family.
11 days ago I had a daughter, and as you can see, she’s a sweet angel .
Hermann and I are completely run over.
With two kids, I would say I have done my duty, and I’m happy to announce that I will record and release a new album in 2018.
I finally have a huge drive for writing songs again, and I cant wait to start recording them after Christmas. 💪🎤💤😍

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Yesterday I played the last concert of the year before paternity leave. ...and what better way to end a busy year, than to sing christmas songs for a group of seniors. 🎅🤘

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Had two great days in Hamburg. Tuesday I played at Helter Skelter and yesterday I tried something new. Due to the storm the original concert was cancelled and we moved it to this mobile sauna. Different I must say, but It was a success and met some really nice people.
Tomorrow I'm playing at Cafe Prinz Willy in Kiel, and today at a private party in Berlin. You're all invited, so just write me for info:-)

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Next week I'm doing these four shows. Lots of new tunes:-).
12/9 Helter Skelter, Hamburg
13/9 Hamburg, Private - write me for invite
14/9 Berlin, Private - write me for invite
15/9 Cafe Prinz Willy, Kiel

I'm playing the second and last Echo Me show in Denmark this year, tonight at Copenhagen Songwriters Festival. At kl. 21.00...

In two weeks I do 4 show in DE
12/9 Helter Skelter, Hamburg
13/9 Private, Hamburg, write me for invite...
14/9 Private, Berlin, write me for invite
15/9 Cafe Prinz Willy, Kiel

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I'm doing a bunch of shows in DK, DE and NO over the next three months.

Aug 16th - Tonfink - Kulturcafé & Bar, Lübeck, DE
Aug 31st - Copenhagen Songwriters Festival, DK
Sep 12th - Helter Skelter, Hamburg, DE...
Sep 13th - Private, Hamburg, DE - Write me for invite
Sep 14th - Private Party, Berlin, DE - Write me for invite
Sep 15th - Willy Prinz, Kiel, DE
Oct 10th - Sofar Sounds Oslo, NO

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Lots of new songs are in the making, and I'm doing a handful of shows over the next three month.
First up is this open-air concert at the lovely Restaurant und Parkcafé Forstbaumschule Kiel next monday. Fingers crossed for nice weather


Playing a concert tomorrow at 4 PM at this event in Aarhus. It will be great fun to perform some new material:-)

Sat 10:00 AM UTC+02Graven 16B, 8000 Aarhus C, Danmark
240 people interested

I'm playing at this event during SPOT Festival in Aarhus next week. I'm gonna play some new songs and also some Youth In Blue material. All great acts so please drop by the Off SPOT Chillout. Thanks to and HeadQuarters for inviting me

Sat 10:00 AM UTC+02Graven 16B, 8000 Aarhus C, Danmark
240 people interested

...and today Düsseldorf.
Hamburg was great. Cool new stage at Generator Hostel Hamburg...

Wed 7:30 PM UTC+01Kombüse 59Düsseldorf, Germany
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Today I'm back on tour in wonderful Germany .
Also I'll be live at TIDE - Hamburgs Community Sender at 2PM this afternoon.
Don't know which song to play though......
21/3 Generator Hostel, Hamburg
22/3 Kombüsse 9, Düsseldorf...
23/3 Tante Rosi, Leipzig
24/3 Lindenauer Kirchencafé, Leipzig

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TIDE - Hamburgs Communitysender und Ausbildungskanal