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Get Insane once in a while!!!


This week we have Valentine's Week Special blog post. Not just for developers but for everyone who loves.

This week, I am not writing especially for web developers or even for those, who are beginning with it. Let’s relax a bit. We had enough of ‘Development’. This week we would talk about something with which everyone can relate oneself. Even hard core programmers need to smile once in a while.

Happy they, Happy You!!
And money matters too!!

What drives people crazy to develop for web and why you should do it too? Find out on new post of Efox SoftBytes Blog:

We have talked a lot about what should be done while web development to make it better but we hadn’t ever discussed this question:

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”
-Lao Tzu
(Don't be afraid of beginnings!)

Perfect Journey begins with Perfect Beginning. This week, we focus on tools required for that perfect beginning.

You always wanted to explore the wide field of Web Development but couldn’t begin because you didn’t know where to start? This is normal scenario, not only in web development, but before starting anything new. Well, I can’t guide you for ‘everything’ but for web development, you won’t have to look a...

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Be polite in your User Experience and never loose out any of your 'genuine' user.

Being polite is a nice gesture. How that can help in your User Experience. Take a look!

Last week, we saw two factors of User Experience: Speed and Shortcuts. Those were the major components to either make or break the user experience of your application.

There are no Shortcuts to Success.. But there can be for other things.. Read our this week's blog on Efox SoftBytes

You have got a great idea of Next-Gen Web Application. You are sure that it has the potential to change million’s of life or at least has potential to make lots of lives little easier. You have thought all the works, your web app will do. If someone would ask you, what all your next-gen-web-app will...

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That's our first blog post on Efox SoftBytes. (Web App + Social Network).

Internet has given us one thing for sure: Connectivity. From connectivity, I mean, to stay in touch with the people you want even while peeing. There’s nothing bad in it. The life, which people thought of living years ago, is lived today.

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QuackOut now supports improved "Download All" Feature. Better ZIP files available for download now. Happy Quacking!!!

Smart Login feature added in QuackOut. If you tried to view some content and were not logged in. You will be automatically taken to that content after successful login. Small but helpful.

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