Have a great Fall break, everyone!
Elon FG Double OT Winner vs Towson
Elon Football wins 5th game in a row

The Danieley PARC will be home to good music for a good cause on Friday, Feb. 23, as Elon hosts the Helping Hands United benefit concert to raise money for hurricane relief in the Caribbean. Will you be there?

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Get Ready…

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Elon Day 2018 Teaser Video
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Tommy Carpenter
· January 18, 2018
With Maegan Spire working at the university I had to give it an one star. She hate filled person who doesn’t treat people with respect. The school should get rid of her before she brings them down!
Stephanie Badi
· January 19, 2018
I can't believe you would allow a professor to dox people. What if someone ends up dead because of this Squire woman?
Stephanie Nobles
· November 5, 2017
Amazing campus, wonderful people, lots to offer!!!
James Reid Myrick
· September 14, 2017
At Uptown Barber Studio in Burlington we offer discount for college students
Raafe Ahmaad Nathaniel Purnsley
October 15, 2012
I am very proud as an Elon alum and Christian to hear of the work being done on campus. Elon SGA and current students are making a stand to create a better campus and maintain the integrity of Elon as... an institution. I am not happy to see how most people are using this page, but it is your right. I would hope those of you who are Elon alumni and self-proclaimed Christians would stop speaking negatively of Elon and the students here. Everyone has a right to say how they feel, but no one should shame a person for asking for respect and demanding their personal rights. Ever Elon See More
Lee Wallace
October 16, 2012
Dan Cathy, the president of Chick-Fil-A, has all the free speech that this county grants to its citizens. He can, and has, said freely and in public that he is against gay marriages, that he believes persons to be sinful and unworthy, and that his company gladly funds organizations that oppose equal rights for gay persons. He is free to say this and will not go to jail or face any kind of crimimal charge for what he says. If other citizens do not care for this ideology, and they want to take their business elsewhere, they are free to do so. Many have. And if an organized group wants to express their commitment to equality and liberty for all Americans by refusing to do business with Chick-fil-A, they are free to that too. We live in a democracy, not a theocracy. See More
Lucretia L Biles
October 20, 2012
It is sad to think about all the students who work at Chick-fil-a that will lose there jobs because of what one man thinks. He dose not talk for these students or any of the other people who work for ...the company he speaks for just him self. The student government needs to realize that the people who work at this campus Chick-fil-a will lose there jobs and if they can't find another job right away won't be able to afford to pay tuition, or other bills. So this is what I have to say if you don't like Chick-fil-a because of the CEO's beliefs then don't eat there. Don't run them out of town because of it or you'll be just another racist group of people who runs other people out of town because of there skin color or different beliefs. See More
Rachel Wanke
October 18, 2012
Interesting Decision with Elon's Campus. 1st Amendment rights violated for those who just like the chicken? The funds don't completely to Chick-fil-la and we have always known what they stand for, w...hy act now and not originally when it was brought to campus? Just some questions to think by. We should be allowed our religious freedom. I can be christian and you can be atheist, but it doesn't mean you should discriminate against one company for having differing beliefs. Remembering Elon and how great the students were at equality in all aspects, you should let them decide for themselves and have that intellectual debate, it spurs learning and understanding rather than hate. See More
Judyann Joyner RN
October 15, 2012
A sad day, seems when Elon moved from college to university status,you left your Christian morals behind.Usd to be proud to say my son is an Elon graduate, I am ashamed to ever mention this again. You... now violate not only the Lord's own description of marriage between a man and a woman, but you also violate our first, most important Constitutional right, that of freedom of speech, freedom of beliefs.
Commenting on Facebook not the only action I intend to take but will be writing to every school official and alumnus.
See More
Ken Bobbitt
· June 13, 2013
Spielberg foresees 'implosion' of film industry
Many movie fans consider director Steven Spielberg a visionary - but his most recent vision is one of doom for the movie industry.
During remarks at the University of Southern California Wednesday, Spielberg predicted the "implosion" of the film industry, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Things could get so bad, according to Spielberg, that "you're gonna have to pay $25 for the next 'Iron Man,' you're probably only going to have to pay $7 to see 'Lincoln.' "

He said the changes could come after several high-budget, high-profile film flops force the industry to be altered. "That's the big danger, and there's eventually going to be an implosion — or a big meltdown," Spielberg said. "There's going to be an implosion where three or four or maybe even a half-dozen megabudget movies are going to go crashing into the ground, and that's going to change the paradigm."

Spielberg was not alone in his estimation.

Fellow filmmaker George Lucas, on the panel with Spielberg, agreed with his assessment and said cable television is now "much more adventurous" than the movie industry. The pair both warned students that they are living in a time of great change for films and those who make them.

"The pathway to get into theaters is really getting smaller and smaller," Lucas said.

The remarks came as part of a celebration at USC for the opening of the university's School of Cinematic Arts' new Interactive Media Building.
See More
Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips
October 22, 2012
Elon University is a wonderful private institution with award-winning teachers and programs and incredible student opportunities. Students are encouraged to "experience," not just learn. I had some of... the most enlightening, eye-opening experiences of my life at Elon and in affiliated programs, and I would recommend the Elon experience to anyone looking for a place where they can feel comfortable learning about themselves and others in a safe, supportive environment. See More
Cl Marshall
October 17, 2012
The decision to drop Chic Fil a is short sighted and does nothing to enhance the image of the school on a now national front. Such a deliberate and divisive decision now offends many. Allow the publ...ic, and Elon students for that matter, to think for themselves with their wallets.....not have the administration think for them on economic front. See More
David J. Burgett
October 14, 2012
CF is not tying to influence anyone with their president's personal beliefs. Sad that so many of your students are so prejudiced they can't stand their company even tho many of their employees don't... agree (it is not a job litmus test) How many people who contribute to your school have simiar beliefs? Will you ban them too? See More
Brent Fleury
October 17, 2012
I'm watching this Chic-Fil-A situation closely as I have 2 daughters that were considering Elon as their college choice. The SGA is way off base here from what I've read. They want to penalize a busin...ess because they disagree with it's owner's stance on gay marriage? I thought college was where students learn basic freedoms and are encouraged to peacefully voice their opinions. If Chic-Fil-A is forced out of Elon, my daughters WILL NOT be applying there! We've already scratched Duke and Davidson from the list. See More
Brianna Duff
October 16, 2012
So proud of the choice my university has made to seek inclusion for all students, noticing not just an opinion, but the actions of a company and recognizing how, despite differing individual views all... around, it might be harmful or threatening to some part of the campus' student population. Behind EU 100% ♥ See More
Mandy Sykes
October 16, 2012
Aren't universities suppose to be bastions of free thought and speech? Guess not here. Dan Cathy has a right to his opinion. I guess now you need to kick out all your students who have traditional ...opinions as well. See More
Scott Garrison Oakes
October 17, 2012
Speaking as an alumni and a former member of Student Government at Elon, this decision against Chick-fil-a was a poor decision. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion are two cornerstones of and this institution. Not proud of my school on this matter. See More
Stacy McCarthey
April 5, 2013
NX 8.5 Tutorial Book by John G. Ronald provides a step-by-step approach for users to learn NX8.5. It is aimed for those with no previous experience with NX. However, users of previous versions of NX m...ay also find this book useful for them to learn the new enhancements. The user will be guided from starting a NX8.5 session to creating parts, assemblies, and drawings. Each chapter has components explained with the help of various dialog boxes and screen images. See More
Chloe Smith
May 23, 2013
Hello Class of 2017! Congratulations on your acceptance to Elon University! My name is Chloe and I'm with the campus bookstore. We are so excited to welcome you to campus. If you have any questions ab...out campus, textbooks, or the book store we are here to help - so don't hesitate to ask! See More
Lê Vũ
· November 1, 2013
Hello everyone. I'm from Vietnam and Veil brew yourself acquainted with all of you. We can talk to each other about the culture of the two countries. Are you friends with yourselves! Wish you a happy and a happy family. See More

A great story on The Anatomical Gift Program at Elon University and the silent teachers who are helping educate future physical therapists and physician assistants at Elon.

ELON, N.C. -- The phrase you hear from Janet Cope, as she describes the big idea she had for Elon a few years ago, takes you aback at first. “Elon University is amazing place to be a teacher -- living or dead,” Cope said. Yes, she said, “or dead.” Elon is one of the few universities not atta...

For a fourth consecutive year, Elon has been named a top producer of The Fulbright Program students. What an honor! Read more -

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Construction crews are making great progress on East Neighborhood. Here's what you can expect when Elon's new residential neighborhood opens at the start of next academic year:

East Neighborhood to be hub for civic engagement and social innovationThe residential neighborhood now under construction on the former East Gym site will include three new buildings housing 309 students once it is complete in August 2018.The completion of Elon’s newest residential neighborhood in...

Looking for some evening entertainment? Check out the 22nd Annual Elon Jazz Festival. The free concert featuring the Elon University Jazz Ensemble, saxophonist Doug Henry and Marcus Roberts Trio kicks off at 7:30 p.m. in McCrary Theatre.

22nd Annual Elon Jazz Festival to feature the Marcus Roberts Trio on Feb. 17The Elon Jazz Festival featuring the Elon University Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Rusty Smith, adjunct instructor in music, will be joined by saxophonist Doug Henry to kick off this year's festival concert which will...

Legendary coach Bill Morningstar was in the spotlight, receiving the Elon Medallion at the 11th annual Night of the Phoenix. Elon athletes, we'd love to hear your stories about "Coach Star."

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Here is a guts-y science story to wrap up your week. #scienceiscool

Gut instinct: what our intestines tell us about how we thinkThe billions of bacteria that populate our intestines influence a wide range of processes in our bodies—including our behavior and brain development.Associate Professor of Biology Jennifer Uno works with Alex Ball ’18 & Emily Bell ’1...

Elon students kicked off the Lunar New Year this week with an Asian-Pacific Student Association - APSA, Elon University event that included traditional performances and Asian food. Not a bad start to the Year of the Dog!

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It was great to see so many students taking advantage of the 2018 Communications Internship Showcase & ePortfolio Review earlier this week. (Read more: Do you have an internship already lined up for the summer? Let us know!

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Happy Valentine's Day! From Elon with love (or at least heart-shaped things ...)

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Think dating is hard? Check out this love story that blossomed at Elon more than 100 years ago. Happy Valentine's Day!

Forbidden loveThere was a time when romantic relationships between Elon students were not as common as one might think.By Roselee PapandreaWhen Leland I. Gay of Norfolk, Va., and Edna “Marie” Winn of Baltimore attended Elon College in the early 1900s, the odds of finding love at the school were ...

The Moseley front desk is blooming with a Valentine’s Day bounty. If you’re a lucky recipient, you’ll get an email notification! 💌

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It's Mardi Gras at Elon! A great crowd turned out for our celebration in the Numen Lumen Pavilion tonight.

Great music from Vital Signs (Elon a cappella) for a great cause!

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Make-A-Wish Central & Western North Carolina added 3 new photos.

Vital Signs (Elon a cappella) rocked it out another year on the stage! Singing and grooving their hearts out, the Elon University community came together raising over $5,000 to help make local wishes come true!