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Eco Tales updated their profile picture.
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A final update on Ambrosia with some technical images showing her off in motion.

Look forward to a blog post break down in the near future!

My latest rig for Eco Tales : My Item Shop for this one I decided to step up my game, thus it is also the most high quality rig of my career so far. It should contain the features expected of a production level rig.
Eco Tales World Poetry Day Entry
Ambrosia Test Facial Animation
Lech Full IK and Face Alpha 0.02
Eco Tales is celebrating a birthday.

Finally Ambrosia is ready to say "Hello!" to you dear future Eco Tales player!

Dev talk (players beware!) :
This is the first real in-Unreal Engine facial animation for Ambrosia, while that animation does need a lot of polish, I feel it makes for a very good proof of concept.


She's still mainly joint driven, but that tongue is a pure blend shape, I think more bland shapes will be used to improve her smile and frown in the future.

Another thing I'd very much like to add is some eye shadowing, maybe some eye-lashes and probably a few hours inside of Substance by Allegorithmic Painter, currently she's purely generated, eyes and all inside of Designer.

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Eco Tales added a new photo to the album: Horrible Things — in Stockholm, Sweden.
August 20

This is the first picture of working Morphtargets inside of the Unreal Engine, the teeth however were borrowed from Eco Tales own Lech.

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I'm usually very strict with my file naming, and here's why. Little did I know that the teeth_low.fbx inside of my Ambrosia folder were those of Lech.

Here's some nightmare fuel for all of you lovely followers!

Accidentally imported Lech's teeth rather than Ambrosias' into my rig scene, Aren't animals with human teeth just too adorable?

New Dev Blog recap on IndieDB, why not check it out, got some pretty cool shaders and destruction going on, not to mention two huge 3D printed Lechs!

Destruction and water shaders is the focus of this week's dev diary; also check out our 3D printed Lech!

I know, it's insane that over 2 months have passed since the last Dev Diary!

Let's just say that I've learned a lot during this time, why not check out the post and see what I've been up to?

Hint: It's Ambrosia related! And that picture that isn't moving... That's a moving picture!

So it’s been quite a long time since the last update, but here are some exciting news about me, Ambrosia, your pet Hippo, remember? Due to me having never really gotten as deep …

It's time to start another new Eco Tales series, in this you will see some of assets which are being created for the game.

Let's kick this Art Asset Overview series off with some high tire shop furnishing!

Welcome to Eco Tales : Dev Diary 2

It’s time for another Dev Diary! This one looks like it could earn me some money, once you start peddling the gods inside of your new store. This week it’s time for something new…

As promised, here's the first Dev Diary of Eco Tales : My Item Shop, it's mainly a 44 seconds long video, but it also explains what's been going on inside of KJ Interactive.

So sit back and enjoy, Lech in Unreal Engine!

Oh boy, oh boy! Look at how sparkling my skin is in this new engine the “Unreal Engine”. Word on the street is that this isn’t even my final form! Hello Eco Tellers or&#823…

Got those Friday blues? Well, doubt it, I mean who get those?
Anyway, here's something to make your weekend a lot better, an IndieDB blog post!

Continuing on proceduralism inside of Unity with the help of Houdini Engine in this, my 17th Dev blog!

Here's something some (read that as all) of you should find exciting, this is the first shot of Lech inside of Unreal Engine!

I know, you can barely wait for a new blog post, don't worry, it's coming!

Image may contain: 1 person, text

As Eco Tales readies itself for the new things ahead, it's important to 'member how much has already happened!

That's why the Indie DB posting are starting up again, check this 3D printing and proceduralism focused blog out!

Procedural assets and 3D-printing, doesn't get much more exciting than this!

Hello all Ecoistas!

We've been quiet for quite some time and in this time, Eco Tales has been moved from a full team project to a single person project.

The reason is that KJ as a whole has decided to move on to a different project, smaller in scope than Eco, more on that will be revealed on the KJ Interactive page soon(ish).


A blog post will be written about the things that are going to be changing, but here's a hint.

It's a very Duke Nukemie thing to do!

For now just look at Lech in motion!

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Well we’re trying a gif this time since the over all theme of the post is motion, let’s hope it doesn’t free… eeze. Annoying, some kind of stuttering going on I can’t …

Nous sommes en direct avec le français!

(The Eco Tales page is now available in French! And don't worry, despite my hours in Duolingo, I wasn't the one to translate it.)

A 3D Fantasy Shop Simulator RPG by KJ Interactive.

What happens during the Holidays, does not stay... During the Holidays.

Nope nope nope nopeway, we're leaving you high and dryyy.

If you're an oldie, like us, you may be able to guess which song you're supposed to hum whilst reading that line.


So... Anyway, here's the last recap of 2016, in 2017! Happy New Year y'all!

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Jona is working hard on making me look better, seems something about the lighting is off… Well, I look like this, this week, I wonder what I will look like in the next recap… So I&#821…

We have a new alpha version of Lech talking while moving his body like he means it.
So without further ado, this week's #screenshotsaturday is up!