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My dream is to fly over the rainbow so high - Matevž Pristavec
Justa another manic Monday ... Need a workweek boost? Ladies and gentlemen, here's Gus Engle with his "I Ride My Way" edit. #iridemyway #creativerides #manicmonday #elansnowboards
Elan Airlines: Ladies and gentlemen, we're approaching the weekend airport. Please unbuckle your seatbelts and grab a cold one, because it's time for WEEEEEEEKEND SHREDS!!! (provided you still have some snow around hahahahaha) #elansnowboards Untouched Projekt #freestyle #park #parksnowboarding #snowboarding #jump

Check William Arnold in his part of Circom Volution!
#elansnowboards #snowboard #snb

William Arnold snowboarding full part from the new movie Circum Volution.

This is what snowboard prodigy Maddox Matte was doing in the summer ... Can't wait how this will reflect in his winter shreds!!!
#elansnowboards #prodigymini #winteriscoming

Posted by Sylvain Matte
Sylvain Matte

This is pretty much what Maddox has been doing all week. Jumping off the ramp and flipping around on the super tramp at horseshoe resort. Water ramp camp with @freestyle skiing Ontario. He's getting much better at it!


Looking forward to days like these ... Right, Hans Åhlund?
Photo: Oskar Sandström
#elansnowboards #snowdaysahoy

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Riding pow, taking off, rotating and back to pow. That's probably a widely shared daydream.
William Arnold and Valentin Zimmermann are part of this POWerful project!
#elansnowboards #pow #powwhereareyou #heypowcomequick #

Editor's pick by!!!

Earn some floaty terms! The Wave Strider split board features a traditional powderfish shape for excellent floatation and gives riders the freedom to

A tease for the upcoming winter by Patrick Rauter from Argentina.
#elansnowboards #argentina #pow

Image may contain: sky, snow, nature and outdoor

William Arnold and Valentin Zimmermann in this cool summer ride!
#elansnowboards #summershreds

RAD Movie Production introduces to you 'Spacewaves' - the crew's summermovie 2016. The clip plays in the snowpark of Zermatt (Switzerland) - probably one of the most creative summerparks in the world.

It is very important for your mental and physical health to start your day with a proper #method
William Arnold
Photo: Dominic Steinmann

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, snow, outdoor and nature

What Patrick Rauter has been up to this summer ...
#summertime #elansnowboards

Here’s a summer update from Patrick “Rowdy” Rauter: “I am enjoying summertime as much as I can right now. Got a new love this summer - riversurfing - good times. Of course lots of skateboarding and other boardsports, just being out there.”|By Elan Skis

Willi Arnold ripping in the summer!
@snowparkzermatt #elansnowboards #summersessions #snowboard #snowboarding #rail #parklife
trick: bs lip
📷 Pierre Clivaz // Insta : @caillouclivaz

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We know, we know ... you've seen this already. But shitgoddamnhellfu**, we love it and we're showcasing it again. Because it rocks! It's cool. It's friggin' AWESOME!!! Thanks for doing this Gus!
#elansnowboards #snb #snowboarding #snbmovie #pozipozi