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May 14, 2013

After a brief hiatus Emily/Edgar Allan Dough bakes again!!! Stay tuned for a more regularized summer sched. and check the event for this Thursday's baking day!!

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Featured in Pitt's Her Campus this week!! Check it out and stay tuned for a final bread bake of the semester (fear not however, we'll be here all summer!)

I could not wait to meet up with the quite literal breadwinner of the campus. Emily Horstman is known around Pitt as the one who bakes delicious homemade and organic bread for students to purchase on a weekly basis inside the Cathedral, all for a good cause. She came up with a catchy business name,…

More baking to be done next week on Monday! Blueberry vegan challah anyone? Other speciality ideas??

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Hungry for bread?? Bakin' tomorrow and Friday, post orders on the event wall! Surveys say it's the hottest thing since Wildfire.

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Hot, fresh bread available Thursday and Friday this week!! (seriously though, I usually end up sprinting from my oven to the Cathedral!)

Drill's the same-- post orders on the wall then come pick up your bread at the appointed time, or shoot Emily a text at 952-406-0919 and we'll work somethin' else out!!

Thursday pick ups will be at the Cathedral from 5:30-7:00, and Friday at the Cat from 2:30-4:45. If you get there on the early end, look for Danny because Emily will prob...ably still scrambling with the last batch o' bread.

-Rosemary! ($5)
-Maple Multigrain! ($5)

-French! ($5)
-Baker's Choice! ($5- somethin' yummy made with whatever Emily picks up at the co-op!)

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Thu 5:30 PM EDTCathedral of LearningPittsburgh, PA
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In case you haven't guessed yet, that is in fact a picture of Baby Poe. Just look at his little baby scowl! So Cute!

Anyway, it's bread time again! I already ate all my bread from Monday and I knead more. So Place your order and we will see you on Friday at the Cathedral of Learning. We will be set up at a table and hopefully have a sign this time!!!

Rosemary and Olive Oil -$5
French -$5
Multigrain Maple -$5
Italian Rolls up for bartering!!!

***CRUCIAL UPDATE FROM EM!! Since we're posting this a tad late (my bad!) we'll be sure to have EXTRAS FOR WALK UP PURCHASE while supplies last!!! Make sure to still put in an order so we can set your loaf aside, but we'll make as much as we can and stay till it's gone, so feel free to tell/bring ya friends!


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Alright well that's all for tonight. Tune in later this week for good reads and good kneads!

Hey everyone there are still a few loaves left. If you want to snatch them up stop on by- EAD

Okay so maybe it's not actually spring yet but we can hope right?

EAD is back from the frozen Canadian north studying wild yeasts and wheats and things and is all ready to resume weekly baking!!

First bakin' day will be on MONDAY this week with drop-offs at the Cathedral from 5:30-7:30 or pick-ups all day at my place! Write yer orders on the wall and indicate your preferred method of pick-up. Invite your friends-- and look out for an event for Thursday's bake as well!



Rosemary! $5
French! $5
Maple Multigrain! $5
Italian rolls available upon request! $1/roll, $5/6 rolls, $10/12 rolls

much , EAD

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Mon 5:30 PM EDTAround town, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
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Edgar Allan Dough is currently on an expedition to study breads in their natural habitat. We will be returning soon to shower you with breads on breads on breads. Stay tuned. - EAD

Note to friends!! Since alla y'all are mostly leaving town next week, we won't have a big baking day this time around. Sad day.

BUUUT if you've got a hankerin' for some bread to take home to mom or are planning to stick around and hibernate all week and want some bread to fuel your laziness, just shoot me a message! We can tots whip you up a loaf or five.

Well, hey there, check out what Q and Chris found in this week's City Paper! We're movin' up, folks

(This was from an awesome exhibition at the The Mr. Roboto Project! You should probably check out next month's. It's gonna be awesome.

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Latest bread pun instalment?

"The Tell-Tale Hearth." -Harrison

Sorry we are running a little late! Danny is currently en route for the cathedral.

Today's bread is almost ready, but still taking orders for tomorrow!!! (Curry Bread! Rosemary Olive Oil! Maple Multigrain!)

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