London Protest 29 January 2011

They lied to you and said Russia and Assad stopped bombing Syrian civilians

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"Russia says they are fighting Daesh [Islamic State], but Daesh has not been in our city for two years. There was not even any Free Syrian Army here, there were only civilians living here"

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Tomorrow #25April will be a day to be remembered - #Egypt #Revolution


Military Dictator #ElSisi is arresting #Egypt youth and activists from their homes in anticipation of #25April protests against his regime.

Police arrested dozens late Thursday night from cafes, private residencies and streets across Egypt’s governorates in what appear to have been synchronized security raids, according to the Freedom for the Brave campaign's Facebook page.Raids were conducted in Cairo’s downtown and Heliopolis district…

Egyptians are planning more #Democracy and #Freedom protests on 25th April calling for the removal of the current military dictatorship regime in #Egypt.

Interesting summary of #elsisi dictatorship on one page:

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#Egypt Military Dictator gave Saudi Arabia 2 Egyptian Islands in return for some financial (and political) aid. Egyptians are going back to #Tahrir_square today to say enough is enough.

Would you take him from us and save your fellow humans of #Egypt. He swore he will sell himself if this will help Egypt and we swear it will. Save us from our military dictator please.

Somebody listed Egypt's president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the online auction site eBay in a bid, they say, to bail out the Egyptian economy.

#Egypt's military dictators send a 4 years old boy to life in prison! Not the first child to be jailed by the dictatorship but definitely the youngest so far.

An Egyptian court has sentenced a four-year-old boy to life in prison for “committing murder” when he was aged just one. Ahmed Mansour Karmi was not in court on Tuesday when he was convicted of four counts of murder, eight of attempted murder, one vandalisation of property and another co…

This is what many young Egyptians are subjected to regularly: "Murdered Cambridge student 'was killed by Egyptian secret services': Italian media suggest victim was suspected to be a spy and reveal he’d had every finger and toe nail pulled out".

Very sad for all these good souls tortured and killed by #Egypt military dictatorship

An autopsy carried out in Italy following his corpse's repatriation from Egypt, found that Giulio Regeni, 28, had been brutally tortured before his death, including having his finger and toe nails pulled out.

Sadly, it's very true. Military coups never bring democracy. #Egypt is suffering really badly under the current Military dictatorship.…/egypt-s-arab-spring-reverts-…

When Egypt makes headlines these days, it’s usually for the same reasons as Syria and Iraq. Terrorist attacks by Islamic State (Isis) have not been so numerous in Egypt, but the destruction of a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai peninsula, probably by a bomb, dominated the news last autumn. Wha…

Guilio Regeni is a young bright Italian student with PhD from Cambridge, came to #Egypt to further his politics studies before allegedly being arrested by the Military regime, tortured to death and his body later found abandoned in a remote place. He joins many other young Egyptians tortured and killed by current regime.…/italian-student-found-dead-egy…

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Meanwhile #Egypt 's military coup leader drives his extremely expensive fleet of presidential cars on massive red carpets. The Military Dictator always talks about Egypt's financial problems and lack of funds while blaming Egyptians for their poverty.

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It's actually a lot worse. Opposition is either killed, imprisoned or seeking refuge abroad.

A real old days Military Dictatorship bringing #Egypt down.

Egypt's Tahrir Square Revolution began on January 25, 2011. Five years after Hosni Mubarak was toppled, families of detained activists say there is even less freedom than before

Assad regime in Syria continues to use starvation as a weapon against Syrian civilians in many villages and towns

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Aid has finally arrived to help the starving people of Madaya – but there are many other Syrian towns where children are still suffering, as the regime continues to use food as a weapon of war.