Hey Y'all Anti-Hunger Advocates:

Follow the research on this topic, sign the petition to the Senate, and help end hunger globally...…

I just signed a petition to The United States Senate: The House recently passed a bill that would keep 2 million people from receiving lifesaving food aid. Don’t use food aid to increase subsidies to the world’s largest shipping companies and leave 2 million more people hungry every year.

Hey all! Quick announcement: you may have noticed this page has been seriously under-nourished since November last year. This is due to the personal transition of the page administrator, Libby.

The good news is we are still just as passionate about Ending Hunger in Casper! One of the specific ways we believe this is possible is by boosting the equitable food access in our city & neighborhoods.

An incredible opportunity has arisen for Libby to join the Board of the Casper Co...mmunity Greenhouse Project. It is the mission & aim of the Greenhouse Project to produce fresh and healthy local food for the Casper community, in a way that educates and foster’s community involvement. This is a mighty practical way to end hunger in Casper.

Libby will continue to post from time to time with Action Steps on how to help end hunger in Casper.

In the mean time, please - consider popping on over to the project's page, liking it, and joining the movement!

To find out plenty more - join us for the @Community Forum: Casper Community Greenhouse Project.

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Do you know about hungry?

The Story of Hungry is a unique look at hunger through the eyes of a child, created by Creative Artists Agency in partnership with the No Kid Hungry campaign, and brought to life through the talents of Hornet Studios director, Julia Potts, with contributions from music producer, Justin Stanley, and…

No Friday night plans?

Anyone looking some hearty company and dialogue over the film, "A Place at the Table", join us for a screening of the documentary TONIGHT at @Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church this evening.

Dinner at 6pm, movie to follow - ALL ARE WELCOME.


Haven't seen the film yet? Come on out!

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Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter Release Date: 1 March 2013 Genre: Documentary Cast: Jeff Bridges, Tom...

Any reflections from y'all about this photo-journalism?

What are the differences/similarities between countries?

What can be said about distribution of resources among nations, and access to nutrition?

It seems as a people, we have a fascination with photographing our food. From Henry's series of riders, to looking on instagram we cant help but document what we consume. Photographer Peter Menzel ...

Hey Y'all! Here is a fabulous way to help support an organization that is working for the kind of long term, sustainable change that will find viable solutions to ending hunger.

Take a few minutes to compose an to email city council based on the request for 1 cent funds to go toward a mobile community kitchen that will provide education surrounding nutrition in our community.

Here's the story!

Wyoming Food for Thought Project

Hi Friends. If you have a moment today, please email the Casper City Council to support the request we have in front of them for a mobile kitchen ("food truck").... The request will help us and our partners teach people about nutrition and cooking on a budget, as well as cooking from scratch. I have included our narrative below the email link. Thank, friends!

If hunger were going to be solved doing what is already being done – it would be gone. But the food banks, soup kitchens, and pantries are only a part of the solution. We cannot expect children, raised in poverty, to automatically understand nutrition, food choices, and more as they become adults. Time and again – generation after generation, children grow up in poverty and then raise their children in the same circumstances.

To end hunger, we must look beyond what is already being done, and fill in the gaps.

Wyoming Food for Thought Project acts on a local level to fill in the holes of the “hunger safety net”. Working with proven programs and new ideas, we seek to create a community in which every member can access good and healthy food. We accomplish this through: weekend food bags distributed to hungry children in partnership with the Natrona County School District; Nutrition education in partnership with University of Wyoming Extension; a new concept of community gardens, “Food is Free” where Wyoming Food for Thought Project manages and maintains the garden for the entire community to access, learn in, and take from to feed themselves, their families, and their neighbors; management of year-round community farmer’s markets.

For many who live in Casper and suffer from hunger, multiple circumstances lead to the hunger issue. Homelessness, low-income, poverty, age, or even a handicap, put up barriers to those who live with hunger who want to change their station in life.

We are requesting $100,000 to purchase and equip a mobile food truck which will act as a commercial kitchen on wheels. The kitchen will enable us to go to where pockets of people are, to feed them, teach them about nutrition, and even give people a chance to use a commercial kitchen to create a product to sell at one of the three community markets (Downtown Farmers Market, Saturday Master Gardener’s Farmers Market, & Winter Market).

It’s a no-brainer that in order to change the course of poverty and hunger we must start with the children. Adults rarely change their habits. But if we get this food truck we can begin early with children, giving them training in nutrition, help them to make good food choices, and teach them about how they can grow their own food and then extend the life of the food they’ve grown and harvested through dehydration, freezing, canning, and more.
Our mission is to create a vibrant local food system. We know that if our community as a whole has better access to good food with an understanding of how to make good food decisions, that our community will grow and thrive.

In the summer, we will use the food truck to serve free summer meals in low-income areas. In the winter, we will partner with UW Extension to teach children at schools that lack adequate kitchen facilities about how even the youngest school child, when armed with the right knowledge, can access programs like food banks, weekend food bag programs, community gardens, and then eat good food.

It takes a village to raise our children. We cannot expect teachers, when kids are too hunger to learn, to have test scores we can be proud of. And we cannot expect parents, working low-wage jobs, making ends meet at best, to always have the resources to give their children what all children deserve. Good food – a safe place to grow. But together? Together, as a community, we can lead the way for the country in how a community takes care of their children. By feeding them, and by teaching them about self-sufficiency. That is what this kitchen will do.

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End Hunger Casper updated their cover photo.
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Welcome to the new "likers" who have been trickling in since the screening of "A Place at the Table" last month - so glad you've joined us. In the next couple of weeks, we will be generating conversation around action we can take right here in Casper to advocate for the end of hunger.

Stay tuned!

And in the mean time, stay informed. Here is a helpful breakdown of what the Government Shutdown means for the hungry, thanks to our friends Bread for the World.

Coverage of the government shutdown is dominating the news right now, but, as budget fights go, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, without finger-pointing or hollow rhetoric, here is what anti-hunger advocates need to know about current, and upcoming, budget fights on Capitol Hill. 1. What does t...

Here is one of the easiest #hungeractionsteps you can take!

A fabulous local agency helping to find a solution to the end of hunger in Casper, Wyoming Food for Thought Project, is registered in a special give away from "Toms of Maine"... all you have to do is VOTE for them to be in the running for a $10,000 grant to help boost their efforts in Casper.

Come on y'all, DO IT, and then SHARE IT!!!

Sep 23, 2013 - Oct 15, 2013Wyoming Food for Thought ProjectCasper, WY
42 people went

Announcing an incredible #actionstep in #hungeractionmonth:

Join Casper in the annual "Crop Walk" to raise funds to end hunger. The walk is this coming Sunday, registration 1:30pm, walk at at 2pm with 3 mile and 5 mile loop options. 25% of funds raised with remain in Casper and be donated to the Wyoming Food for Thought Project. The other 75% goes to help end world hunger.

Put your walking shoes on folks and join us this Sunday.

CROP Hunger Walks raise money to fight hunger. Help us end hunger now!

Let us spend in nutrition, education, generosity and compassion.

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Casper! Here is a way to ACT RIGHT NOW to help end hunger by protecting federal cuts to SNAP.

Please take 3 minutes of your time to click this link, which will then ask you to "email" Cynthia Lummis from an easy-to use form. Three clicks and you're done, letting Congressman Lummis know "THIS IS NOT JUSTICE FOR ALL".


Please take a minute to share this on your personal page, let's make sure Cynthia gets the message loud and clear!

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By Eric Mitchell Members of Congress returned to Washington, D.C., this week and their schedule is packed. One of the first things on the docket is a proposal to cut SNAP (formerly food stamps) by $40 billion. If approved, the cuts would be twice the amount included in a bill that House members vote...

A friend living in Missouri asked a pertinent question tonight, and I repeat it here.

"Are we actually considering paying college athletes when states are cutting funding for free/reduced lunch programs for underprivileged kids?

America, what the heck is wrong with you?"


Something is wrong with this picture - how can you help close the gap?

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Wonder what some of the contributing factors to #hunger in America are? Check out this recent analysis of the income gap...

We desperately need the return of a livable wage if folks are going to have a secure chain of supply from farm to table!

What kinds of ideas are brewing for #hungeractionmonth?

An analysis of data from the Internal Revenue Service shows that incomes for the very wealthiest Americans have grown by nearly a third in recent years in the same period that those for the bottom 99 percent increased by only a fraction.
End Hunger Casper updated their cover photo.
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A bit more coverage of the event from Thursday, this time from the Casper Citizen. Thank you Kerry Drake!

Advocates for the poor in Natrona County hope that a special, free showing of a documentary can help raise awareness about hunger issues. The 90-minute film, "A Place at the Table," will be shown at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 5, at the Pa...

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out last night! We took a step in #hungeractionmonth 200 people strong! Incredible!

Now that you can't "un-watch" the documentary, now that you know, how will you use your voice to advocate for the end of hunger in Casper?

We will be continuing the conversation here, and in person, for the next little while - so start brainstorming