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Carla Schultes Mead
September 17, 2012
This guy saved my life.

Last year, I had the unfortunate incident of spilling chocolate milk all over my WORK Mac Notebook pro. Who does something so stupid?? Me, that's who. ...

I googled solutions, i cleaned my keyboard with alcohol. I had turned it upside down after the incident happened, and I was hopeful. No such luck. I couldn't even log into my computer at all.

I didn't want to spend a million dollars on a new computer, especially since I wouldn't own it, since it was a work laptop. I was nervous about taking it anywhere to get fixed. I thought it would a gazillion dollars. I had no idea what to do. Most of the computer places on Wilshire and Santa Monica only deal with PCs. What's a girl with a Mac to do? (Certainly going to the Apple store was a definite last resort.)

I googled "computer repair west la" and hoped something would magically appear. Ed the Computer guy came up. I was nervous about dropping my laptop off with some guy from the internet that I just met. But, I was counting my my fellow Yelpers to steer me in the right direction. There were only four reviews, but all of them stellar. I decided to take a leap of faith and go with it.

I am SO GLAD I did. Ed hooked up my laptop to a USB keyboard, told me that all I needed was a new keyboard, and verified that the motherboard and all other components were fine, and gave me a price. I thought that this might be the case, but I wasn't sure. I'm saying this because this man could have easily told me I needed a new everything, but didn't.

Unlike "normal" computers, my Mac Pro has individual keys. (Trust me, I cleaned all of them, and they are annoying!). Of course, I googled the price of a the keys, and Ed was cheaper than I thought he should be. (Shhh. Don't tell him.) He replaced the whole keyboard for an incredibly reasonable price.

I have since taken my other laptop that has internet connectivity issues to him as well because this guy is awesome.

Here is is his website:

I will forever take all my computer issues to him! Thanks Ed!
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Edward Uken

Thought this was the sweetest thing. I've never received a thank you card from a customer before. Really made up for the $75 parking ticket today.

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May 16, 2016
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Currently working on some managed services plans. Should be looking to launch in a month or two! Watch the website and this page to learn more!

This month I'm going to have a Groupon special. Watch this page to know when!

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February has always been a emotional month for me. As a young girl I was always afraid that I wouldn’t get a Valentine’s day card, but was even more afraid that I’d get one from someone I didn’t particularly like. Lol. I’m sure most of you can relate to those conflicting emotions of your girlhood ...

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Boom! The new website is up!

Our Family has used Edward Uken several times for all of our computer needs and challenges. We find him to be un-intrusive in our home, quick, effective, knowledgeable and so easy to be around. His prices are reasonable and he is a gem. We highly recommend Edward for all your computer needs.

The new website will be up by the end of the week. Check back here for great deals on computer services!