I keep having this thought that I may have tattooed on my body someday... "You're always going to feel this way until you do it." It's the thought that I'll never stop feeling the urge to do something until I actually do it. There are a lot of things I've wanted to do and never had the guts or was willing to take the risk to pursue them. I would make excuses or think it just wasn't meant to be but really the way I feel... hot, frustrated, generally tortured... I think it's... God's way of pushing me out of my comfort zone. Now I know that once I get that itch, I'm never really going to be comfortable unless I try it. I've wanted to start my own business and become a yoga instructor and life coach for years... and guess what, I still do. So until I give it my all, it's always going to be there, waiting on me. Desire doesn't just go away... it nags and nags until you give in, give up and eventually give it your all.

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So proud of Lindsey Veronica Escaja for launching her coaching website!👏🙆 Putting yourself out there for the first time can be soooo hard! 🙊 But these 4 simple words can be just the push you need... START BEFORE YOU'RE READY. If you're on the fence with anything, contact me and let's meet for coffee! 😊


Have you heard about #Hygge? Pronounced Hoo-ga, it is a word the Danish use to describe, well, a lot of things. It's a way of life. It's an adjective. It's a verb. It's, err, lighting. #serious Essentially it's the idea of being all cozy and happy and with good people. I love it! It changed my life this winter. But I got to thinking, how do you hygge is the summer? I'm not likely to crawl under my sherpa throw with 15 candles lit around me in 80 degree weather. This is what I found with a quick google...…/lif…/2017/1/how-to-hygge-in-summer/

After all, it's not always winter in Denmark.

Happy Friday!!! As I'm sure most of you know, setting goals is a very important fact of life. Whether your goals are personal, professional, financial, or health related it is a good idea to keep them all in one easy to review place like a notebook or document on your computer. I've been looking for a better goal setting strategy for a while and recently found the bullet journal. This method makes it super easy to review what goals you've accomplished and what goals you should prioritize next. Any old notebook can be turned into a bullet journal. Watch this quick video to learn more.

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Many years ago, I began venting to my Gmail. Yep that’s right, each day as my brain would begin to fill it would start to feel so full that I would worry I might lose something… like my mind! So I would type it out in a blank email. Just a total purge of everything. I’d either send it to myself or just save it as a draft, or delete it! I could do it from just about anywhere, anytime. Some of my best ideas, thoughts and writing have been captured this way.

This is not the trad...itional way we think about journaling but for me it just worked. There will always be more than one way of doing something, but finding the best way for you is what's important. Be creative and don't worry what other people think. Do what works for YOU!

What do you do to vent or how do you journal? Any unorthodox ways of keeping your mind intact? Leave a comment below!

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Super simple wellness tip today. DRINK. MORE. WATER.

I've heard wise ol' grandmas tell their grumpy grandchildren to "drink some water!" We don't realize it but most of us are dehydrated every single day. Surprisingly this can have a big impact on our moods and our mental clarity. A cute-ass water bottle can go a long way too!

What's your hydration strategy look like? Do you notice any changes in your mood when you don't get enough H2O? Leave a comment below!

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I'd like to share a simple affirmation I've been hearing a lot lately. You can use this throughout your day or week or whenever you need a little confidence boost.

"I have everything inside of me to be successful."


Do you have a different affirmation you use often? Leave a comment below!

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Let's start this week off with some C.L.A.R.I.T.Y. It is THE most important part of any goal you want to achieve. If you are not completely clear on what you want you’re leaving an open door for a whole host of invaders to come in and muck things up for you.

This is one of my favorite exercises. You may have heard of it before but it's great to redo it every couple of years. Picture what you want your life to look like in 3 years. Don't worry about how you... accomplish these things just try to write down, in as much detail as possible, what you want your life to look like. Full directions and example here... You can also check out my blog post Passion in your perfect day… which uses a simplified version of this exercise.

Was there anything that surprised you? How did you feel after completing the exercise? Leave a comment below!

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Best wisdom ever. #Puppin just drank my tea! #livin #wisdom #tea #yogitea

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