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Concerned about connected car privacy? Bluetooth sensors used to track traffic.

Bluetooth signals from cars provide an accurate record of real-time traffic patterns.
1 hr

After AlphaBay’s Demise, Customers Flocked to Dark Market Run by Dutch Police

Earlier this month, news broke that authorities had seized the Dark Web marketplace AlphaBay, an online black market that peddled everything from...
3 hrs

Microsoft opens up a new front in the battle against Fancy Bear

Microsoft’s lawyers have gone after the the hacking group’s web domains – with some success
4 hrs

Great big list of cybersecurity resources

Beef up your cybersecurity knowledge with this list of cybersecurity resources, including data threats, data breaches, books, jobs, companies and...
6 hrs

New law allows rescue of dogs, kids in hot cars

Local news and comprehensive information for the city of Sisters, editorials, opinions, letters, classifieds, travel, arts, events, visitor,...
7 hrs

The Top 10 Hackers Arrested in 2017

Hackers are everywhere. 2017 has seen the arrests of hackers, with some facing rather harsh sentences, and they don’t always get away with their...

New blog post - Check Point Smart-1 Migration Process

Check Point Smart-1 MigrationIf you need to migrate your Check Point Smart-1 MDMS (MDS/Provider-1) installation to a new device/appliance, the...

New WhatsApp scam

You ultimately decide what links you click on, and whether you hand over your passwords and payment card details. Always think twice, because the...|By Graham Cluley

InfoSec Reading Weekly Roundup

The weekly InfoSec reading roundup is a collection of the most interesting news and articles that I read in the past week. Note that if you are...

How Google Took on Mirai, KrebsOnSecurity

The third week of September 2016 was a dark and stormy one for KrebsOnSecurity. Wave after wave of huge denial-of-service attacks flooded this...

Microsoft will likely fix Windows SMB denial-of-service flaw on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft will likely wait until February 14 to fix a publicly disclosed vulnerability in the SMB network file sharing protocol that can be...

Threat Intelligence: The Foundation of Your Security Operations Center Strategy

Add threat intelligence to your security operations center (SOC) strategy to improve the speed and reliability of threat detection and prevention.

Malware distributors are switching to less suspicious file types | CSO Online

After aggressively using JavaScript email attachments to distribute malware for the past year, attackers are now switching to less suspicious file...

After a decade of silence, this computer worm is back and researchers don't know why | ZDNet

SQL Slammer worm returns after a decade, but why?

Criminals release fewer new types of malware last year, double down on ransomware | CSO Online

Cybercriminals have been producing fewer new kinds of malware last year -- but that's because they're so busy raking in the money from their...

AKBuilder is the latest exploit kit to target Word documents, spread malware – Naked Security

Make sure you keep Office patched to protect against malicious Word documents generated by the AKBuilder exploit kit