What can happen when you get Donald Trump supporters and "Undocumented" Immigrants in a room together? I wanted to find out. Watch as a female Trump Supporter (who is a Veteran), confronts undocumented immigrants about whether they would die for this country. What one undocumented immigrant reveals (at 3:23) shocks everyone in the room… Thanks to Huffington Post for covering the story: #trumpsupporters #trump #immigrants #illegalaliens #illegalimmigrants #trumpforpresident2016 #hillary2016 #hillaryclinton #imwithher #makeamericagreatagain #latina #military #vets #socialexperiment #behindtheglass #elizabethjarosz #ipsos #news #cnn

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I’m so filled with compassion today. I’m in Queens, NY, interviewing random citizens for this project. I'm at a BJs Wholesale Store randomly selecting people for their opinions. Most don’t speak English. Many have very little money. I just talked to a 28yr old man who had a learning disability (he was so sweet and tender). Everybody is lovely, and kind to me. I can see their humanity as I look into their eyes and they try so very hard to give me their honest thoughts. I have ...traveled to 8 cities in the past 2 weeks. Everyday at my job, I get to tap into our country and the people in it. I am constantly reminded of what so many in our country are going through. And, I'm constantly confronted with how fortunate I am (and many of you - my friends are). I have so much gratitude for what I’ve been given in this life, and I’m overwhelmed w/compassion for those that do not have as much. These are they days that keep me wanting to do more.... to make a difference.

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Catherine Clinch
· April 20, 2018
Brilliant, beautiful and genuinely nice = the perfect trifecta. She's doing some amazing research that offers a way for people to come to a mutual understanding and eliminate the divide between us. MU...ST watch Behind The Glass! See More
Kernan Manion
· March 9, 2017
Brilliant thinker and innovator. See her Behind The Glass episode having Trump supporters talk about their views on immigration, with undocumented immigrants listening behind the glass. Then brings th...em together. Astounding! Reminiscent of another innovative project Al Jazeera did having people from two radically different persuasions pair up and actually follow one immigrant's exodus from an impoverished area of Mexico. So moving! See More