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Sarah Alton
· May 19, 2017
I have just arrived home after dinner at this extraordinary restaurant, and I enjoyed it so much that I had to comment immediately - I never comment. The food ...was astounding, and the care and the attention to detail is unbelievable. For every course, there was a careful explanation of the food, and the consideration behind it. Each plate was a work of art for the eye and the palate. The staff clearly care deeply about the food and it shows in every single bite, and in the truly superb service. Add all this to the stunning interior design, and you are guaranteed a truly wonderful experience. Can't recommend this restaurant highly enough. See More
Raymond Gcn
· April 4, 2017
Creative and extraordinarily detailed in every aspect of cuisines and I enjoyed the hospitality. A great bar to start the evening, I would recommend anyone who is looking for a intimate dining space.
Vylotte Kwang
· May 31, 2017
Excellent presentation of the food. The taste of each ingredient in the plate is in harmony with each other.
Ping Ong
· April 4, 2017
Fantastic gourmet experience , one of the most attentive and warm service I have experienced.
Angela Carson
· February 21, 2017
I dined in and reviewed dozens of restaurants across 4 Asian countries in 2016, including Michelin Star restaurants, and Enfin by James Won was in my top 3 favourite meals of the year. I'm a huge fan!
Mavis Ong
· September 21, 2016
It was a good experience for us. All the fine dining courses gave us so much surprise. The ambience very nice, the outlook of the food very beautiful and perfect wine pairing for the food. My husband and I have a wonderful dinner there.
Melissa Bon
· July 4, 2016
Bit disappointed with lunch. Service wasn't fine dining standards, was expecting waitress to provide recommendations and explain dishes, or maybe we were too much. The bread and dips were yummy but there wasn't enough bread to finish the dips and we were charged RM3 per piece of extra bread. Should either reduce the dip portions or provide extra bread without extra charge. Would have to rethink bringing clients for business lunches here as portions were not satisfying enough (we added the entree after finishing our mains). See More
Loraine Nuevo Gan
· May 31, 2017
Had The Most Amazing Dinner yesterday.... it's just PERFECT! No other words can describe it..... Especially with The Chef around! And his hospitality his creation, it's Perfect!
#WouldneverSeeThingsTheSame #ItsWonderful #EnfinByJamesWon
Kevin Wong
· February 13, 2017
Awesome experience for me when I was there a couple years ago :)
Lim KS
· December 25, 2016
Very good place and very tasty food for my dinner... never had before...! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Nellzinski Tna
· April 17, 2016
no other words necessary. top notch service and food. amazing amazing amazing.

you must also try the cocktails.
Rachelle Ong
· January 11, 2017
Excellent service and ambience. Love the culinary skill of Chef James Won
Ryan Wong Yik Chong
· July 28, 2016
What a french experience, from service to dining experience. Top top top quality...
Jason Wong
· September 10, 2016
One of the best dining experience ���������
Aliana Ooi
· February 23, 2016
Spectacular! Every dish are full of surprises! Will go back again soon!
Irene Soo
· April 7, 2016
Awesome dining experience!!! Love the ambiance, food and service ☺
Carlson Leong
· November 17, 2015
Truly French experience. Must try!
Alexis Loo
· April 3, 2017
I havent been there but what I experienced is ABSURD. My partner booked a table from table app at 9.30pm. A mandatory deposit of Rm300 is collected.
The staff ...called us to inform us to come at 9pm as the kitchen is closing at 9.30pm! WHY IN THE WORLD DO U GUYS HAVE A SLOT READY FOR BOOKING FOR 9.30PM IF UR KITCHEN CLOSES AT 9.30PM?
U may think that shifting us earlier for 30mins isnt a big deal but this has caused me great inconvenience. THERE IS A REASON WHY I DID NOT BOOK THE 9PM BOOKING COS I CANT MAKE IT. Thus, I chose the 9.30pm slot. They have the cheek to tell me that my partner agreed to make the 9pm slot. So does tat mean that my partner will be dining ALONE at 9pm?!
U guys collected Rm300 non refundable deposit but u FAILED TO DELIVER. BIG TIME. Ur restaurant told me that I can pick ANOTHER DAY. EXCUSE ME? I AM FLYING OUT OF MALAYSIA.
Enfin by James won is a joke. Gordon Ramsey never collect deposit cos the brand itself trusts the patrons that WE WILL BE THERE. U collected my deposit but move my booking slot at your convenience thus ruining my plan, my nite out, my evening. SHAME ON YOU.
I send a few msgs but never got any replies from ur team too. Bad reviews can shut down a restaurant, Enfin By James Won.
Please improve. Thank u.
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Yune Hong Won
· May 30, 2017
第一次来到这地方我还以为找错了地方。 竟然是一间法式高级餐厅里面的装饰是富丽堂皇的。。。好美。 我要求要买一个法式面包, 很快的工作人员就立马的带我去见'他' 本尊。。。我太意外了。 他了解了我的要求以后, 立马的吩咐工作人员为我准备面包。( 我只是买一个面包而已)。 大约10分钟我的面包就交到我手上, 还附加了一包牛油。一上车我就迫不及待的那来吃。 对! 这就是我要的味道。。。。太好吃了。 如你问我价钱, 这面包是值得的。正所为一份钱一份货。下吃我肯定会再来。感谢你James Won.
Low Carlivia
· May 6, 2017

[New Trailer] Chef James Won has paired up with longtime friend and SyFy channel TV host Li Kim to bring Mum's flavours back to our kitchens ... in a new food show called Bequest. This is a cooking show like no other, guaranteed to make you smile while filling your home with happy/full bellies! "Bequest is about preserving our culture and heritage viands and about bringing home the idea that food shouldn't be complicated. Li Kim and I will be sharing uncomplicated recipes that are easy to produce and, of course, delicious." ~Chef James

Please help us spread the love by sharing this trailer, and be sure to subscribe to the Bequest Youtube channel to see each new episode as it airs >>

Enfin by James Won added a new photo to the album: New Degustation Dinner Menu — at Enfin by James Won.
17 hrs

Krug Table - Amuse Bouche. Our new Dinner Degustation Menu offers three amuse bouche choices, including our Truffle ala Enfin. Truffle softserve ice cream, shiitake frites, and basil flower in a cone.
Photograph by: @bonnieyap71

Image may contain: plant
Krug Chef's Table with Olivier Krug | In the Kitchen at Enfin ...
The Art of Bread at Enfin by James Won
Enfin by James Won Opening Party 2015

My new Degustation Dinner Menu is served.
I've expanded the amuse bouche options from one to three choices, replaced white wine in the kitchen with new fermentation techniques, and we are serving produce harvested from my own organic farm. I can only tell you that it is rewarding beyond words for me to see guests savouring a bite of something they’re truly enjoying that grew on my farm. ~Chef James Won

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The inspiration for my new lunch menu is simple. I want to share my passion for using the bounty of our local farmers and fishermen with more Malaysians. That means offering a lunch menu at a price point that is appealing to a greater number of people. ~Chef James Won

As Chef James so aptly put it, "How more precious can these bottles get? At Krug, Clos de Mesnil and Clos de Ambonnay are extremely sought after around the world because of its scarcity."

It was our good fortune to have Olivier Krug personally add his signature on this rare allocation of bottles at Enfin by James Won. If you'd like to learn more about them, do reach out.

Photographs by Bonnie Yap

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"I am a fan of Chef James Won's modern take on classic dishes, plus he certainly knows how to hero Malaysia's fresh produce. Enfin's lunch menu is definitely value for money. For the price you're paying, you will get to enjoy a good meal that is prepared with traditional French cooking techniques in a classy restaurant," shares Victoria on Foodie vs The World. Merci for this review of our new menu!

Classy, delicious and affordable food? Only at Enfin by James Won!

Check out the full review below!

Stepping into Enfin by James Won is like entering a sleek and modern dining lounge. The first thing you see is the impressive collection of fine whiskies and co...

Thank you, U玩食 and Cleo Chia for the wonderful story! "大马名厨文明辉(James Won) 又有新搞作。他宣布入主活力农耕农场, 自家种植食材, 多年来「从农场到餐桌」的梦想, 如今终于成真了!" Read the full review with photos of our new menu here:

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Buro 24/7 Malaysia captures the heart of Chef James' New Lunch Menu, "I want to share my passion for using the bounty of our local farmers and fishermen with more Malaysians," Won explains. "My team and I have been curating this menu over the last two months to bring together affordable, high-quality imported seafood and fresh catches.."

Expect cleverly constructed European favourites, from char-broiled king crab leg to Fisherman's stew laced with rice wine and koji

Enfin by James Won’s new lunch concept brings the finest jewels of the sea straight to your plate

The 1st review of our New Dinner Degustation Menu is in ... thank you, Prestige Malaysia. "Chef James Won is a name that has steadily climbed the ranks of Kuala Lumpur’s burgeoning fine dining scene and he’s earned his stripes well, from being inducted into the exclusive elite circle of Krug Ambassade to working with some of the biggest names in culinary history, namely Alain Ducasse."

Chef James Won announces several new twists to dining at Enfin by James Won

Take a dynamic tour through Enfin by James Won and a first-look at our new lunch menu launching August 1st with TV presenter Razif Hashim.


Feeling fancy this Saturday?

Why not treat yourself to a beautiful lunch at Enfin by James Won since they have a new lunch menu that's specially curated by Che...f James Won! FungryTV got first look at it, and made some new friends too!

So what are you waiting for? Book yourself a slot at Enfin today!

#FungryTV #FungryTVExclusive #EnfinbyJamesWon #ChefJamesWon

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It was wonderful to watch their surprise as smoke rolled out from the boxes! Guests at last week's Krug Chef Table Degustation 2017 event were presented with an amuse bouche that piqued all five senses. Our squid ink macaroon with sun-dried shrimp, almond tofu, chives, parmesan wafer, and creme fraiche was smoked with donut and vanilla essence and paired perfectly with Krug Grand Cuvee, Edition 163.

Photograph by: Bonnie Yap

#krug #krugambassade #enfinbyjameswon

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James Won feeling fabulous at Enfin by James Won.

Krug Chef Table 2017

Amuse Bouche - Whitebait, nutmeg, fermented wild chilli, lemongrass and potato angel hair.

#krugambassade #krug #enfinbyjameswon #chefjames...won

Photography by Bonnie Yap

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Festive, Elegant, and Stunning. The fashion-forward (and fun) team at Christian Dior Couture celebrated their annual dinner in style at Enfin by James Won this week.

Behind-the-Scenes at Enfin by James Won! We're in total prep mode for tonight's Degustation Dinner and Inauguration Celebration of Asia's 1st Krug Chef's Table with Olivier Krug and Chef James Won. This is Olivier's first visit to Malaysia in many years and the entire team is excited (and proud!) to welcome him tonight.

Behind-the-Scenes just hours before tonight's Krug Chef's Table Degustation Dinner and Inauguration Celebration with Olivier Krug and Chef James