AirShou Screen Recorder was removed from Cydia but has now been released without the need for a jailbreak. AirShou screen recorder is definitely one of the most feature-packed.
iRec gives you the opportunity to create a Full HD 1080p video of your screen. Read on for details on how to download iRec on your iPhone or iPad today.
iRec is a popular screen recorder app from way back when jailbreaking first started. Now iRec is back, fully updated with support for up to and including iOS 11+
iRec always used to be the single most popular screen recorder app found in Cydia. With all the extra features added in, iRec is definitely worth downloading.
iRec was the screen recorder of choice for anyone who used Cydia, the only way you could download it. Because it is not an official app store app, iRec is not available for download through the iOS app store.
iRec was the most downloaded of all screen recorder apps, only available at that time through Cydia. iRec has now been redeveloped, brought back as a free app outside of Cydia
MovieBox is full of the latest movies and TV Shows, with plenty of Full HD content to choose from. Before we move on to downloading MovieBox, its worth mentioning that
iRec is an excellent screen recorder and, while you could once only get it by installing Cydia. Now anyone can download iRec and use it without a jailbreak.
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iRec is the original screen recorder and many users will be glad its back. iRec is one of the most well-known names in jailbreak circles, the first screen recorder
iRec is a name that we associate with the early days of jailbreaking, one of the very first screen recorders for iPhone. iRec is a screen recorder for iOS latest version.
One of the first and most popular Screen Recorder for iPhone is iRec. While iRec is a popular screen recorder, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit all users.
iRec is a great screen recorder for iPhone, feature rich and so much to choose from. iRec is and always will be one of the most popular screen recorders ever developed.
iRec is a very popular screen recorder with loads of features but it may not be for everyone. Luckily, iRec is not the only screen recorder for smartphones.
iRec used to be a popular download from Cydia until the developers stopped applying updates to it. iRec is packed with features, useful and fun ones but it won’t be the screen recorder for everyone.
MovieBox is packed with all the latest content, Full HD movies and episodes of your favorite TV shows. MovieBox is open to more people than ever before.
MovieBox is a great app for you to try. It is full of movies and TV shows, all the latest episodes and a whole section of Full HD. You can download MovieBox on your iPhone or iPad but first.
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