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Stephany R. Simonelli
· October 17, 2017
You know how you go somewhere with expectations, and inevitably you are disappointed in some way? Well... at Ecocamp Patagonia, my high expectations were blown out of the water... it was well beyond a...nything I'd imagined... amazing cozy domes with fires lit each day at 5pm by the staff... amazing exuberant guides from all over the world who had clearly done their studying about the local flora and fauna and history... amazing cocktails each night before dinner... unlimited Chilean wine with each 3 course dinner... oh, and then there's the National Park which is astonishingly beautiful. Do not hesitate for an instant to jump in and experience the JOY and beauty of this wonderful place. See More
Eric Gillett
· October 20, 2017
When we arrived at Ecocamp Patagonia, we joined our group of yogis who had also made the journey from the US. We knew a few of them, but most were new friends. Spending the next several days with th...em we made friends for life. We practiced yoga daily with one of our favorite instructors, Tina Templeman, and then hiked our hips sore and our hearts full each day with our two local guides, Pablo and Claire.

I was invited by our guides to share the local tea, matte. The tea is bitter and strong but also fresh and vital. It is a communal experience as the cured matte in the cup and metal straw is filled with hot water and passed to the each person, who drinks the cup, then refills the cup with hot water and passes it on to the next person. When I first witnessed this on the streets of Buenos Aires, I thought people were getting high. But they were just being a community.

Night at Ecocamp was a five star experience, Patagonia style. The lounge dome, the dining room dome, the bar dome, all connected and allowed all guests to connect. Walking to our private “home” dome to find that someone had started our wood stove burning was warm and relaxing.

The night before we left, the rain fell hard and the wind blew strong. That continued in the morning and made for an exciting drive off the mountain. Fording a flooding creek across a dirt road in a 4 banger small sedan only added to the experience.
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Jeff Goldberg
· March 11, 2018
Amazing place. As a hotel/camp, it's beautiful with great food and bar scene. As an eco-friendly lodge, they have gone to the extreme to make it green... nice work. And most importantly, the mornin...g views of the towers from the camp is spectacular. See More
Beth Dennis
· January 9, 2018
Thanks to Francisco R. and Jonas and the entire EcoCamp team, we had the most terrific Torres del Paine-Patagonian experience. Highly recommend the 5-day trek.
Sarah Chant
· October 24, 2017
Absolute perfection! The team at EcoCamp exceeded all our (already high) expectations. Amazing food, caring staff, a gorgeous backdrop, memorable day trips and the most incredible glamping tents. S...erious bucket-list stuff! See More
Jesse DiBona
· December 6, 2017
Pretentious hipster fluff wrapped in an elaborate marketing gimmick, further wrapped in a a garbage bag.

Below is what I would consider a normal person’s review of a place designed completely for ...people with an unhealthy infatuation with carbon footprints.

Mystified by their beautiful photos on social media, we kept Eco Camp on the back-burner in case a room opened up for a night or two during our stay at Torres del Paine. When an availability popped up, we grabbed it. Knowing we were getting the cheapest level of room, we also knew we wouldn’t have a bathroom or electricity, but it would be worth it because of the beauty of the camp. We worried a little about being cold at night without heat, but were assured that it wouldn’t be an issue since the time of year at the park doesn’t see incredibly low temperatures.

We got there and discovered the sad truth that this place sells you small round plastic greenhouses to sweat in at night all at a huge price. Have you ever been in a greenhouse in the summer sun with the doors closed? Your instinct is to get the heck out of there as soon as humanly possible. Exactly the same feeling as crouching down and crawling through the awkward doorway (which has no locks, by the way, a nugget we weren’t warned about) of an Eco Camp dome. We asked if we could at least open a window in there and were told we can’t because the window might blow off. Does this sound even remotely near the realm of something you’d expect to hear from an accommodation charging $400+ per night?

I could live with the fact that they don’t offer WiFi, despite not being told ahead of time. Fine.

I could live with sharing bathrooms and showers. We did know ahead of time so I can’t complain about that. But just consider that their cheapest rooms aren’t cheap at all, and do not include these things.

I could live with the fact that they screwed up our dinner reservation. They charge $60 per person and didn’t think to square away a dinner time with us before we checked in, so the earliest we could eat was 9:30 pm. Pretty absurd, but fine.

I could even live with showing up finding they gave us two twin beds instead of a normal full sized bed for adults, which we booked. Fine, I guess.

But the plain truth is the room is literally a greenhouse. Humans aren’t meant to sleep in a giant plastic bag. Period. The room was upwards of 90 degrees F.

It would take an incredible mental disconnect for me to pretend this place is anything other that most pathetic excuse for a hotel I’ve ever seen. Looking back, I’m confused about what even drew me to it. Their photos looked like The Shire in the evening. Lovely and inviting. When we actually walked around the place, it just looked like a bunch of green garbage cans with a network of boardwalks linking them together. Kudos to a truly talented marketing team.

I sadly fell for this, but I hope this one sober review in the sea of millennial stargazers makes you at least think twice before booking. I stayed in two other hotels at Torres del Paine that we’re both excellent in unique ways, and both less expensive than Eco Camp. Hosteria Pehoe and Hotel Las Torres both get huge recommendations from me. The view at Lago Pehoe is phenomenal and Las Torres has an incredible Patagonian Lamb dinner experience with wonderful and comfortable rooms. Both hotels have a great and friendly staff as well. I can’t speak to the other accommodations in the park, but I’d honestly sleep in a regular tent ten times out of ten if my only other option was a tiny plastic igloo meant to grow exotic plants in.

If you disagree with my review, I already know why. I just don’t “get it.” But for the discerning traveler reading this, do some more research about the other places to stay at the amazing Torres del Paine. Cheers.
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Andro Brayovic
· November 21, 2017
Everything was perfect a great place for holidays , relax, National Park next to ,the staffs....everything
Debra Hall
· October 7, 2017
I loved it, an amazing place. Spectacular scenery and an awesome trek. Staff were very welcoming. We were there in April 2017.
Judeth McKindley
· February 4, 2018
Magic. For the heart, soul and mind. The ONLY way to stay in Patagonia
Nancy Pingree Mackenzie
· January 16, 2017
My husband and I just returned home from EcoCamp having spent four days there on the Epic Tour. I'm not that athletic and while I love the outdoors, I don't have much endurance so I was a bit nervous... about our staying there. But I have to say that I just LOVED it, from our dome, to the food, the scenery (just amazing) to our great guides, Roberto, Vincenti and Carlos and all the staff. It was the highlight of a month long trip that included a 17 day cruise around the tip of South America. I enjoyed my four days at the camp more than the cruise. I just can say enough about what a wonderful experience it was for me and would highly recommend it. Thank you EcoCamp for giving me such a wonderful experience. See More
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