The mind’s belief’s are translated by the body into a fixed tense-filled muscular reality. Body Reboot techniques dissolves ego-based tension providing physical, mental and emotional healing on the cellular level! Come and get Rebooted!

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DeStress Therapy is now Body Reboot with a new office location here in Salt Lake City at Quantum Nature Care, 921 E Executive Park Dr Ste C, (5350 So), Murray, 84117

To book an appointment contact me at(210) 259-9338.


Hello All! I am currently in the process of rebranding. Stay tuned!

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DeStress Therapy Meditation Class is coming to the San Antonio's Health Science Center. First class will be November 1st. at 12pm. There will be a lunch and introduction to the class material. If you want to learn how to take charge of your body's responses to stress and also pave the way for greater health and personal transformation then this class if for you. Check out the flyer! See you there! Stay tuned for other class locations!

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Interested in The Power of Purposeful Relaxation? I am teaching a DeStress Therapy class at the San Antonio – NW Military Highway Natural Grocers! Join me on Tuesday, September 20th at 12 pm or Thursday, September 22nd at 6:30 pm for Free DeStress Therapy Education! See more at:…/…/events-calendar/

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DeStress Therapy Video Testimonial! Do you want more energy? Less stress and to lose weight? We can help!

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DeStress San Antonio

Watch our lastest DeStress Therapy Video Testimonial and learn how this work can change your life!

Because our attention is usually elsewhere, our bodies store tension which blocks us from fluidly channeling our consciousness through the nervous system. Our body is an antenna for consciousness. Learning to stay relaxed allows energy to flow through you providing you peace, wellbeing and perhaps more importantly in-the-moment information about yourself! This allows you to make holistic choices that involve your body and being rather than only relying upon the limited perspective of the mind.

Be sure to take a break today to give your body and mind a rest from the constant stimulation of today's modern world. Everyone has so much on their plate both internally and externally that we often don't realize how overwhelmed we really are. Your body loves the breath. Just stopping for 5 minutes to enjoy it as it fills your body helps to reconnect you to YOU!

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I have found a major key to self healing is teaching your body to trust you. This means that you listen to its physical and emotional needs. This means validating irrational emotional points of view and accepting how you feel while at the same time leading yourself to letting go of what doesn't serve you. All of this occurs in the physical and emotional realm. In other words, it's important to meet your physical and emotional self where you are rather than where your mind thinks you should be. This is a true skill.

The habit of storing muscle tension due to stress starts when we are young in school. Sitting in chairs for hours each day causes misalignment of your joints. Stress locks the misalignment in through adding layers of muscle tension. The mind is a problem solving machine. Its constant search for problems causes anxiety and worry which in turn causes tension. Throughout your day there are thousands to millions of messages your body receives which tells it to store even more ten...sion. Tension keeps the body in fight or flight. Chronic fight or flight sets you up for physical, mental and emotional failure on some level due to the constant presence of adrenaline and cortisol. The answer is to provide your body with calming moments that lead it to release this tension. If you want to relieve the tension without addressing the problem get a massage (I love massages but I have found them to be band-aids). If you want to ignore the tension, get ready for aches, pains, insomnia and other possible dis-eases. If you want to relieve the tension AND address the problem, get a DeStress Therapy session. To learn more visit To make an appointment call 210-259-9338. Stress is inevitable, Suffering is Optional.

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If your day is full of constant activity as you meet your many responsibilities, pressures, duties and obligations you are most likely living in an overly excited (sympathetic) nervous system. This means your body is focusing more on surviving than thriving. Unbeknownst to you tension is accumulating causing aches, pains, insomnia, digestive problems, elevated heart rates and more. Today's world requires us to learn skills to activate the calming (parasympathetic) nervous sys...tem to balance out the constant onslaught of information and daily activities. If we don't activate the calm we remain in the fight or flight state. You may not even notice that you are in this state because you've been living in it for years. When you experience the release of this tension it is like a weight has been taken away from you. Call now for your free consultation/demonstration. 210-259-9338.

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Did you know that the body only burns fat in the presence of oxygen? This important piece of information dovetails with the teachings and techniques of DeStress Therapy since the corner of our approach is conscious breathing. To learn more about how you can easily assist your body to not only lose weight but release tension, lower heart rate and more visit

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Today's world requires more adaptability than ever before. While your mind can easily jump from topic to topic, your body lags behind. This lag causes an accumulation of tension to be stored in your body. Stored tension leads to aches, pains, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, high blood pressure and more. DeStress Therapy teaches you, without medication to relieve the burdens in your body and mind. We offer free consultation/demonstrations to give you a taste of what is possible. Contact me at 210-259-9338. You can learn more at

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Listen in on my latest radio interview speaking about my script, Imagination, INC., a sci-fi/transformative screenplay that needs to be seen on the big screen! smile emoticon To hear the interview, scroll down and look to the right side of the page. where it says, "GUESTS FROM 2016 RELEASE." Here's the link...

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