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  • Singer/Songwriter/Guitar PlayerSeattle, Washington
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    end roulette is a four piece alternative rock band based in seattle, WA; founded in 2007 by singer, songwriter and guitar player mary jane snow. mj grew up in a suburb of minneapolis and began playing music at age 7 on an ocean blue accordion rented from a local music school, where she first learned to play the classic lullaby "que sera sera" with her eyes closed. following a psychedelic experience at the glastonbury music festival in england, at 22 mary jane made the bold move to hollywood to start a band. it didn't take long for snow's songwriting strength to attract fellow band members angel dogman (lead guitar), rocko (bass) and chip salsa (drums). using MJ's original demo material, ER played their first show on February 14, 2007 at the universal city walk in north Hollywood, CA.

    end roulette self-released their first EP "deadstock rock" on february 22, 2008 under the name hazelden. the early success of the band prompted a cease and desist letter by the hazelden drug treatment center claiming dilution of their famous internationally trademarked name. the band officially changed its name to end roulette (an oscar wilde reference) just prior to an appearance on MTV's "Road to the VMAs" program, where they were nominated in the 2008 "Best Breakout LA Artist" category. their single "paper bullets," the first track off of their follow-up EP "a rival sad" won the 17th annual billboard songwriting contest in the category of rock music and was also included on the KROQ 106.7 indie rock sampler CD.

    in late 2014, mj received a call from the voice of kurt cobain telling her to pack up only what she could fit in her car and move to seattle immediately. she currently lives in ballard and is working on a new album which ER will hopefully record before the end of 2017.

    end roulette have been an opening band for the new york dolls and can be heard on KROQ 106.7 in their former hometown los angeles market.

    mj is left handed and plays an upsidedown fender jaguar.
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Favorite Quotes
  • "it was my own epic journey
    into the many different ways
    of saying im sorry and thank you."

    -mj on her burgeoning concept material
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